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Ignore that man. We're attempting to update the thing, if only section by section as the mood waxes and wanes. - 5/20/04

Ignore that man behind the curtain. When he says "currently under heavy construction", what he really means is that he hasn't touched this page in over two years and can't find the motivation to move a brick, much less build a wall. - 2/10/04

This is currently under heavy construction. Things may move around but they'll still be here somewhere unless I can no longer find them on the web. My main goal in this version is to remove the artificial distinction I've made between glossaries, dictionaries and encyclopedias. I'm throwing them all together and distinguishing via subject categories, or at least attempting to do so without bollixing things up too much.

An annotated listing of dictionaries, glossaries and encyclopedias that have some sort of version online or, if you will, a glossary of glossaries. All suggestions for additions are welcome and I really can't think of any reason why I wouldn't add anything new as long as it resembles a glossary, dictionary or encyclopedia, i.e. if I discriminate it'll be on the basis of form and most definitely not on the basis of content. Well, I might be prone to not list many more glossaries etc. of computer terms as we've got those coming out of our wazoo as it is.

I've made some attempt at categorization that, as is inevitable with all such attempts, ends up somewhere between completely arbitrary and meticulously exact - hopefully closer to the latter extreme.

If you feel the need to copy the thing wholesale then do be a decent enough sort to reference or acknowledge the original source if only to allow those perusing your version access to newer entries you may not have. In my most recent updating I've found four other sites that've obviously borrowed the whole thing without attribution. That is just not right.

And, by the way, if you find a dead link then feel free to drop me a line about it. Feel even more free to find out where it went and then drop me a line about it.


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Agriculture and Gardening:

Archaeology and Anthropology:


Airplanes, Aeronautics and Aerospace



Astronomy and Astrophysics




Books, Libraries, Typesetting, Printing and Publishing:


Cawdrey's Table Alphabetical Dictionary


Computers and Computing:

Criminals and the Underworld:


Diversity Dictionary



Ecology and Environment:



Film, Television and Theatre

Finance, Investing and Accounting


Plants and Soil:

Food and Beverage

Glossary of Fraud Schemes and Terms





Hobbies and Collecting

Humorous, Witty, Silly and/or Stupid


Internet Dictionary Project

A search engine for finding translations back and forth between English and several other languages.





Law and Legislation:

Dictionary of Custom License Plate Terms

literature, Writing and Linguistics:


Management and Technology Dictionary

A companion dictionary to a guide to the "technologies which professionals need to understand to survive."

Manufacturing and Industry:


Medical and Health:





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NetLingo: The Internet Language Dictionary

Netreference Acronym Dictionary

Acronyms used in the datacom and telecom industries.

Scuba Slang and Technical Terms


Dictionary of Occupational Titles



Dictionary of Phrase and Fable



Dictionary of Quaternary Acronyms and Abbreviations


Railroads and Trains:

This section last updated: 5/24/04

Dictionary of Real Estate Phrases

A list of real estate euphemisms and what they really mean.


Rhyming Dictionary

A searchable (but not browsable) list of rhyming words. Enter a word and it will find others that rhyme.


Sanskrit Dictionary

Dictionary of Scientific Quotations

SEMATECH Dictionary

This defines terms used in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Dictionary of Sensibility

A dictionary for understanding the language of 18th-century sensibility.

Sex and Sexuality:

skb dictionary

My own long list of impossibly obscure and/or pedantic and/or archaic and/or long words.

Skeptic's Dictionary

South Pacific Dictionary

Sports, Games and Recreation






Unusual or Unclassifiable:

Last updated: 5/23/04

Water Resources:

Women's Issues:

Webster's Unabridged 1913 Dictionary


A robot assistant for looking up translations, definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and references of words.

Dictionary of Writers in Mexico





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Glossary of Academic Information Technology

Advertising Media Terms Glossary

Glossary of American English Hacker Theocratese

About the language Jehovah's Witnesses use in everyday life.

Ars Magica Glossary

3-D Atlas Glossary

ATM Glossary


Glossary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Bioenergy Glossary

A compendium of over 600 technical terms associated with bioenergy technologies.

Biological Control Glossary

A guide to controlling insects naturally.

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) Glossary

Other known as "mad cow disease."

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Glossary


CD Recordable Glossary

Glossary of CD-ROM Technology

Census Bureau Glossary

Colour Science Glossary

Cooperative Monitoring Center (CMC) Glossary


Glossary of Dance Terminology

Glossary of Data Acquisition and Control

Database Terminology and Concept Glossary

Glossary of Graphic Design and Web Page Design

Glossary of Digital Age Terminology

Document Capture and Storage Glossary


Entomological Glossary

Glossary of the European Communities and European Union

Glossary of the Reform of the European Union

Glossary of European Noble, Princely, Royal and Imperial Titles


Face Pain Glossary

Glossary of Fiber Optics Terms

Financial Aid Glossary

First Millenial Foundation Glossary

Futures Trading Terms Glossary


Glossary of Genetic Terms

From the National Human Genome Research Institute.

Genetics Glossary

Genome Glossary

From the Human Genome Project.

Global Glossary

Terms involving the Greco-Roman world.

Global Change Glossary

Terms used in reference to global climate change.

Godling's Glossary

Subtitled "A Devilish Dictionary of Travesties for Transhumans".

