Fraud & Waste at the VA

Which federal agency’s employees performed so well in 2011 that they received $194,000,000 in performance bonuses?

While the VA has created a blue button for veterans to download their medical records takes prde in announciing our green button in recognition of those VA employees who have downloaded our money

VA Silent on Exec Bonuses for Manipulated Data

via VA Silent on Exec Bonuses for Manipulated Data |

A year after testifying that some executives received bonuses by manipulating appointment data for veterans needing mental health care, a former Department of Veterans Affairs hospital administrator said officials have avoided the issue “like the plague.”

“They avoid it with a 10-foot pole,” Nicholas Tolentino told in a telephone interview Monday……..

Overall, the VA paid out about $194 million in bonuses in 2011, according to testimony during the hearing.


VAconference at orlando

Watchdog: Second VA official quits after wasteful conferences spotlighted

Another top Department of Veterans Affairs official has resigned in the wake of Inspector-General reports criticizing two “Patton parody” employee training conferences, The Washington Examiner has learned.

VA spends $80,00 on Patton parody for "Training Conference" Your Tax Dollars at Work!

VA spends $80,00 on Patton parody for “Training Conference” Your Tax Dollars at Work!

Alice Muellerweiss, dean of the VA Learning University that hosted the conferences, resigned effective immediately, Rafael Torres, acting assistant secretary for human resources and administration, said in an announcement to his staff Friday afternoon.

The VA confirmed her departure in a statement today issued in response to this newspaper.

Muellerweiss’ former boss, John Sepulveda, left VA in September 2012 after a VA Inspector General’s probe found hundreds of thousands of dollars were wasted at the training conferences, held in Orlando in July and August of 2011…


House Veterans committee seeks information on VA conference spending

Posted by Steve Vogel on November 28, 2012 at 6:00 am In the wake of a scathing inspector general’s report this fall, the House Committee on Veterans Affairs will hold a hearing Wednesday morning seeking more information on the amount of money spent on conferences by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Rep. Jeff Miller, (R-Fla.), the chairman of the committee, said Tuesday that the VA “has been evasive” in providing Congress with the exact figures despite the committee’s request….   The VA’s top human resources official resigned in connection with a investigation released Oct. 1 by the agency’s office of inspector general into more than $6 million spent by the VA on two training conferences in Orlando last year. The report found that department conference planners allowed up to $762,000 in unauthorized or wasteful spending and accepted gifts including spa treatments and entertainment. The House committee “will specifically examine the lack of answers and information received from the Department of Veterans Affairs” concerning conference spending over the past four years, according to a statement. “To be spending large amounts of money on conferences in today’s fiscal climate is irresponsible, and especially in light of the recent IG findings, which estimated that nearly $1 million was wasted by VA employees on frivolous expenditures,” Miller said Tuesday.

Filner Statement on IG Investigation Regarding Questionable Spending Relating to VA Human Resources Conferences

Washington, D.C. – Ranking Democratic Member Bob Filner (D-CA) released the following statement regarding the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General investigation into questionable spending related to two VA human Resources training conferences held last year:
 “The Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General (VAOIG) is in the process of investigating questionable activities related to VA Human Resources training conferences held in July and August last year. The VAOIG informed my staff as to the commencement of the investigation in April and again last week.
“I take very seriously the allegations that VA improperly spent taxpayer dollars and I believe that the individuals involved should be held fully accountable. I question the need to spend so many resources on these conferences and question the lack of management oversight at the VA that allowed questionable activities and questionable spending to occur in the first place. The conferences in question, which took place last year, cost anywhere between $3 million to $9 million, resources that could have been better spent providing health care and benefits to our veterans. I am troubled that with this amount of spending there seems to be a lack of oversight at the VA. We seem to be once again faced with a situation where VA management seems to be asleep at the switch.
“I am hopeful that an important provision in a bill enacted last week (P.L. 112-154) requiring quarterly reports to the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs detailing VA expenditures for conferences will assist us in working with the VA to make sure that these questionable activities surrounding last year’s conferences do not happen again.
“I am awaiting the full VAOIG report next month and will work closely with my colleagues on the Committee to fashion an appropriate response to ensure that the department charged with caring for our veterans puts the needs of our veterans first.”

During the worst economic period since the Great Depression is your organization spending money on conferences like this?

