October 17, 2015

43 Ultimate Bodyweight Exercises to Lose Weight at Home


best bodyweight workouts to lose weight and belly fat
Sick of the belly fat? Being mocked often for that chubbiness? Is that sexy red dress or a pair of ripped jeans and a cool t-shirt which you gifted yourself, now just a piece of useless outfit lying in the corner of your wardrobe because you have no time to schedule a routine slot for the gym to burn those extra layers of calories that have crept on your body.

What are Advantages of Bodyweight Exercises?

  1. Body weight activities have been appeared to be advantageous to the youthful, as well as the elderly.
  2. Helps in weight loss and body toning
  3. Widely used in injury management by physiotherapists and fitness experts
  4. No costly gym equipment needed
  5. Body weight exercises increases flexibility and Balance
  6. Lesser risk of injuries
  7. They can be performed ANYWHERE.
  8. Helps in building lean muscle
  9. Easy to get the form right and Simple!


Here are the Best 43 Bodyweight Exercises you can perform anywhere:

1. Wall Sit

How to do Wall Sit:

Gradually slide your back until the thighs are parallel to the ground. Verify the knees are specifically over the lower legs and hold the back straight.


2. Lunges


How to do Lunges:

Keep hands on the hips and feet waist-width separated. Step your right leg forward and gradually lower your body until left (back) knee is near or touching the floor and twisted no less than 90 degrees. Come back to the beginning position and repeat on the other side.


3. Reverse Lunges

how to do reverse lunges

Doing lunges backwards feels more natural to some people, than the standard forward lunge. When you take a long step back, you can automatically feel a great stretch on the front side of the rear leg. This helps to increase its flexibility and movement. One needs to make sure that the front heel is always on the ground and the shin is vertical at all times. Slowly touch the knees either to the floor or close to, and explode up by pushing the front heel against the ground.


4. Bulgarian Split Squats

How to perform a Bulgarian Squat:

Put the rear leg on a bench, drop straight down, and make sure that the front heel always stays in contact with the ground to avoid any excess stress on the knees. Retain a tall posture throughout the whole exercise. These can work the abs, quads and glutes, as well as the ability to stabilize. Moreover, 3 sets of 6-10 reps do the job to satisfaction.


5. Burpees

This exercise is one of the most effective and intense one for conditioning and decreasing the body fat.

How to do Burpees:

One needs to stand erect, squat down and place their hands on the floor. Kick the feet back to a push up position, and depending on the strength level of the individual, they can do push ups by laying the body flat on the floor. For speed and intensity purposes, it’s more efficient to go for a push up position, jump back to the squat position and do a jump in the air. 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions with a 20 second rest between sets is the ideal way to go about this particular exercise.


6. Calf Raise

How to do Calf Raise:

From a standing position, gradually lift your toes, keeping the knees straight and heels off the floor. Hold, then return. What’s more, repeat until your calf become jelly.


7. Handstand Push-Up

hand stand pushup

How to do Handstand Push-up:

Get set in a headstand position against a divider or wall and twist the elbows at a 90-degree point, doing an upside down push-up (head moves toward the floor and the legs stay against the divider or wall). In the event that you need, take assistance from a companion to hold you for wellbeing reasons.


8. Superman Arc

How to do Superman Arc:

Face down with arms and legs extended. Keeping the middle as still as it could be expected under the circumstances, all the while raise the arms and legs to shape a little bend in the body. Rehash the activity for 10-15 Repetitions. Sets according to your wish.


9. Arm Circle

How to do Arm Circle:

Stand with arms reached out by the sides, opposite to the middle. Gradually make clockwise circles for around twenty to thirty seconds (around one foot in breadth). Then reverse the movement, going anti-clockwise.


10. Bicycle

How to do Bicycle:

Lie down with knees bent and hands behind the head. Keep the knees in toward the chest, bring right elbow towards left knee as the right leg straightens. Keep substituting sides (like pedaling!).It’s similar to driving a bike without a Bicycle.


11. Shoulder Bridge

how to do shoulder bridge

How to do Shoulder Bridge:

Lie on your back with the knees bowed and feet hip-width separated. Spot arms next to you and lift up the spine and hips. Just the head, feet, arms, and shoulders ought to be on the ground. At that point lift one leg upwards, keeping the center tight. Gradually cut the leg withdraw, then lift move down. Attempt to do 10 reps for every leg, then acquire the knee spot and spine back on the floor.


