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Cake Submitted by Suzie S. from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

*2nd Prize* Winner - 2007 Cake Design Contest

Castle Cake

This is my favorite castle cake to make for a princess party!

I prefer making princesses from gift wrap paper with hearts surrounding them. I like to laminate pictures. If you're unable to laminate, then I'd use clear packaging tape to tape the front and back of the pictures. (Be sure to trim them to fit the cake so icing can't touch the gift wrap paper to soil it.)

I make the steeples from sugar ice cream cones, spreading royal icing along with glitter and letting the cones dry.

If you put a stick with a "flag" on top of the steeple with a Happy Birthday message, please make sure you measure the stick that it fits well or it will crack the cone if you do this later.

I also use crushed graham crackers for the dirt around the Castle as well as piping gel for the water. If you can get fish or make some "chocolate fish" (for the water) - that's great too! I like the colored Pepperidge Farm goldfish!

I continue with the chocolate covered rocks or jelly bean rocks. This gives the cake a wonderful "castle" look.

You can add "flowers" and "vines" to the castle birthday cake as you desire. (Other than making the flags the cake is pretty simple.) The trellis can be made earlier from fondant and left to dry. If you're running short on time, small marshmallows work well too.

Cake Submitted by Michele S. from Plainfield, Illinois.

Castle Birthday Cake

The bottom of this princess cake was made with ice cream sandwiches. I placed about six down side by side, and then stacked about 3 to 4 more layers on top to make a square. Next I frosted it using cream cheese frosting.

I then baked a 9"x12" white cake and cut it into 4 equal parts. I took 3 of them and stacked them one on top of the other. I frosted it and stacked it on top of the ice cream sandwich cake.

Next I took purple and white gum drops and placed them on top of the ice cream cake. I took some purple and pink frosting and outlined the edges of the cake and made a door. I then sprinkled frosted 5 sugar cones with pink and purple sprinkles. I placed 4 of them upside down one in each corner of the ice cream cake and one on top of the whole cake.

I made flags out of construction paper, taped them to toothpicks, and placed toothpicks on the cones. Finally, I put some sprinkles on top and there you have a beautiful castle cake for your princess.

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