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Bobby Pizazz & The Rhythm Train Band
At The White Horse Tavern

Live Performance (March 2007) - Written by, Annie Pizazz
Note - The pictures are not in any particular order.

(Bobby Pizazz - Playing at the White Horse Tavern)

Bobby Pizazz & The Rhythm Train Band pulled into The White Horse Tavern and pulled off a show of show. Some amazing talent came together tonight and kept the crowd around for the great food and drink provided at The White Horse Tavern.

The first set kicked with Bobby in high gear. Gentleman John Dunn at the drums provided a kick back atmosphere and groove that pleased. Jay Funk on the Bass spiced up the set with bass work that was fun and Funky. Wise Mr. Joe Dudley on Sax mellowed out the tunes adding a bit of sass.

(Bobby Pizazz on guitar, John Dunn on drums, Jay Funk on bass, Joe Dudley on sax)

Bobby sang out his Smooth mellow love song "Because of You", Melting women's hearts singing of a perfect love. Then Bobby poured out Emily with Dudley blowing a sweet slow tenor sax. This "jazzy-bluesy" or "blue grass blues" paints a picture to Bobby's genre of song ... Music Story Teller. Emily tells a story of a father's love for his daughter that will grab your heart.

The Second Set opened with "The Rhythm Train" performed with Bobby's original drummer Mark Dixon, (now With 'Blind Pig's' Recording Artist "Harper") Marc was solid on the bottom with Jay and Joe working hard keeping pace with this Dynamite Duo. Jay Funk had the bass soaring that moved the train along while Dudley's sax was soulful and moving. "Salt of the Earth" a bad ass soft ballad had you thinking of promises and rainbows. "In The City" by Marc Almond, a standard Bobby describes as a "Stretched" version was driven home as Bobby's guitar and Marc's drum locked in a hot rhythm.

(Bobby Pizazz on guitar and Marc Dixon on drums)

The F-miner Nine Jam, a two-cord wonder had Marc showing his growing talent, his solo had you on the edge of your seat looking to see him groove. Bobby and the guys had to dry off after the second set.

John Dunn returned to the drums and kicked it up with Bobby and the guys as Beautiful Bernadette sang out on Bobby's rendition of 'Summer Time' and then hit Georgia with a sweet female voice.

(Jay Funk on bass and John Dunn on drums)

Marc returned for part of the fourth and set fire to John's drums with the country-swing Two Step "I've Gotta Do That Thing" kicked first as Marc and Bobby got the toes tapping and bodies hoppin in their seats. What a sight to see!

Bobby began revealing new songs giving the audience and I even more new words and music to enjoy. Challenged, the guys listened and kept a great bed of music flowing behind Bobby. On the spot adlibbing had all of us guessing as to what Bobby was going to sing next. Joe was over heard saying on a break, "That boy is another Irving Berlin, with those songs he writes."

(Bobby Pizazz on guitar and Jay Funk on bass)

Ending the evening, Bobby's former bass player PJ stopped in to say hi to Marc, and a quick change-up of Jay to electric guitar and PJ was up on stage reuniting the core trio of the Rhythm Train. The player changes Freed Bobby's hands to wail on the harmonica. What a treat that was to hear, a blues original that capped the night off right.

(Annie Pizazz)

This article was written by,
Annie Pizazz
March 2007

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