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Critical Metals, including rare earth elements (REE) and strategic metals, are driving some of the biggest advancements in technology and energy efficiency in the world today. As demand for these materials explodes and geopolitical pressure increases, each week we interview the leading experts, analysts and newsletter writers in this space for updates on how to invest in the companies that will supply the world's demand.

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Flinders CEO Blair Way: What Tesla Needs to Know About the Graphite Sector - Special to The Gold Report (9/8/15) More >

Can a Weak Australian Currency Blow Investment Dollars Toward Mining Companies? Morgans' James Wilson Singles Out Three Gold Companies Making Headway - Special to The Gold Report (9/3/15) More >

Haywood's Mick Carew Explains Why Now Is an 'Opportune Time for Consolidation' in the Mining Space - Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report (8/24/15) More >

Thinking Outside the Commodity Box: Benchmark's Investment Primer for Lithium, Cobalt and Graphite - Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report (8/10/15) More >

Luisa Moreno Explains Why Metallurgy Is So Important in Critical Metals Projects - Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report (7/23/15) More >

Paul Renken's Gold, Graphite and REE Names Poised for Gains - Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report (6/22/15) More >

Chris and Michael Berry: What the Boomers Got Wrong—and Right—About Natural Resource Investing - JT Long of The Gold Report (6/15/15) More >

Three Australian Miners Richard Karn Believes Are Positioned for Success - Special to The Gold Report (6/1/15) More >

Survival Guide for the Mother of All Bear Markets from Veteran Bottomfisher John Kaiser - JT Long of The Mining Report (5/5/15) More >

Why Everyone Is Talking About Scandium: Ryan Castilloux - Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report (5/4/15) More >

Duncan Hughes: The Weak Aussie Dollar Means Strong Aussie Miners - Kevin Michael Grace of The Gold Report (4/29/15) More >

Ryan Castilloux's State of the REE Market Address - Brian Sylvester of The Mining Report (4/28/15) More >

How to Make Money in Renewable Energy: NBF's Rupert Merer - Peter Byrne of The Mining Report (4/21/15) More >

Disruptive Stock Watcher Chris Berry Cautions Investors About the Real Potential of Deflation - JT Long of The Mining Report (4/7/15) More >

Where Will the Graphite, Lithium and Cobalt for the Battery Revolution Come From?: Simon Moores - Kevin Michael Grace of The Mining Report (3/24/15) More >

Why Goldman Sachs Is Wrong About Commodity Prices: Philip Richards - JT Long of The Mining Report (3/17/15) More >

Why Hallgarten's Chris Ecclestone Is Staying Long in the Mining Sector - Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report (3/16/15) More >

Gareth Hatch: New REE Export Rules Inside China Level the International Playing Field - Brian Sylvester of The Mining Report (3/3/15) More >

Jeb Handwerger: A Surge in M&As; Proves that Gold Is Back - Kevin Michael Grace of The Mining Report (2/17/15) More >

Global Insecurity Is Good for Gold, Says Mike Niehuser - Kevin Michael Grace of The Gold Report (2/16/15) More >

Hedge Against Short-Term Cycles with Lithium: Daniela Desormeaux - Tom Armistead of The Mining Report (2/10/15) More >

Stefan Ioannou: Bottom-Fishing Opportunities in Base Metals, Especially Zinc - Brian Sylvester of The Mining Report (2/3/15) More >

Are You Ready for the January Effect? - JT Long of The Mining Report (1/6/15) More >

Chris Berry Identifies Commodity Companies with the Disruptive Advantage - JT Long of The Mining Report (12/30/14) More >

Robert Baylis: A Taste for Tungsten—Finding the Sweet Spot for Investors - Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report (12/8/14) More >

Smart Oil is Cheap Oil: Rudolf Hokanson - Peter Byrne of The Energy Report (11/25/14) More >

So Bad It's Good: Surviving 2014 - JT Long of Streetwise Reports (11/25/14) More >

Credit Suisse Analyst Michael Slifirski: New Non-Chinese Graphite and Vanadium Supply Could Create New Demand - JT Long of The Mining Report (11/18/14) More >

Rocks to Riches with Thomas Schuster - Peter Byrne of The Gold Report (11/12/14) More >

Jack Lifton Says Innovation Is the Key to REE Independence - JT Long of The Mining Report (11/11/14) More >

