Multiplayer Networking & Multi-User Applications

Develop Multiplayer Games & Multi-User Simulations

Visual3D Game Engine provides robust tools for developing multi-user applications and an easy to deploy server architecture that allows applications to be deployed with little or no client software.

Collaborative Application Development

Visual3D Game Engine allows users to participate in the development of 3D games & simulations remotely from anywhere. Entire teams can participate in the development of their applications concurrently in real-time allowing for the ultimate synergy in 3D application development.

In addition to your development team, this collaborative development environment can be extended to your customers as well. When a game or simulation is developed for a customer, need often arises to give the end users the ability to build or modify existing scenarios on the fly. With the Visual3D Game Engine toolset, you will have the power to give them this ability by distributing Visual3D Game Engine’s distributed application development tools.

Support for HLA/DIS/CIGI Networking Integration

Need to hook up your simulation to a broader simulation framework through an HLA, DIS, or CIGI protocol? Visual3D Game Engine Supports it. Visual3D Game Engine provides HLA, DIS, and CIGI interfaces into it’s core application development framework which allows broader simulation frameworks to access a wide range of Visual3D Game Engine functionality. Custom interfaces can be developed easily by customers, or upon request by in-house Visual3D Game Engine developers.

Web Publishing and Web Games (with No Browser Plugin and No Install Required)

Take advantage of Web Publishing based on Microsoft .NET ClickOnce technology with Visual3D Game Engine powered Web Games, Training Simulations, and Online Virtual Worlds. Samples demonstrating this new under-development feature are planned for release to the public soon, followed by simplified automated publishing options built into the toolset.