Government Contractor's Glossary

GPS (Global Positioning System) Glossary

Graph and Digraph Glossary

Graph Theory Glossary



Information Professional's Glossary

Glossary for Information Retrieval




Glossary of Terms Related to Laryngology and the Voice

Learning, Performance and Training Glossary

Linux Glossary

Literacy Glossary

Glossary of First-Order Logic


Glossary of Microscopy and Microanalytical Terms

Glossorial Database of Middle English

Multimedia Glossary


Glossary of Terms in Noise Control Engineering


Ocean Adventure Glossary

Optimization Glossary

Glossary of Options Terminology


Glossary of Terms in Parapsychology

Glossary of Parliamentary Procedure

Glossary of Phylogenetic Systematics

Glossary of the Study of Pidgin and Creole Languages

Planetary Science Research Glossary

Plymouth Colony Archive Project Glossary

Glossary of Population Terms

Prime Number Glossary

A guide to the terminology of prime numbers.



Research Administration Glossary


Glossary of Sanskrit Terms

Glossary of Satellite Terms

Columbus Optical SETI (COSETI) Observatory Glossary

Terms used in the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence.

Social Science Computing and Data Terms Glossary


Swedish-English-Chinese Glossary

Systematic Glossary

Glossary of terms commonly occurring in zoological taxonomic literature.


Glossary of Technical Notation

Definitions for many of the symbols, mathematical functions, and abbreviations used in technical documents.

Technology and Technology in Education Glossary

Glossary of Toxic Substances and Diseases


Glossary of Labor Union Terms

Urban Conservation Glossary

Terms related to the conservation of buildings in urban settings.


Virtual Hyperglossary

A collaborative virtual project to provide a distributed set of glossaries on the Web.


Glossary of World Cultures





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Encyclopedia of Analytical Instrumentation

This index provides introductions to the most common methods of instrumental analysis.

Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy

The encyclopedia is simply a list of oils and their properties.

Encyclopedia Astronautica

The Encyclopedia Astronautica is the single most comprehensive reference for the history of spaceflight. It is a proven and reliable source endorsed by the Encyclopedia Britannica, library associations, NASA, the world's major newspapers and television networks, Internet guides, and leading space writers and historians.

Encyclopedia of Cajun Culture

The Encyclopedia of Cajun Culture (EOCC) exists for the purpose of preserving and promoting Cajun culture, and for disseminating accurate information about Cajun culture for educational purposes.

Encyclopedia of the Celts

The main purpose in compiling an encyclopedia of this kind is to give the reader access to a fragment of the contents of some of the greater and lesser know works of Celtic literature; including works of mythology, legend, fiction and history. Most of the entries include contributions by two or more author's on the same subject, leaving the reader the opportunity to formulate his/her own conclusions about or interpretation of the matter described.

Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems

The EOLSS body of knowledge is an integrated compendium of sixteen encyclopedias. It attempts to forge pathways between disciplines in order to show their interdependence and helps foster the transdisciplinary aspects of the relationship between nature and human society. It deals in detail with interdisciplinary subjects, but it is also disciplinary as each major core subject is covered in great depth, by world experts.

Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia

The Internet Encyclopedia is my attempt to take the Internet tradition of open, free protocol specifications, merge it with a 1990s Web presentation, and produce a readable and useful reference to the technical operation of the Internet.

Encyclopedia of Delay-Insensitive Systems

Encyclopedia of Diderot and d'Alembert

This site has been designed to make accessible to teachers, students, and other interested English- language readers translations of articles from the Encyclop�die edited by Denis Diderot and Jean le Rond d'Alembert in the 18th century.

Encyclopedia of E. coli Genes and Metabolism

EcoCyc is a scientific database for the bacterium Escherichia coli K12 MG1655. The EcoCyc project performs literature-based curation of the entire genome, and of transcriptional regulation, transporters, and metabolic pathways.

Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia

Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia

The Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia (RFE) is a compilation of data in several formats that assists with the accurate identification of fish species. It was developed by FDA's RFE Team to help federal, state, and local officials and purchasers of seafood identify species substitution and economic deception in the marketplace.

Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes

A grand challenge in the post-genomic era is a complete computer representation of the cell and the organism, which will enable computational prediction of higher-level complexity of cellular processes and organism behaviors from genomic information. Towards this end we have been developing a bioinformatics resource named KEGG, Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes, as part of the research projects in the Kanehisa Laboratory of Kyoto University Bioinformatics Center.

Home Improvement Encyclopedia

Your step-by-step repair guide.

International Financial Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia Frobozzica

Encyclopedia of Human Anatomic Variation

Encyclopedia Louisiana

An adventure in history and economic development. Prosperity through cultural literacy.

Encyclopedia of Mesoamerica

North Carolina Encyclopedia

This encyclopedia is designed to give you an overview of the people, the government, the history, and the resources of North Carolina.

Encyclopedia of the Orient

The only encyclopedia for North Africa and the Middle East.

Perseus Encyclopedia

Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites

Probert Encyclopedia

A free online encyclopedia of over 110,000 hyperlinked and searchable topics.

Encyclopedia of Skepticism and the Paranormal

Encyclopedia Smithsonian

Encyclopedia Smithsonian helps answer frequently asked questions about the Smithsonian with links to resources on subjects from Art to Zoology.

Storm Encyclopedia

This is the place that can answer your questions on severe and extreme weather. Here we cover the basics and some notable examples of Mother Nature's handiwork.

Encyclopedia of Graphic Symbols

Contains more than 2,500 Western signs, arranged into 54 groups according to their graphic characteristics. In 1,600 articles their histories, uses, and meanings are thoroughly discussed. The signs range from ideograms carved in mammoth teeth by Cro-Magnon men, to hobo signs and subway graffiti.

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