Frank Holmes Talks No-Drama Investment Strategy - JT Long of The Gold Report (11/10/14) More >

Paul Adams: Macro Trumps Micro in Resource Sector - Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report (11/3/14) More >

Stefan Ioannou: Copper, Nickel and Zinc Won't Be Cheap for Long - Kevin Michael Grace of The Mining Report (10/21/14) More >

John Kaiser's Tips for Escaping the Resource Sector Swamp Alive - JT Long of The Mining Report (10/14/14) More >

Catalyst Check: Natural Resources Watchlist at Three Months - JT Long of The Gold Report (10/6/14) More >

Kal Kotecha: Going Against the Grain in Five Names - Brian Sylvester of The Mining Report (9/30/14) More >

Richard Karn's Advice for Avoiding the Walking Dead - Special to The Gold Report (9/24/14) More >

Sprott Fund Manager Jason Mayer's Guide to Resource Stock Profits - JT Long of The Mining Report (9/23/14) More >

Where to Look for Yield During a Time of Low Gas Prices: Elliott Gue - Peter Byrne of The Energy Report (9/11/14) More >

Filipe Martins: African Miners that Can Generate Cash Flow and Dividends - Kevin Michael Grace of The Mining Report (9/9/14) More >

Canaccord's Luke Smith: Five Aussie Companies with Cash Flows, Low Costs and MOUs - Kevin Michael Grace of The Mining Report (8/26/14) More >

Fund Adviser Björn Paffrath's Mantra: In the End, Performance Matters - Brian Sylvester of The Mining Report (8/19/14) More >

Paul Renken: Bottom-Fishing for the Best Junior Resource Equities - Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report (7/28/14) More >

Doug Loud and Jeff Mosseri: Three Reasons Why Gold and Gold Stocks Will Rise - Kevin Michael Grace of The Gold Report (7/23/14) More >

Tom Hayes' Trio of Rare Earth Project Contenders - Kevin Michael Grace of The Mining Report (7/15/14) More >

Thomas Schuster's Five Stocks to Buy and Hold - Kevin Michael Grace of The Gold Report (7/14/14) More >

Luisa Moreno: Graphite, Lithium and REEs Essential to Hot Technologies - Brian Sylvester of The Mining Report (7/8/14) More >

Rick Mills' Econ 101—Rising Demand and Falling Supply Equals Higher Metals Prices - Kevin Michael Grace of The Mining Report (7/1/14) More >

Brent Cook's Tips for Finding Juniors that Can Survive the Dust Bowl - JT Long of The Mining Report (6/24/14) More >

It's Not About Discovering a Mine, It's About Discovering a Technology - JT Long of The Mining Report (6/17/14) More >



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Alkane Resources Ltd. (ALK:ASX; ANLKY:OTCQX) Alkane Resources Ltd. is a multicommodity mining and exploration company with a focus on gold, copper, zirconium, niobium and rare earths. Its projects and operations are located in the central west o ...

AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V. (AMVMF:OTC) ...

Arianne Phosphate Inc. (DAN:TSX.V; DRRSF:OTCBB; JE9N:FSE) Founded in 1997 under the name Arianne Resources Inc. and listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2003, Arianne Phosphate Inc. is a Canadian mineral exploration company now focused on developing its L ...

Carbine Tungsten Ltd. (CNQ:ASX) Carbine Tungsten Ltd. has become a tungsten concentrate producer from its flagship project, the Mt. Carbine tungsten mine, in Far North Queensland. Historically, Mt. Carbine produced 40% of Australia' ...

Commerce Resources Corp. (CCE:TSX.V; D7H:FSE; CMRZF:OTCQX) Commerce Resources Corp. is an exploration and development company with a particular focus on developing its Blue River tantalum and niobium deposit (British Columbia) and its Ashram rare earth elemen ...

CopperBank Resources Corp. (CBK:CSE) CopperBank Resources Corp. is a public company that has been created to consolidate prospective copper assets in low-risk jurisdictions. The company holds both the Contact project in Nevada and the P ...

Energizer Resources Inc. (EGZ:TSX.V; ENZR:OTCQX) Energizer Resources Inc. is a mineral exploration and mine development company based in Toronto, Canada, that is developing its 100%-owned, flagship Molo graphite project in southern Madagascar. Molo ...

