Coal-Powered Cookie Train (Ad)

12 thoughts on “Coal-Powered Cookie Train (Ad)

  1. Er…the video says “The uploader has not made this video available.” Could you please fix it? I’ve only seen a very small number of cases in which a video has said that in the past, but I’m pretty sure it should be possible. Since you still both have it listed here and have it as part of your “Music” playlist on YouTube, I guess I’m not sure whether you’ve even realized that it doesn’t work or not (the other cases I’ve seen didn’t realize it until it was pointed out). There’s apparently even a page for it on the Lost Media Wiki now (along with one of your other videos that isn’t listed here). If you can fix it, that would be awesome! I really want to see it, and if I get to see the ad, then I might be enticed to buy the actual album as well… 😉

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