All-in-One Development Tool:  Live Visual Editing & World Building

Rapid 3D Application Development Tools

Visual3D Game Engine provides a 3D simulation and game design toolset that integrates a wide range of useful visual design tools that automate core development tasks into a single software tool.

Drag & Drop Scene Scenario Builder

Visual3D Game Engine Scenario builder provides an easy to use set of visual tools for scenario building.

  • Drag and Drop Design: Script scenarios and free-form exercises with an intuitive drag and drop scenario editor.
  • Asset Management: Easily upload, store, and manage your scenario components through a convenient asset library.
  • Script your Scenario's Interactivity Visually: Use Visual3D Game Engine's diagram based visual scripting system to develop AI, event sequences, and other interactivity.
  • Distribute Authoring Capabilities to End Users: Provide Visual3D Game Engine's visual tools to the customers of your application (trainers, war-fighters, and more) in order to allow them to customize it to their needs.

Terrain Editor for Real-time World Building

The Visual3D Game Engine Earth Builder toolset provides visual tools for building large custom or real-world terrain environments with Google Earth style navigation.

  • Move from Outerspace to Ground Level: Earth Builder provides a unique 3D global world interface with Google Earth style navigation that allows you to zoom from space down to ground level to build and view terrain environments anywhere on the globe.
  • Customize Your Terrain: Earth Builder's visual terrain creation tools enable you to rapidly build custom land-cover features such as road and river networks, vegetation, urban areas, and more.
  • Load and Apply GIS Data: Load GIS Data and visualize it on your world.
  • Urban Area and Building Generation: Automatically create buildings from satellite imagery of urban areas.

To learn more about Visual3D Game Engine's terrain capabilities, visit our terrain features page.

Visual User Interface Editor

Develop 2D interfaces such as tactical displays, HUDS, and custom user controls with Visual3D Game Engine's User Interface Editor.

  • Create Custom Controls: Use Visual3D Game Engine's Visual User Interface Builder to visually construct and script interactive controls (buttons, instruments, etc.) and integrate them into your user interface.
  • Create 2D Maps for Tactical and Navigation Interfaces: Upload 2D map data and create interactive tactical and navigational map interfaces from them. Customize your interface with icon sets, GIS and terrain data, custom controls and more.
  • Create Multiple Viewports: Create multiple windows to host your 2D and 3D interfaces and customize how you choose to display them.

Asset Management System

Art and Asset management is one of the most important and time consuming aspects of 3D application design, often consuming a large percentage of any team's time. Visual3D Game Engine greatly reduces the time and energy required in asset management by providing an easy content pipeline and asset management library that allows you to easily import, organize, and touch up your application's assets.

  • Easily import assets: Import 3D models, scripts, terrain data, textures, shaders, particle systems and more in a few simple steps
  • Create libraries of content: Create libraries of custom and built-in assets for usage in the development of your application at anytime.
  • Touch-up 3D models with the Visual3D Game Engine Material Editor: Use the Visual3D Game Engine Material Editor to customize the material effects, skins, shaders, and parameters applied to your 3D models and particle systems.

Visual3D Game Engine Scripting and Application Development API

In addition to it's suite of visual tools, Visual3D Game Engine also enables you to take advantage of it's Application Development API. The Application Development API enables you to move beyond simple applications and build high fidelity interactive games and simulations.

  • Build Powerful Applications with the Visual3D Game Engine Engine API: Through it's API, Visual3D Game Engine gives developers extensive control over their application by providing full access to all of Visual3D Game Engine's core systems. Through this, your developers can produce advanced content and easily extend the functionality of the Visual3D Game Engine engine or toolset to suit your custom needs.
  • Script in Common Programming Languages: Most tools require you to learn a custom scripting language to use their product. Visual3D Game Engine avoids this by being based off the .NET framework and gives you the power to program your applications in languages your developers are already familiar with including C#, C++, Visual Basic, Java, Lua, and IronPython.
  • Visual Studio Integration: Visual3D Game Engine is integrated with Microsoft's Visual Studio and gives you the benefit of having one the most widely used software development and debugging toolsets at your disposal.