Focus Graphite Inc. (FMS:TSX.V; FCSMF:OTCQX; FKC:FSE) Focus Graphite Inc. is a midtier junior mining development company, a technology solutions supplier and a business innovator. The company aims to become one of the lowest-cost producers of technology ...

Grafoid Inc. () Grafoid Inc. is a privately held graphene research, development and investment company partnered with Focus Graphite Inc., owner of the high-grade Lac Knife technology graphite deposit in Quebec. Graf ...

Largo Resources Ltd. (LGO:TSX.V) Largo Resources Ltd. is a mid-tier mining development company primarily focused on ramping-up production of vanadium at its Maracás Menchen Mine in Brazil. ...

Mandalay Resources Corp. (MND:TSX) Mandalay Resources Corp. is a Canadian-based natural resource company with producing assets in Australia and producing and exploration projects in Chile. The company is focused on executing a roll-up ...

Mason Graphite Inc. (LLG:TSX.V; MGPHF:OTCQX) Mason Graphite Inc. is a Canadian mining company focused on the exploration and development of its 100%-owned Lac Guéret graphite project, located in northeastern Québec. The graphite grade on this pr ...

Medallion Resources Ltd. (MDL:TSX.V; MRD:FSE; MLLOF:OTCQX) Medallion Resources Ltd. is rethinking rare earths. Headed by Dr. Bill Bird and supported by an experienced technical team, the company is well positioned to identify and exploit the world's most prom ...

Midland Exploration Inc. (MD:TSX.V) Midland Exploration is a dynamic and aggressive mineral exploration company focused on gold, base metals and REE mine discoveries in one of Canada's richest mining provinces, Quebec. The company is le ...

Mkango Resources Ltd. (MKA:TSX.V) Mkango Resources Ltd. is a mineral exploration and development company with a mission to maximize shareholder value while spearheading the development of mining in Malawi and implementing meaningful a ...

Namibia Rare Earths Inc. (NRE:TSX; NMREF:OTCQX) Namibia Rare Earths Inc. is a Canadian public company focused on the accelerated development of its 100%-held Lofdal rare earth project in Namibia. Lofdal is an early-stage, district-scale exploration ...

Northern Minerals Ltd. (NTU:ASX) Northern Minerals Ltd. is poised to become the world's next producer of dysprosium at its Browns Range HREE project in northern Australia. Following a milestone year, the company is significantly adva ...

PolyMet Mining Corp. (POM:TSX; PLM:NYSE.MKT) PolyMet Mining Corp. is a publicly traded company exclusively focused on developing the NorthMet copper-nickel-precious metals project, through its wholly owned subsidiary, PolyMet Mining Inc. The Nor ...

Quaterra Resources Inc. (QTA:TSX.V; QTRRF:OTCQX) Quaterra Resources Inc. is a mining exploration and development company focused on advancing its key copper assets in Yerington, Nevada, a jurisdiction attractive to mining with low political risk. Th ...

Syrah Resources Ltd. (SYR:ASX) Syrah Resources Ltd. is an Australian resource company that is rapidly progressing its flagship Balama graphite and vanadium project in northern Mozambique, which hosts one of the world's largest reso ...

Thor Mining Plc (THR:LSE; THR:ASX) ...

Ucore Rare Metals Inc. (UCU:TSX.V; UURAF:OTCQX) Ucore Rare Metals Inc. is a development-phase mining company focused on establishing rare metal resources with near-term production potential. With multiple projects across North America, Ucore's prim ...



Cleaner Water and Stronger Aluminum Drive Clean TeQ's Future Australia's Clean TeQ Holdings Limited, a long-time industry leader in environmental remediation, has recently partnered with China's largest power generator to treat waste water with its unique continuous-ion technology. This technology also allows Clean TeQ to extract metals from minerals and industrial waste, but as Clean TeQ Chairman Sam Riggall explains in this interview with The Gold Report, the company is also on track to open the world's first standalone scandium mine, and has already inked collaboration agreements with the end users that will use this currently rare metal to make aluminum lighter and stronger. - Kevin Michael Grace of The Gold Report (10/21/15) More >

PDAC Kicks off with Bold Predictions The annual conference of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) is under way in Toronto and the mood on the floor and in the Investors Exchange is, as one might expect, cautiously hopeful, even if about a dozen booth spaces are unoccupied. - Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report (3/2/15) More >

