What The Hell Kind Of Headline Is This?

Here’s the latest news on the Waco biker shoot out that happened this past May, as explained by the Associated Press:

Police bullets hit bikers in deadly Waco melee

Oh, is that all that happened? Bullets formerly in possession of the police happened to occupy the same specific point of space-time as bikers in Waco. That doesn’t sound so bad. Hell, how do we even know how those bullets got there.

Another way of writing that headline would be: “Cops Shot Bikers In Waco.” Still another way of putting, albeit one with a little more spin, is: “Science Confirms: Cops Shot Bikers After Indiscriminately Firing Bullets Into The Waco Melee.”


Details on what really went down in Waco are still sketchy, and we’ll probably never know with certainty what happened. But even tight-lipped police spokespeople admit officers fired at least 12 shots during the fracas.

Let’s not act like that’s okay. This isn’t the midpoint of a True Detective season. Police aren’t supposed to just staring firing their weapons when potentially innocent people are around. Let’s not sugarcoat what it means when cops start shooting into a crowd.


You know why? Because sometimes “police bullets hit bikers.”