IQ 93 Invaders will Wreck Germany

Nonwhite invaders tested at Chemnitz University in Germany have average IQs of around 93 and this is going to cause “cognitive errors” with enormous consequences for the rest of society, one of that country’s leading psychology professors has warned.

HeinerRindermannIn a dramatic—and personally risky—break with the establishment’s suicidal lockstep march toward racial oblivion, Professor Heiner Rindermann, chair of Educational and Developmental Psychology at the Technical University of Chemnitz, has penned a penetrating article in the Focus Online German news service where he has spelled out the importance of IQ, culture, achievement, and its relationship to race.

Titled “Secondary School Level Engineers,” the article states unequivocally that the mass importation of low IQ nonwhite immigrants is going to lead to the destruction of Germany.

“The standard of education of most immigrants from Western Asia and Africa is low, and their capabilities are limited. The consequences of this will be bitter,” Professor Rindermann wrote.

“For years, and in recent months an increasing number of immigrants from South-East Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, have entered Germany,” he said, adding that the majority of these “immigrants” have no qualifications at all.

Even if they did, he points out, they would still be useless: All international university studies have shown that the average results obtained at the institutes of higher education in these countries average around 110 points less than similar institutions in Germany.

“This corresponds to a competency gap of approximately three years,” he continued. “The gap is even greater in Africa, where it comes in at around four and a half years.

“Even in an elite group, engineering students from the Gulf states, a great difference can be seen: Their skills are two to four school years behind those of comparable German engineering students.

“This pattern of results was underlined in a recent study in Chemnitz which looked at asylum seekers with university level qualifications. Their mathematical and figural tasks showed an average IQ of 93—which is the same skill level as lower school pupils,” Professor Rindermann said.

An average IQ of 93 puts these “university qualified” nonwhite invaders a full ten points below the average non-university qualified German native IQ.


Professor Rindermann went on to explain the reasons for the low IQ scores, first dismissing the often-heard excuse of “language difficulties” this way:

“The often mentioned problem of language is only a secondary factor. The basic skills weaknesses are much more serious and momentous. In school, these migrants will show on average a weaker performance and rarely achieve any high qualifications.”

He pointed out that familiar familial marriage among Muslim and Africans has made the problem worse, with children born of such unions often having “corresponding impairments.”

Furthermore, he says, the “unemployment rate will be higher; they will use social assistance more, and be unsuccessful in coping with the technological and cultural complexity of a modern country. Cognitive errors will occur in daily life, such as in traffic or in professional and financial decisions, with serious consequences for others.”

Professor Rindermann also dealt with the reality of higher criminality among the nonwhite invaders, saying that there are  “higher incidents of violence within immigrant families,” and abuse of “women, natives, political opponents, and dissenters in the refugee camps. These crimes include sexual assault, sometimes in the form of spontaneous violence of whole areas.


“According to official reports, Muslims are 12 percent of the population in France, but are responsible for over 60 percent of all prison inmates. In Belgium, Muslims are eight times over represented in prison to their population numbers, and in Britain, over one thousand English girls have been sexually abused by Pakistanis. In Berlin, migrants are three times their number overrepresented in violent crimes, and seven times their number in rape cases.”

Furthermore, Professor Rindermann said, it is incorrect to associate diversity with equality. Instead, all the statistics show that “higher diversity is associated with greater income inequality, societal instability, higher crime rates, and less overall confidence.

“For many, these conclusions might be surprising or even disturbing—but this is only because the politicians, the media, and even some scientists distort the effect of migration-related events. Angela Merkel’s open doors policy is a testament to the fact that no thought or responsibility has been applied as to its consequences.”

He then goes on to list some of the consequences of allowing hundreds of thousands of nonwhite invaders into Germany: “The freedom and the daily lives of women will be limited. The same applies to Jews, homosexuals, and cartoonists. The professional lives of police officers, judicial officials, staff in employment offices, firemen, teachers, doctors, and paramedics, will be made more difficult and risky,” he concluded.

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  1. Well this has been said for years,by ordinary people,no need for people with IQ’s of 150 or 160,there is no need for a university degree to see and understand what Merkel and friends have been on a rampage to dilute out the indigenous people by replacing with,as they would like to think,a more pliable Muslim people,big mistake,and she has almost succeeded as well.but the people are rising,just in time.

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