Despite Lifting Rare Earths Export Quotas, China Could Still Manipulate Market "The rare earths industry was in a state of consolidation after a Chinese export clampdown prompted a rapid spike in prices in 2010/11." - Henry Lazenby, Mining Weekly (1/9/15) More >

The Copper Denominator: Gianni Kovacevic Gianni Kovacevic, the author of "My Electrician Drives a Porsche?" and executive chairman of CopperBank Resources Corp., takes a scientific view of historical, social and environmental trends in energy usage and identifies copper as the common denominator. As global energy usage increases, most of that energy flows through copper. In this interview with The Gold Report, Kovacevic discusses how his book explains his approach in understanding copper's investment opportunity in a scientific context, and the role of the company he founded to take advantage of this secular trend. - J. Alec Gimurtu of The Gold Report (12/15/14) More >

Can Coal Endure Competition, Anti-Carbon Lobby? "The switch in the U.S. Senate recently following the mid-term elections is beneficial for the industry, as the incoming majority remains opposed to the EPA's tough regulatory regime. But it's hard to know to what extent they can help the industry given the existing rules/statues in place already." - Zacks Equity Research (11/17/14) More >

To Buy or to Break Up? Dueling Themes Emerge in Mining Sector Downturn "Analysts recommend different tonics to ailing miners amid the mining sector downturn." - Kip Keen, Mineweb (10/30/14) More >

Today's U.S. 'Baby' Will Consume 3 Mlbs Metals and Minerals In Lifetime "The projected lifetime consumption of metals and minerals by today's U.S. baby extrapolated across the world presents an enormous challenge for the global resource sector." - Lawrence Williams, Mineweb (9/1/14) More >

CEOs in Mining The CEOs of the top 25 gold, silver, copper, coal and base metals mining companies in the world are profiled in this infographic. - Visual Capitalist (8/20/14) More >

Canada Could Become REE Powerhouse. . .with Some Help The Canadian government could be doing more to fund REE academic and industry research and development, says a Canada House of Commons report. - Dorothy Kosich, Mineweb (6/30/14) More >

This Metal Problem Could Ignite China's Smoldering Crisis "Despite some limited potential weakness in the very near term, the global picture for base metals looks to be heating up from both a supply and demand perspective." - Peter Krauth, Money Morning (6/16/14) More >

Tesla's Gigafactory: The Critical Minerals Impact "At a time when supply chain security, transparency and responsibility are becoming central concerns for both manufacturers and consumers, IM Data discusses Tesla Motors' plans to build the world's biggest lithium-ion battery plant and the impact it could have on demand for critical minerals: graphite, lithium and cobalt." - Simon Moores, Industrial Metals (6/6/14) More >

North American REE Exploration & Development "Globally, the greatest proportion of demand for REEs is for application in magnets; though in the U.S. the majority of demand is in catalysts for petroleum refining, chemical processing and catalytic converters." - Derek Hamill, Zimtu Capital Corp. (5/19/14) More >

New, More Transparent, Contracts to End Africa's Resource Curse? "African nations are now much more 'up to speed' with what they should be demanding by way of a fair share of the resources being mined in their countries. New contracts are much tougher and some are being drafted with the idea of transparency and even online publication in mind." - Anthony Harrington (QFinance), EconomyWatch (4/28/14) More >

These Alternative Energy Stocks Will Soar on China's Rare Metal War "In 2012, production and consumption of the rare earth metals used in production of clean tech reached more than 100,000 metric tons, according to IHS Chemical. Today, the vast bulk of materials needed to build these technologies come primarily from China." - Money Morning (4/25/14) More >

Sanctions for Russia? Here Are the Real Winners "Russia is more than a major producer and exporter of energy and materials; Russia is also an important player within Western supply and product chains." - Byron King, Daily Resource Hunter (4/16/14) More >

What to Buy for Putin's New War: Nickel Could Surge "If Putin were to cut nickel exports to Europe and the U.S., nickel prices would jump. Prices have already gone up from $6.50/lb to $7.40/lb over the last 30 days." - Christian DeHaemer, Energy & Capital (3/20/14) More >

