The Dirtiest Fanfictions Ever Written About Camila Cabello & Lauren Jauregui

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We know two things about Fifth Harmony fans — they’re dedicated, and they’re really effing dirty. And, when it comes to the pairing of Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui, they hold nothing back.

But while we knew that Harmonizers everywhere are basc obsessed with Camren, we did NOT know that the world of Camila-Lauren fanfiction is so stockpiled we almost couldn’t even handle it. And to take things a step further, it’s harder to find fanfics that are clean than it is to discover SUPER dirty, NSFW stories. Here are excerpts (yes, only small bits — do you really think we’re gonna show you the whole inapprop shabang?!) from the most raunchy Camren fanfictions you’ll ever read.

1. I Can’t Keep My Hands Off You- “Lauren leads Camila down the hallway and into her bedroom, which Lauren was glad she cleaned before going out tonight. Lauren closes and locks the door behind them, and she turns to Camila, who’s already crawling on all fours on Lauren’s bed. Lauren’s stomach lurches at she admires how Camila’s ass is being revealed in her extremely short shorts, and Lauren wants to lunge forward and grab it.Following Camila, Lauren unbuttons her jeans and sheds them onto the floor, the dampness of her panties now cool since they’ve been exposed. Lauren crawls up to meet Camila, and she hovers over the girl, who’s panting underneath her. Lauren wastes no time going in to kiss her again.”

2. Good Girl, Part 2- “‘How about you show me, Lauren. Show me how much you will care about me in this relationship.’ And with that Camila placed her arms around Lauren’s neck and started kissing her. Lauren started kissing Camila’s neck. Tilting her head, it gave Lauren access to kiss her neck. Pressing little kisses on Camila’s neck, she stopped and told her to lay down. Adjusting to the position, she lifted up Camila’s dress. Since it had no zipper in the back, it was easy to take off. Camila suddenly covered herself and frowned as her cheeks started to burn up. Lauren was going to take her time but Camila was so vulnerable. Sure, she had been nude in front of her before but it was for 2-3 minutes.”

3. The Noisy Roommate- “Irate and out of control, Lauren’s body reacted without the consent of her mind. One moment she was laying on her own bed, the next she was on top of Camila, straddling her. She leaned low, so their faces were close before she growled, ‘How do you want me to do that? You want me to f*** you till you’re a limp rag? Will that shut you up?”

4. By The Way, It Smells Like Sex- “Camila cleared her throat, clearly feeling awkward with all of the sexual tension. Lauren took this as a sign to make a move. Being bold, she slowly brought her left hand to Camila’s soft tan thigh, exposed by the athletic shorts she was wearing. Camila’s breath hitched and she immediately tensed. Brown eyes darted to the brave hand resting on her thigh. She almost considered standing up and discarding Lauren’s attempt, until the hand began to wander higher at an unbearable pace. Camila began to breathe significantly heavier. The older girl took note of the change in the brunette and dared to continue. A pale hand ran its course onto the skin of Camila’s inner thigh. Brown eyes were blown and blushing cheeks adorned the Cuban girl’s face.”

5. Untitled- “I could feel Lauren’s heart, beating like a ‘Sledgehammer’ as she lay on me, her hands sliding up my torso. She broke our kiss and began kissing up my jaw line toward my ear lobe. I felt a whimper escape my lips as she nibbled lightly on my earlobe. ‘I’m going to make your ‘Body Rock’ tonight, Camz,’ she said, mostly just breaths…Moments later, both of our shirts were lying on the floor.”

6. Do You Feel Me Now- “Camila had been perched on the edge of Lauren’s knee. She didn’t want to be on the green eyed girl’s lap and crushing her thigh. Camila felt guilty because every so often she moved to make herself more comfortable. It seemed unfair to ruin Lauren’s trip because she wanted more comfort. But the jerk of the car almost makes her slip off, and Lauren slides an arm around her waist to pull her back a little. Camila glances back at Lauren and the taller girl just shrugs at her, so she guesses Lauren’s fine with the position and she’s not exactly heavy or anything. Shifting slightly, Camila tries to make sure she can watch where they’re going. The dirt road seems to be one they’ll be on for a while, and it’s only a little annoying at the bumps. She doesn’t exactly realize when she started straddling Lauren’s thigh, but it comes to her attention when they hit a boulder or divot or something and she bounces in the raven-haired girl’s lap. A jolt runs through her.”

