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St Patrick's Day

The Colours of the Household Division.

At 1100 hours on 17th March,The Regimental Sergeant Major halts on the drill square in front of the Battalion and gives the words of command " Stand Properly at Ease", the St Patrick's Day celebrations have begun. The Parade is taken by a Senior member of the Royal family and for many years this was HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. His Grace the Duke of Abercorn who is the Colonel of the Regiment is also in attendance.
The day is not only the spectacle of the parade it is a lot more, and brings the family of the Irish Guards together both old and new. The day starts at 0600hrs with the traditional Irish wake up of "Gun Fire". This is coffee and Irish whiskey served by the Sergeants and Officers mess to the other ranks all accompanied by one of the Battalion pipers playing the regimental quick march "St Patrick's Day". At 0800hrs it is time to go to church prior to marching onto the square for the parade. After the parade is finished the Other ranks make their way to the dining area where they are waited on by the Sergeants and Officers mess. This finished it is time to retire to your relevant messes and socialize with Irish Guardsmen past and present.

The Colours of the Household Division.

The Commanding officer leading the Battalion of Parade.

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The Colours of the Household Division.
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