Focus Graphite Inc.: Well Positioned for 'The Next Big Thing' in Graphite Advances in car batteries are making graphite the next big thing for commodity investors. Graphite is the critical material for the new generation of batteries, even more than lithium or rare earths. In this special interview with The Mining Report, Focus Graphite President and Chief Operating Officer Don Baxter explains the eyebrow-raising supply/demand picture of the graphite industry, the attractive financials of the Lac Knife project and the significance of the graphite industry's first offtake agreement, including what it means to investors looking to understand an unfamiliar but well-positioned market. - Alec Gimurtu of The Mining Report (3/10/14) More >

Making Green from Gold, Palladium and Pollution Concerns "It seems that fear surrounding the international political landscape is helping to push the precious metals prices higher and higher." - Frank Holmes, U.S. Global Investors (3/10/14) More >

Size Does Matter in Rare Earth Mining: Christopher Ecclestone "It looks like market watchers have started to get a handle on what makes a good rare earth company." - Vivien Diniz, Resource Investing News (2/24/14) More >

Royal Nickel Corp: Indonesian Ore Export Ban Opens Door to the Next Generation of Nickel Mines Nickel prices have been weak, but the recent Indonesian government announcement banning ore shipments outside the country may be the shock that reverses the trend. In this interview with The Mining Report, Mark Selby, Interim CEO of Royal Nickel Corp., walks through his analysis that indicates nickel price increases and inventory reductions are imminent, while demand continues to grow and over a quarter of global mine supply is shut in. He considers nickel in 2014 one of the best commodity trades in a generation. To capitalize on this unique set of circumstances, Royal Nickel's Dumont Nickel Project follows the path of other large-reserve, large-scale mines in the copper and gold sectors that have changed the mining industry and made early investors fortunes. - J. Alec Gimurtu of The Mining Report (2/11/14) More >

The Rare Earth Commodities that Just Won't Go Away "The Chinese still hold the trump card when to comes to rare earth production—they still produce over 95% of the world's supply." - Byron King, The Daily Reckoning (1/23/14) More >

Rules of Thumb for Junior Mining Speculators: A Light at the End of the Tunnel "Fundamental trends have been set in motion over the past few years that follow upon the previous decade-long bull market and that point to an improving investment climate for the junior miners." - Brent Cook, Exploration Insights (1/13/14) More >

Bullish or Bearish: Mining Sector Prospects for 2014 "The mining sector is not dead. . .not by a long shot. Sure, many metals are relying on an inflationary rally, which may or may not happen in 2014, but others are simply poised to move higher in value based on a supply crunch that has been building for several years. You can't ignore fundamentals." - PinnacleDigest (1/5/14) More >

Metals Shortages, Lack of Substitutes May Harm Innovation: Yale Report "Society will need to pay more attention to the acquisition and maintenance of metals than has been the case in the past, a new study by Yale University suggests." - Dorothy Kosich, Mineweb (12/9/13) More >

Carbon Is the Problem: Is Graphene the Solution? "The search is on to find a better material than silicon—one that is much more energy-efficient and less likely to produce waste heat." - Christine Hertzog, The Energy Collective (10/31/13) More >

McKinsey Report: Commodities Supercycle Dead? Hardly. "Over the past 13 years, the average annual volatility of resources prices has been three times what it was in the 1990s, resulting in a new era of resource price supercycles." - Dorothy Kosich, Mineweb (9/30/13) More >

Zinc Faces Structural Deficit as Demand Outstrips Supply: Glencore "According to Glencore's presentation, a 5% increase in demand equates to around 600,000 mt of new zinc mine capacity needed every year; by 2016 nearly 2 million mt of new annual production will required." - Andy Blamey, Platts (9/10/13) More >

The Impending Shakeout in the Rare Earth Sector: Who Will Survive? "Though there are exceptions, in general the supply chain doesn't care which REE projects will successfully come to fruition, only that enough come to fruition such that their ability to secure REE metals, oxides and other compounds from sources outside of China, at a reasonable price, is realized." - Gareth Hatch, Technology Metals Research (9/5/13) More >

China to Begin Trial Run of Rare Earth Products Exchange "Rare earth trading systems are currently undergoing testing and are expected to become operational in China in October." - Dorothy Kosich, Mineweb (8/12/13) More >