7. The Hot Tub- “Lauren took Camila’s hand and led her across the pool deck back to the hot tub. The two girls descended, the hot water bubbling around them. At first, they sat on opposite sides of the tub, but after only moments of staring into Lauren’s almost hypnotizing eyes, Camila couldn’t help herself. She spanned the gap in a step, lifting her hands to cradle Lauren’s face as she placed her legs on opposite sides of Lauren’s body, straddling her. Their faces met forcefully, lips crashing together in a tangle of passion. Their shoulders, above the water, moved against each other, wet skin sliding against wet skin. Camila sucked gently on Lauren’s lower lip, earning a small moan from the older girl. Lauren brushed her tongue against Camila’s upper lip and she released her grip.”

8. Untitled- “She shimmied me out of my button-up, before kissing and sucking on my collarbone, down to my stomach, and then her fingers curled inside the hem of my jeans. Her eyes looked up at me, biting her lip and smirking, ‘Please, Lauren. Please.”

9. Mmmmm Baby- “Lauren was now standing level with Camila still in shock as Camila brought their lips together in a slow and passionate kiss. After a few minutes, they pulled away, catching their breath before Camila grabbed the older girl’s hair and pulled her in for a much deeper kiss. She licked the paler girl’s bottom lip asking for permission, which was gladly given to her as she slipped her tongue into her girlfriend’s wanting mouth. The next few moments were a blur for Lauren. The next thing she knew she was lying on her back without a top or bra on and her also semi-naked girlfriend straddling her. Still kissing her.

10. Behind the Scenes- “She focused on the pleasure that devoured her whole. She did not hear the footsteps, the door creaking open. She did not see the dark glint in the eyes of her roommate who stood behind her computer chair with a small smirk on her lips. Camila’s chair spun and she took a sharp intake of breath. Her dark, lust-glazed eyes locked with darker, hungrier ones. Lauren hunched lower until they were eye to eye. Fangs bared, cold hands against warm thighs.”

11. Worth It- “‘So, in ‘Worth It,’ you say that line, ‘come harder just because. I don’t like it, like it too soft. I like it a little rough, not too much, but maybe just enough.’ Do you…’ Lauren’s mouth was bone dry, all the moisture having fled to her pants. ‘Am I into that sort of stuff?’ Camila finished for her, a little smirk across her perfect face.”

12. Only For Tonight- “Lauren squints her eyes as they kiss, so many thoughts running through her head she could get a headache. She lets out a small moan when Camila’s hands come up and rest on her cheeks. It’s slow, and sensual and warm at first, and Lauren’s intoxicated on the scent of Camila’s perfume. But then it becomes hungrier, Camila moving her hands from her cheeks to tangle them into her hair, and she’s savoring the heat of the moment but she has to stop it before people start to stare.”

13. The Undressing Room- “She was pushed up against the wall in an instant. She tensed momentarily and I felt her breath catch, but then she was breathing hard, right into my face. I pushed my body closer to hers, trying to absorb her being, to be as close to this drop dead gorgeous girl as possible. I slipped my tongue out to feel her lips and traced the bottom one. She shifted and flicked her tongue onto mine. I felt her hands behind my head and felt her press me closer, mashing our lips and faces together. I slowly lowered my hands down her back, feeling her smooth skin through the cuts in her tight black dress. I reached her a** and lifted her higher against the wall. She whimpered through the kiss and wrapped her legs around my waist. I felt her hands leave my neck and traveled down my back. They fumbled with the hem of my shirt, struggling to peel it off.”

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