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Hi so um ive seen a lot of things that youve posted about DestielCon and id never even heard of it before now but i was wondering you could explain to me wat it is exactly and where and what happens etc. I would really appreciate it if you could :)

Sure thing!

destielcon is a fan-run convention for fans of the good ship Destiel. It takes place once a year in Cincinnati, Ohio at a hotel. People host panels that they feel strongly about, and people can attend. 

Some of my favorite panels have been:

Fans from all over the world have attended in the past, and it’s just an amazingly friendly and hate-free atmosphere where we can all discuss what we love without having to fear retribution. 

You make lots of friend and get to meet a lot of great authors and artists. 

There’s a Destiel Music Video contest and a Cosplay Contest and a game night and a dance party and AMAZING PEOPLE. 

If you ever get the opportunity and would like to attend one of the friendliest cons in the world, you should go. :)


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