Counterpoint: Supply and Demand in the Rare-Earths Market 2015–2020 "In the rare-earth total supply chain, China is most of the global ball game." - Jack Lifton, Technology Metals Research (8/1/13) More >

Survey: Companies 'Utterly Unprepared' for SEC Conflict Minerals Compliance "The PwC survey determined that the single biggest challenge for companies is getting accurate information from their suppliers." - Dorothy Kosich, Mineweb (7/15/13) More >

China Releases Second Round of 2013 REE Export Quotas "Last week, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) announced the second round of allocations of rare-earth export quotas for 2013." - Gareth Hatch, Technology Metals Research (7/8/13) More >

Rare Earth Price Jump: Just the Beginning? "Prices for the 17 elements have jumped 10% over the past two weeks." - Shivom Seth, Mineweb (7/1/13) More >

What China's Crackdown on 'Midnight Mining' Means for REE Projects "The rare earth mining industry will be saddled with permanent increased operation costs." - Jack Lifton, Technology Metals Research (6/20/13) More >

China Planning New Rare Earth Crackdowns "China accounted for more than 85% of global rare earth production last year, also accounting for 70% of global consumption." - Dorothy Kosich, Mineweb (6/7/13) More >

Salmon Sperm May Provide Cheap Option for Rare Earths Recovery "Dried salmon milt or sperm is a low-cost and environment-friendly method to extract rare earth metals." - Dorothy Kosich, Mineweb (5/20/13) More >

Best Investments 2013: How the Mining Mess Will Send Platinum Soaring "While platinum's long-term outlook is bright, a short-term price catalyst is about to take place, as early as this week." - Tony Daltorio, Money Morning (5/10/13) More >

How One Slip Can Create a Copper Supply Emergency "The landslide in Utah is just one example of how quickly and unexpectedly the supply and demand factors facing the red metal can shift." - Frank Holmes, Frank Talk (4/18/13) More >

Resource Sector Paradigm Shift "I still think discoveries are the best path to salvation for individual companies and perhaps the broader sector. Maybe gold gets a big bounce in the next few weeks but with the drubbing everyone has taken I don't see traders heavily on the bid unless higher gold prices are already in the rear view mirror." - Eric Coffin, HRA Journal (4/15/13) More >

How to Double Your Money by Investing in Copper "With copper, peak inventory levels are usually hit before a price rebound¬—sometimes with prices doubling in less than six months." - Money Morning Staff Reports (4/3/13) More >

The Basics of Investing in Junior Mining Companies "A junior gold producer is a publicly traded company that mines gold at an annual rate of up to about 150 Koz." - Scott Wright, Zeal Intelligence (4/1/13) More >

The DoD's 'About Face' on REEs "In a 189-page report, the DoD recommends investing $130M to establish near-term strategic stockpiles of seven rare earth elements." - Shane Lasley, Mining News (4/1/13) More >

Postcards from the Rare Earth Front "Scientists in Tokyo last week announced they have identified new deposits of so-called rare-earth metals some six kilometers below the ocean surface. " - Joseph Sternberg, Wall Street Journal (3/27/13) More >

Strategic Mineral Advisory Council Calls for US REE Supply Chain "The Strategic Mineral Advisory Council is encouraging the U.S. Department of Defense to nurture a U.S.-based REE supply chain." - Dorothy Kosich, Mineweb (3/25/13) More >

Iron Ore Prices May See Short-Time Gains as 'Rusty' Halts Australian Exports "Global iron ore trade faces major disruptions as cyclone Rusty bears down on Australia's Pilbara region and its shipping ports." - Dorothy Kosich, Mineweb (2/25/13) More >

Why You Can Bet on Platinum Prices Going Higher "Platinum prices, which have been below gold prices since mid-2011, are once again higher than the yellow metal, and the spread's widening." - Jeff Uscher, Money Morning (2/15/13) More >

Big Gains Ahead with Platinum's Neglected Cousin "Let's cut to the chase. We've got a metal play here." - Byron King, Daily Reckoning (2/11/13) More >

Equity Rally Should Boost Discounted Rare Earth and Uranium Miners "Exports have jumped to a seven-month highs despite the debt issues in Europe and the United States. This rebound in China may be a spark for the undervalued junior miners, which have been in a downtrend for close to two years as economists predicted a Chinese hard landing." - Jeb Handwerger, GoldStockTrades (2/4/13) More >

