Clean Eating Plan

 A clean eating approach made mostly with foods that are close to their natural form (low or no processing) that ALSO includes all your favorite foods (Yay!!!) is the eating style I promote to my clients, and have had GREAT results from.

Books, marketing, adverts, shakes, juices, pills, fasting…… so much is out there to make you believe that if you just do this diet, this plan, take this pill, drink this shake, stop eating and just drink juice that you will get the body of your dreams for the rest of your life. 

No wonder eating to achieve a strong, sexy and healthy body seems like the most complicated thing in the world!  However, all diets - with such varying and conflicting information - have one thing is common….. they all take away something (usually things you like). They are based in DEPRIVATION!

Most diets don't allow you to live like a normal person and continue a normal life! You have to be so rigid and controlled... counting this calorie and measuring that gram of fat. Saying 'no' to all treats.  This in itself is so sad, because can you tell me one social thing you have been to that DIDN’T include food??  Baby showers, weddings, birthdays, get-togethers, catch-ups with friends over coffee/lunch/dinner, ALL include food!  And I don’t know about you, but I LOVE my food, I love great food,  I also love clean eating. I don’t want to be that person who nobody wants to invite to social events because they don’t know what diet craze I’m on this time!!  Because really, that’s what each of these things are, a craze!  They are not designed to be something you can stick to for the rest of your life, and yes, they will give you results while you do them, but the sad fact that I see over and over again is that once its over, people are no better off at learning how to feed their bodies in a great way that is sustainable.

What you need is an eating style that is enjoyable and that they can stick to for the rest of their lives (easily!). I call it 'clean eating' but in a way that is not so rigid that it terrifys you to the brink of a chocolate binge!

Fuelling our bodies via clean eating

It’s time to start really looking after our body, fueling it with…well…. Fuel.  Because that’s what food is for, to fuel our body, with the right fuel , so that we can live with energy, vitality, good health, and look good because of the right stuff we are putting in!  That’s how I want you to start looking at, “feed” your body, with good “fuel”.  The results will speak for themselves.


Carbohydrates… yes


Good fats…..yes (in small amounts)

Saturated fats…. No

It really is that easy.  And again comes back to our clean eating.  Clean eating and weight loss go hand in hand and it really does follow the above simple principle.  

Protein (fish, chicken, lean meat) straight off an animal…clean!

Carbohydrates (kumara, pumpkin, brown rice) straight off the fields or out of the ground…clean!

Vegetables ---- straight out the ground… clean eating!

Saturated fats (usually processed stuff which has come a loooooong way from its natural form are full of saturated fats which are nooooo good!!!)

7 steps to your real life clean eating plan

  • Plan plan plan your meals.  ALWAYS.  Shop regularly and stock your cupboards with good, yummy things so you always have a great choice available.
  • Eat every 2-3 hours to avoid getting hungry, and reaching for something “quick fix”.
  • Every meal aim for a serving of carbohydrate and protein.  
  • Add a good full handful of vegetables to at least 2 of your main meals a day.
  • Add a little good fat in there once a day (about a tablespoon) via sesame oil, olive oil, avocado, and stay away from highly processed stuff.   (You could take 1000mg fish oil capsules a day, however if you are eating 3 serves of fish a week, you will be getting all the Omega’s you need!)
  • Drink water, lots of it.  Aim to have 2 glasses of water with every meal.  Drink till you have clear wee’s!
  • Once a week, eat whatever you want.  Woohoo, i love this!!  Yes yes, i said WHATEVER you want.  As long as 80-90% of the time you are fuelling your body with great stuff, your body will just override your ‘eat whatever you like’ day.  This will allow you to satisfy your cravings, enjoy your favourite pizza, burger or chocolate pudding, and still have the body you want…. Healthy strong and awesome!  Choose whatever day suits you, or you can change it up to be on a day you know you have a big social event and may want to eat a little differently!

This is really easy.  It may take some time getting your head around it, but once you have, you will be able to stick to it, and that’s what I’m hoping for for you… A real life clean eating plan.  And really, what restaurant doesn’t have an option of meat, carbs and veges????  It makes dining out that much easier!!  Choose to love food, enjoy it, and still be that body you always dreamed of and more!

I found this great deal of 1000 Paleo Recipes, as much as i don't call my approach 'Paleo' i do think the Paleo way has amazing ideas of protein plus vege plus clean carbs, so this is a great deal for a huge amount of ideas and recipes to keep your lifestyle plan interesting.

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