Nautical Prints and Nautical Style for Spring

Nautical Style

Nautical Style for 2014 by Valentino

Nautical prints are a big trend in fashion this spring. From the runway to the office, nautical prints are everywhere. Nautical style usually involves the basic colors of red, white, and blue, prints such as navy and white stripes, anchors, boats, and polka dots, and elements such as the sailor collar, scarves, and bold buttons. The navy and white stripes have been seen this season on the runways of Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, and Jean Paul Gaultier. The designs from Chloe this spring are almost full sailor suits, featuring wide navy pants and navy tops with white accents. Chanel shows off this trend in a more subtle way, with sophisticated white outfits with a hint of sailor style.

Nautical Dress

My Grandmother, Margaret

Nautical style always reminds me of my grandmother. My grandmother, like many women of her time, was a “Rosie the Riveter” during World War II. She worked on airplanes, and did a variety of other jobs. She never liked to talk about that time, as my grandfather was in the army stationed in Nome, Alaska, and she was hard at work helping the war effort at home, but I love all of the pictures I have of her during that era. She is so glamorous and beautiful, and she is often wearing the cutest nautical outfits. The nautical look is a classic statement that continues to be popular.


NauticalHowever, nautical style has been around a lot longer than the 1940s. It started to become a fashion trend that was not just for sailors in the late 1800s. It became even more popular later on, courtesy of Coco Chanel. After spying the iconic navy and white look on sailors during a trip to the French coast, the fashion designer introduced the nautical navy and white stripes with her 1917 collection. It became popular because of that, and continues to reemerge as a fashion favorite.

dorisdasmallWorld War I also led to recruitment posters which depicted women wearing sailor uniforms with sentiments such as “I wish I were a man so I could enlist” which may have inspired women to wear the patriotic-looking trend. World War II brought about a resurgence of this patriotic trend. The look was popular among women and movie stars; Doris Day wore a classic nautical look in the film Romance on the High Seas in 1948. Her outfit is so similar to what we see on the runway this season. While the look of the nautical style often changes as it goes in and out of style, the basic elements of the style remain.

Nautical prints are back in style once again. However, there are some modern elements, of course. Nautical prints are not just for clothing. The nautical style is classy and is appropriate for home and office decor. Capri Designs has a new nautical print called Classic Anchor. It has a subtle twist from the classic design, the navy color is contrasted with a coral, pinkish hue instead of the classic red. These nautical print office supplies are available now at

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