No Dutch Disease in Greenland Mining Prospects "Greenland's Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum has so far awarded 150 licenses for mineral exploration with around 600M kroner spent by companies in 2012. Just ten years ago, there were almost no requests for mining licenses." - Richard Mills, Resource Investor (1/25/13) More >

Forget Demand: Base Metals Supply Should Be the Focus "Barclays Capital believes a lot of focus should be on the supply side." - Geoff Candy, Mineweb (1/19/13) More >


Expert Quotes

Tom Hayes, Edison Investment Research -"Our value of ALK's Dubbo Zirconium project has improved." (10/19/15)

Eric Lemieux, PearTree Securities -"MD discovered several new gold occurrences at the Willbob project." (10/13/15)

FPC: Good Results from Confirmation Drilling Eric Lemieux, PearTree Securities -"The results from FPC's drilling at Horne 5 reconcile well with historical data, confirming grade and geometry." (10/1/15)

Daniel Greenspan, Macquarie Capital Markets -"LLG's Lac Guéret feasibility study is an important derisking event." (9/28/15)

David Talbot, Dundee Capital Markets -"LLG's Lac Gueret feasibility study provides improved economics." (9/28/15)

Eric Lemieux, PearTree Securities -"MD announced an exploration program at its La Peltrie property in Quebec." (9/17/15)

Thibaut Lepouttre, Caesars Report -"CNY's focus on Jaburi should reduce cost and increase throughput." (9/17/15)

Etienne Moshevich, -"CNY's joint venture increased its monthly production by 186% in July." (8/21/15)

FPC: Buy Now, Before a Major Does The Gold Report Interview with Florian Siegfried -"FPC is a good way to gain exposure to M&A; upside." (8/17/15)

CCE Releases Drill Results The Gold Report Interview with Jeff Mosseri and Doug Loud -"CCE recently announced excellent drilling results at its Ashram rare earth deposit." (8/13/15)

LLG Focused on Graphite Purification The Gold Report Interview with Simon Moores and Andrew Miller -"LLG CEO Benoît Gascon knows what it takes to develop specialist products." (8/10/15)

LGO Vanadium Project Boasts Low Costs The Gold Report Interview with Luisa Moreno -"LGO's Maracás Menchen is the most significant vanadium project at the moment." (7/23/15)

CCE's Blue River Project Noteworthy The Gold Report Interview with Luisa Moreno -"CCE's Blue River tantalum-niobium project in British Columbia is noteworthy." (7/23/15)

FPC Announces Non-Brokered Private Placement Jay Turner, Pope & Company -"We are maintaining our Speculative Buy recommendation for FPC." (7/20/15)

FPC: Cashed Up and Ready to Go Jay Turner, Pope & Company -"FPC is fully funded to complete its 2015 drill program and a revised resource estimate." (7/9/15)

Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter (Jefferson Financial) -"MD has succeeded in acquiring projects and forming joint ventures." (6/30/15)

CCE to Benefit from Plan Nord The Gold Report Interview with Paul Renken -"CCE is developing its Ashram REE deposit in far northern Québec." (6/22/15)

Joseph Gallucci, Dundee Capital Markets -"Freeport-McMoRan committed $7.1M to further delineate QTA's Bear deposit." (6/16/15)

ALK Hosts World's Most Interesting Specialty Metals Mine The Gold Report with Richard Karn -"ALK is uniquely positioned to become the first company to offer primary mine supply of hafnium." (6/1/15)

CNY Producing High-Grade Manganese The Gold Report Interview with Thibaut Lepouttre -"CNY has the highest-grade manganese ore in the world." (5/21/15)

Ben Kramer-Miller, Seeking Alpha -"LLG plans to negotiate short-term sales contracts with many end users." (5/21/15)

David Talbot, Dundee Capital Markets -"LLC's agreements with NanoXplore open up potential for value-added products." (5/21/15)

FPC Continues to Gain Traction Gwen Preston, Resource Maven -"There's a good ride ahead for FPC." (5/8/15)

Tom Hayes, Edison Investment Research -"ALK's Tomingley Gold remains on track for annual gold production." (5/6/15)

Kristen Moran, Resource Investing News -"LGO has been steadily making progress at Maracas Menchen in Brazil." (4/30/15)