12. Bridge opposite arm-leg reach

This activity initiates the majority of your abs. This exercise is best when considered body weight exercises for men.

How to do Bridge opposite arm-leg reach:

Lie face up with your left knee twisted, left foot level on the floor, and right leg reached out toward the roof. Reach toward the roof with your the left arm and hold your right arm around you’re side. Don’t move your hips or shoulders, instead open your raised leg to one side and raised arm to another side. Now, come back to your raised leg and arm to the center. Do 10-12 reps, then switch sides and repeat.


13. Low-belly leg reach

This exercise targets your ab muscles.

How to do Low-Belly leg reach:

Lie face up with knees bent to 90 degrees, keep hands behind head, and abs tight. Keeping knees stacked over hips, lift shoulders and crunch up; breathe in and hold for 3-5 seconds. Breathe out and stretch out your legs to 45 degrees; hold for 4-5 seconds while squeezing lower midsection.


14. Hill climbing/ climbing stairs/ step ups

Few of the excellent aerobic workouts that can help you keep your butt toned and help you lose weight. Also, cardiovascular benefit is another added advantage with these workouts. Simply keep a serene smile on your face and clearly focus on putting all the tension in the muscles during the activity. You will definitely feel your glute muscles lifting and toning.


15. Straight-line side lifts

This exercise handles hard-to-achieve issue areas like the external thighs. It also impacts belly fat.

How to do Straight-line side lifts:

Rest on your left side with your legs straight and stacked on top of each other and your feet flexed. Lay your head on your straight left arm. Breathe in while lifting both legs off the ground, then exhale while gradually bringing them down until they’re about 1 inch off the ground. Switch sides and repeat to complete 1 set; Perform 4 sets.


16. Triceps Dip

how to do triceps dips

This particular exercise targets the muscles on the back of the upper arms. If someone comes to find out that they have a wrist discomfort, they can try turning their hands slightly to the side or to take breaks to roll out the wrists. In order to target the back of the arms correctly, one needs to be sure to have the hips as close to the edge of the chair as possible, otherwise the legs will do the work instead of the arms.


17. Swan dive

A staple in many yoga and pilates workouts, the swan dive strengthens back muscles to improve your stance.

How to do Swan dive:

Lie face down on a mat with arms stretched overhead, keep your toes pointed. Raise your arms and legs about 5 inches off the ground. Hold for 1 count. At that point, circle your arms out to each side of your body behind you. Breathe out and reach your arms toward the toes, palms facing the body. Hold for 1 count, then bring arms back to the starting position and relax entire body to ground. This is one rep. Repeat for 4-7 reps.


18. Chaturanga Move

how to do chaturanga asana

This Move strengthens your wrists, arms, abs, and lower back. On the off chance that you can’t control your body as you lower it to the floor, try starting with your knees on the ground.

How to do Chaturanga :

Start in a board position, keeping your elbows directly above your wrists. Keep your body in a straight line and curve elbows to 90 degrees while bringing them towards the floor. Contract abs; be careful not to round shoulders forward.


19. Pull ups

Mastering this exercise is a goal that most people set when they decide about exercising. On a psychological level, there isn’t much that beats the feeling of pulling oneself on a bar. One is in total control of themselves. There is no need to feel bad or ashamed if one cannot do them, it’s the willingness and determination that matters.

Level 1: Negative pull-ups
Jump up and hold for as long as you can. One needn’t lose motivation even when each repetition feels worse than the former. The right thing to do would be to compare the first repetition with the first repetition of the next day or the next week for that matter. A good shoot is considered when one is able to hold for 30 seconds in the lowering phase.

Level 2: Band assisted Pull-ups
Attach a band to the bar and pull it under the foot or knee. Work up to the sets of 10 repetitions.

Level 3: Pull-ups
Once you’ve mastered the pull up, it’s time to master the world of endless possibilities and variations. Going from 0-1 is harder and takes longer than from 1-3 repetitions.


20. Eagle posture

how to do eagle posture

This yoga move is ideal for testing your balance and activating your lower body muscles to maintain balance.

How to do Eagle posture:

Bend your knees slightly and cross your right leg over your left leg high at the thigh, then try to double cross it behind the left calf or ankle. Wrap your right arm under your left and back over top; press your palms together. Crush thighs tight and pull your belly to your spine while you sink lower, bending slightly at the knee and a touch forward at the waist. Hold for 5 breaths, then repeat with arms and legs switched.


