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Riders packed in as Metro runs short on available railcars

Metro says it only had enough railcars available for regular service on 10 total weekdays in July, August and September, and the problems are continuing to contribute to crowding and delays.

Metro’s fall report card shows historic lows, few bright spots | More Sprawl and Crawl News | More Local News
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Obama quashes Keystone XL in bid to boost climate leverage

President Barack Obama killed the proposed Keystone XL pipeline on Friday, declaring it would have undercut U.S. efforts to clinch a global climate change deal at the center of his environmental legacy.

Brazil project aims to save endangered indigenous languages

Of the estimated 2,000 indigenous languages spoken in what is now Brazil, only around 160 survive today. Experts warn that many of those could be lost in the next few decades.

3-way transplant brings area families together

Three families were strangers until a common battle brought them together in a rare three-way organ exchange.

Daniel Craig returns for fourth — and final? — 007 flick ‘Spectre’

In “Spectre,” Craig’s fourth installment, the conflict taps into society’s current concerns of intelligence gathering. Does it hit the mark?

Think you want a tiny house? Businesses offer a tryout first

Getaway, a business that started at Harvard University, rents out tiny houses for $99 a night to visitors from afar who come to sample life in a 160-square-foot house before they dive headlong into the lifestyle. (Photos)

Basketball around the Beltway: Virginia and Virginia Tech

Charlottesville and Blacksburg lie roughly 150 miles away from one another, but the two cities’ local men’s college basketball programs couldn’t be further apart as they enter the 2015-16 season.

Shutdown still a possibility, despite budget deal

A two-year budget deal, no debt ceiling problem, so no government shutdown, right? Federal News Radio's Mike Causey says nothing in this town is that simple.

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