CNY is a Great Story Peter Clausi, Maplegrow Capital Inc. -"CNY can charge a premium over other suppliers for its high-grade manganese." (4/22/15)

FPC: Pick This Small-Cap The Gold Report Interview with Björn Paffrath -"FPC is a great exploration company with an outstanding project that will either produce or get bought." (4/22/15)

LLG Features Low Capital and Operating Costs The Mining Report Interview with Rupert Merer -"Mason Graphite's Lac Guéret graphite deposit is the best in the world." (4/21/15)

LLG Benefits from Knowledgeable Management The Energy Report Interview with David Talbot -"LLG owns 100% of the Lac Guéret project in Québec, which is among the highest-grade projects in the world." (4/9/15)

CCE Optimizing Ashram Flow Sheet The Mining Report Interview with Chris Berry -"CCE's tantalum is a secret weapon and could pay off in the long run." (4/7/15)

MD Announces a New Option Agreement Adrian Day, Global Analyst -"MD continues to execute good deals." (3/25/15)

LLG Active in Tough Market The Mining Report Interview with Simon Moores -"LLG's ability to raise money for a niche mineral in this environment is an achievement." (3/24/15)

FPC Hires Sean Roosen The Gold Report Interview with Eric Lemieux -"FPC's Sean Roosen and his team have the capacity to do something with this asset." (3/18/15)

LGO Begins Production The Mining Report Interview with Philip Richards -"LGO has come into production." (3/17/15)

CNY Has Big Money Backer The Gold Report Interview with Etienne Moshevich -"CNY has a clear path to being cash flow positive, which it should achieve by 2017." (3/4/15)

LLG Hosts Lac Guéret Project in Quebec The Mining Report Interview with Gareth Hatch -"One name that I keep track of is LLG." (3/3/15)

CCE Operating Mini Pilot Plant The Mining Report Interview with Gareth Hatch -"CCE has developed a process to produce concentrate with a relatively high concentration of REEs." (3/3/15)

ALK Receives Environmental Approvals The Mining Report Interview with Gareth Hatch -"ALK is funding the Dubbo Zirconia project with nearby gold production." (3/3/15)

LLG: A Dundee Top Pick David Talbot, Dundee Capital Markets -"LLG is well funded, with an extensive following and experienced management." (3/2/15)

FPC Picks New CEO Ryan Walker, Euro Pacific Canada -"FPC's Luc Lessard is a mining engineer with 25+ years experience designing, building and operating mines." (2/18/15)

LLG: Downstream Thinking in an Upstream World Ben Kramer-Miller, Seeking Alpha -"I believe LLG will come out ahead as the leader in the space." (2/16/15)

LLG Initiates Study on Value-Added Graphite Products Daniel Greenspan, Macquarie Capital Markets -"Creating value-added graphite products could increase LLG's margins." (2/11/15)

LLG: Improving Outlook Rupert Merer, National Bank Financial -"We do not know of any other formal work on process design today beside LLG's study." (2/11/15)

LLG Warrants Outperform Rating Daniel Greenspan, Macquarie Capital Markets -"LLG's feasibility study for Lac Guéret remains on track for Q2/15." (2/5/15)

LGO Releases Production Guidance Teresa Matich, Resource Investing News -"LGO aims to ramp up to nameplate production at Menchen by Q3/15." (2/4/15)

MD Is Going to Be Busy This Year Adrian Day, Global Analyst -"At least $3.3M is budgeted for MD drilling in 2015, all from partners." (1/27/15)

TV Turns Up the Volume Joseph Gallucci, Dundee Capital Markets -"TV's 2014 production performance at Santander is one of the best start-up years we have seen." (1/22/15)

AR Had a Stellar 2014 Andrew Kaip, BMO Capital Markets -"AR's Q4/14 and full year production numbers came in well above our estimates." (1/7/15)

BAR Intersects More High-Grade Mineralization at Grasset Thibaut Lepouttre, Caesars Report -"BAR's latest batch of drill results confirms the depth of the Horizon 3 sulphide zone." (1/6/15)

CCE: Optionality Inherent in Business Model The Mining Report Interview with Chris Berry -"CCE is both an REE play and a tantalum/niobium play; both are valuable and highly strategic assets." (12/30/14)