How to Lose Fat Faster: 4 Steps I Use For Guaranteed Results…

We all want to know the secret.... How to lose fat faster! Over my time of training people of various ages, I've had lots of different results.... fast weight loss, slow weight loss, plateau's, heaps of weight loss, but the main thing is..... weight loss. Over time I have also learnt what I believe are the 4 most important steps to faster, safe and permanent weightloss...

But before I teach you those...

All my clients who follow these 4 steps of weightloss see amazing results! Say hello to Heather :)

Protect Yourself From The "Weight Loss Lies"

Please, please, please don't get sucked into the many many lies out there about how to lose fat fast through buying this pill, drinking this supplement, going on this diet, or buying that exercise equipment.

You can not take a pill and suddenly lose weight, or rock on a chair from side to side and suddenly get abs.

You can not go on a diet of eating only meat, or only drinking shakes, and expect to be able to have long term results (although you may lose some fat initially, you will only mess up your metabolism and because you can not stick to it as it will not give you energy for life, you will just put on more weight and struggle even more next time!).

Please Stick To The Truth Of Weight Loss

Please stick to the truth, and the truth is, you can not expect to lose weight in the blink of an eye (although the tips below will help you lose weight faster - I'm not going to lie and say "Lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks!")...

The way I like to think of it is - You didn't put the weight on overnight, don't expect to take it off overnight...

You will have to WORK at it, you will have to sweat and huff and puff, but I can guarantee you that you will lose fat. I can also guarantee you that you will have many more awesome benefits including:­

  • ­
  • More energy for daily living
  • An overall healthier body and healthier heart
  • A faster metabolism
  • ­A better looking body
  • ­A younger looking physique
  • Way more confidence
  • ­Not to mention all the things you will be able to fit into and wear without hesitation!!

So yes, it is going to be hard work, but it is going to be WORTH IT!!

....And now, let me teach you the 4 steps that I use to lose weight in the most reliable, safe and fastest way...

How To Lose Fat Faster: Step 1 - MOVE!

MOVE. Yes, it's that simple, Start to move. Remember the basic facts about weight loss: You need to use more energy than you consume (move more than you eat!). So, if you've been at a steady weight and you begin to move, your energy out is now more than your energy in... Therefore your weight will decrease. Find something you love doing and most of all, find something you can stick to. Find something that can become part of your life routine. Find something achievable. It can be walking, It can be running up and down your stairs at home 10 times a day, it can be swimming, aerobics, cycling, boxing, whatever it is, just start.

How To Lose Fat Faster: Step 2 - MOVE MORE!

MOVE MORE. Once you start to move, you begin to develop an amazing habit. You will already start noticing small changes. Now its time to move more. Walk a little longer, swim a little further, increase your twice a week jog to 3 x per week, move a little more. Small changes will develop into big changes!

How To Lose Fat Faster: Step 3 - MOVE FASTER!

MOVE FASTER. The faster you move, the faster the results. You will burn more calories because your energy out has been increased. This will lead to even more significant results in your weight loss.

How To Lose Fat Faster: Step 3 - LIFT WEIGHTS!

LIFT WEIGHTS. Lifting weights increases your lean body mass, which in turn speeds up your resting metabolism. This means that when you are sitting watching TV, you are now burning more calories at a resting rate than you were before. Fat burning for free....yes please!! Lifting weights is one of the most critical steps for long term permanent weight loss... So get lifting!

My client Bex Loves lifting weights to help her lose fat faster!

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