21. Chair twist

how to perform chair twist exercise

Strengthens the lower and upper abs, hips, thighs, and butt.

How to do Chair twist:

Stand with your feet together. Bend knees, reaching hips back (knees behind toes), lowering until thighs are nearly parallel with floor; raise arms forward and up. Rotate torso to right and secure left elbow on outside of right knee. Hold for 3 breaths; return to starting position. Repeat on left side; that’s 1 rep. Do 3 reps.


22. Caterpillar plank

How to do Caterpillar plank:

Standing with feet shoulder-width separated, curve forward at the waist and keep your hands on the floor; crawl forward to plank position with shoulders directly over wrists. Curve elbows to lower your body toward the floor, then push back up. Next, bend your left knee, bring it up and in toward your chest, then turn your waist as you raise your bent left leg out until it’s parallel to the floor. Come back to board and repeat same on the other side. Come back to standing.


23. Boat pose

how to perform boat pose exercise

Battles lower-belly pooch—an area that can be truly difficult to tone, especially after you’ve given birth.

How to do Boat pose:

Sit with your knees bent, feet flat on a mat, and hands on the ground. Incline your upper body back and lift your legs so your body forms a V. Stretch your arms forward, palms facing in. Tighten your lower-ab muscles while keeping your shoulders relaxed, back straight, and chest lifted. Stretch your legs and draw in your inner thighs. Hold for 5 slow, deep breaths, then bring down your legs.


24. Knee lift-leg kick combo

How to do Knee lift-leg kick combo:

Lie on your right with the abdominal area upheld by the right elbow and triceps. Stack the legs and hip, and bend the knees. Lift the top bent leg, keeping it level, and then lower it. Straighten both legs and let them fall into a little split position (with one leg split over the other). Float the bottom leg about 1-2 inches from the floor with knees facing forward. Return to starting position to complete one rep.

Reps: 10-15 reps, then switch sides. Sets: 3


25. Mountain Climber

how to do mountain climbers

How to do Mountain Climber:

Staring you in the face and knees, move the left foot specifically under the mid-section while fixing the right leg. Keeping the hands on the ground and center tight, bounce and switch legs. The left leg should now be extended behind the body with the right knee forward.

Reps: 8-10. Sets: 2


26. Standard Push-Up

How to do a Standard Push-Up:

Keep your hands shoulder-width separated, keep the feet flexed according to your hip section and settle the center. Turn the elbows until the mid-section achieves the ground, and after that push move down

(Remember: Keep the elbows near the body).

Reps: 10-15. Sets: 3


27. Crunch

How to do Crunches:

Lie on your back with the knees bent and feet level on the floor. With hands behind the head, put the chin down slightly and peel the head and shoulders off the mat while connecting with the center. Continue curling up until the upper back is off the mat. Hold briefly, then lower the middle back toward the mat gradually.


28. Squat Stand:

How to do Squat Stand:

Keep feet parallel or turned out 15 degrees—whatever is generally agreeable. Bit by Bit start to squat by bowing the hips and knees until the thighs are parallel to the floor. Verify the heels don’t go off the floor. Press through the heels to return to standing position after 10 seconds.


29. Single Leg Deadlift:

How to do Single Leg DeadLift:

Start in a standing position with the feet together. Lift the right leg to some degree, and bring down the arms and middle while raising the right leg behind the body. Keep the left knee a bit lower and place the arms as near the floor as could be permitted. Raise the middle while bringing down the right leg. Switch legs. Done!


30. The Donkey Kick

This form of exercise is also known as the quadruped knee hip extension. This toning exercise works on both the gluteus maximus as well as the gluteus minimus. This exercise also works its magic on the hamstrings, which makes you good from behind too in those mini-skirts and shorts. The following are the steps to go about this particular exercise. Get on all your fours, with the wrist below the shoulders and the knees below the hips. Keep the core engaged with the shoulder and hips square on the floor. Then, bend the right leg, keep the right foot flexed, and slowly lift the right leg until the thigh is parallel to the floor. Then, eventually lower to the starting position and switch foot to complete the set.


31. Diamond Shape Pushups

How to do Diamond Shape Pushups:

It is same as Standard pushup we performed earlier. Just put diamond-shaped hand position (arrange them so that the thumbs and pointers touch). This hand correction will give those triceps some additional Muscles!


32. The Pistol Squat

This variety of squats is made to challenge your balance. Before doing this exercise, think of your abdominals and remember your core well. The technique for this exercise is to free stand on a one legged squat, with the non working leg held above the floor in free space.


33. Sprints

Sprinting is one of the most underrated forms of bodyweight exercising and training. In this form, one basically throws their bodyweight forward, as a test of relative strength. It can be done for a short duration, high intensity; short rests for conditioning and fat loss purposes or longer rest periods, high speed and short duration’s for explosiveness and increase the potential to increase strength. By working on this technique, one will be more aware of how to move the body in space.


34. The Sprint Sit-Up

How to do The Sprint Sit-Up:

Lie on your back with the legs straight and arms close by—elbows twisted at a 90-degree edge. Presently sit up, bringing the left knee toward the right elbow. Bring down the body and repeat on the other side. It’s like running upwards, towards the ceiling!


35. Skipping

Do you remember that rope you used to play with by jumping over it? Well, that childhood thing wasn’t just a means of play. Skipping is an amazing way to do a cardio workout which helps you burn a lot of calories, and that too without much ado. So what are you waiting for, grab a skipping rope and take a few 100 counts of jumps every day for a toned body.


36. Jumping

It may seem to be funny and child-like but jumping is one of the effective ways to add-up to your workout list, as a weight-loss technique. Long jumps, high jumps and obstacle jumps are something we all would have done at school so switch to them again. Choose some of the things as obstacles and practise jumping from over them. This will pump your heartbeats and gradually help in solving your body weight problem.


37. Jogging

You don’t always need a park to go for jogging. Just put on your running shoes and go for a jog early morning, on the path ways of your society campus or you can also just jog in rounds on your on your terrace if you have sufficient space there. For this, you don’t need to worry about finding a beach side or a stadium. Your own space will be a sports ground for you. Or you can just practice spot jogging.


38. Dance/Zumba

Yes you heard it right! Put some cool music and groove to the beats. No matter if you are a born dancer or a non-dancer, just shake your body to the music, as you want. This will be an entertaining and exciting way to control your weight by enjoying yourself. So people, now you have got a reason to dance.


39. The Duck Walk

Duck walks are really good exercises to help shape your butt. The procedure to do this exercise is to assume and hold a squatting position while walking forward for the repetitions and then walk backwards in the same positions for the repetitions. This position might not be very “diva” looking, but is highly effective all the same.


40. Planks

That lower belly fat might be a hindrance when you choose to wear fitted clothes but end up putting on something loose.

How to do a plank:

To start a plank, lay straight on your front, now bend your elbows and rest your weight on your forearms and not on your hands, engage your core by sucking your belly button into your spine, now hold this position for a prescribed time. Make sure your body should make a straight line from ankles to shoulders.


41. Leg raise

How to perform Leg Raise:

Lie down and keep your legs as straight as possible, if you want put anything between your feet for balancing resistance, slowly raise your legs such that you make a 90 degree angle from the floor, hold this position for a second and then slowly move back to the original position. Repeat this procedure for a number of times and perform it regularly for best results.


42. The Arabesque

The arabesque is a technique that is borrowed from the ballet moves. It works excellently for the butt muscles, and does not even make the use of free weights. However, if you want to add cuffs or ankle weights, you need to follow the following procedure. Place your hands on the back of the chair or on a railing, and lift one leg behind you as high as possible, while holding your glutes and squeezing them for a count of about 4 or 5. Make sure to maintain an upright position so that you do not stress your lower back instead of the glutes.


43. The Good Morning

The good morning exercise is a weight training exercise for both stretching as well as toning the glutes and the hamstrings in the body. A light weight body bar or barbell is held in an overhand grip resting across the shoulders, not on the neck but on the upper back. Set the feet shoulder width apart and the knees with a soft bend. Maintain a straight spine while you naturally arch your lower back and put your head up, and gradually bend forward by pushing back the hips at the same time with the chest lowered towards the ground. As soon as you reach your comfort limit with this exercise, contract the butt muscles as you pull yourself up to the starting position.


Repetitions and Sets may differ according to individual. As per your stamina and convenience, you can increase sets whenever you want. You can also increase the repetition count which will improve your strength, power and also decrease the mental stress.

So now when you know the tricks to get yourself in shape without worrying about going to the gym, put on your workout attire and start it today! Good luck with your new and improved body. Let us know in the comments section if you want us to include any other great body weight workouts you know of.


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