Chart from Congressional Investigation into VA Conference Spending Shows Some "Fuzzy" Math

Chart from Congressional Investigation into VA Conference Spending Shows Some “Fuzzy” Math

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In the event that you have a Veterans Administration medical malpractice claim, you should immediately seek representation from an attorney who is experienced with litigating medical malpractice cases against the Veterans Administration or the VA. medical malpractice information for the veterans administration

23 thoughts on “Fraud & Waste at the VA

  1. They need to investigate the VA Northern CA HCS for fraud, waste and abuse of power. Too many incidents to even think about!

  2. I love VA Hospitals, they have been good to me. Specially VA Hospital Fresno CA

    However I and sick and tired of the Abuse from the Veterans Administration Oakland, CA and I decided to fight back myself. YOU JUDGE HOW I AM DOING

    Go to Goggle and type in the following:

    ” Veterans Administration Oakland, CA ”

    Click on images and what do you see? My posters and I am fighting back at VA and for all of the Veterans who are being abused by backlogged claims

    Did you know that VA Oakland CA fired a VA Employee named Jamie Fox who went the extra mile to help this Veteran who was abused by VA
    and guess what?
    VA OAKLAND CA FIRED HER.. This is how much VA cares for you Veterans. JOIN ME IN FIGHTING BACK

    • You are right on the money buddy ! You’re like the Martin Luther King of the American Veterans.
      After seeing the way veterans have been treated, it kinda makes you wonder if it’s worth at all to still be ” Patriotic “.
      Many have come back to see their homes have been forclosed on, also finding that their old jobs that were suppose to had been waiting for them when they returned , not theirs any longer.
      I’m with you all the way brother.


        Jerry Ballard USNRet
        1767 Eastbrook Ave Tulare, CA 93274 (559) 303-0142


        REFERENCE Last Four (Removed)
        Following letter addresses my Medical Care at VA Tulare, CA and Fresno, CA as well as my current open claim over 5 years old

        (Following is a courtesy and request for action)


        (1) VA Clinic 1050 N Cherry St Tulare CA 93274 (2) VA Hospital 2615 E Clinton Ave, Fresno, CA 93703, CA (3) Senator Dianne Feinstein, Washington DC Office (4) Congressmen Devin Nunes, Washington DC Office (5) Veterans Affairs, Both Oakland and Washington DC Offices
        (6) FOLLOWING MEDIA:
        (7) KMPH FOX 26, 5111 E McKinley Ave, Fresno, CA 93727 (8) KFSN Fresno ABC CH 30 ACTION NEWS 1777 G Street
        Fresno, CA
        (9) FOX NEWS 1211 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY
        (10) Visalia Times Delta P. O. Box 31 330 N. West Street
        Visalia, California 93279
        (11) Fresno Bee 1626 E Street Fresno, CA 93786

        ***** 6 PAGE LETTER SENT OUT *******

        Jerry Ballard USNRet
        1767 Eastbrook Ave Tulare, CA 93274 Cell (559)303-0142
        As you know, recent National media has been reporting about the Veterans administration’s “Secret list of Veterans” who are being denied Medical care, and as well as appointments. Further Veterans Administration Washington DC is paying out bonuses to those VA Hospitals that reduce their scheduling.
        This letter was written because I am a victim of multiple abuses by the Veterans Administration in Oakland, CA as well as denied the right to see my Primary Care Doctor at the VA Out-patient Clinic in Tulare, CA, and the falsifying of my Medical Records by the Pension Exam Doctor at VA Hospital Fresno, CA which directly effected my ability to get Social Security Disability as a result of the Doctor I will name in this letter, as well as my 100% from VA who by the way ignores my medical problems. Yes, I will name in this letter that Doctor and I wish to explain how I am being abused, but first I would like to describe how I received my injuries on active duty and how it is effecting my personal health.
        Further, I am a victim of massive abuse by VA, and well as 1.1 Million other veterans who are waiting for their disability claims but in my case, I have an open claim from 2009 which is currently well over 5 years and I am still waiting to get my Non-employability status because of my disabilities. Currently I am rated at 50% and I have not worked in three years because of my disability
        In 1996, while on Active Duty attached to the USS Anchorage LSD-36, while serving as a Navy photographer. Whiling going to the Signal Bridge from the Bridge on the Portside, I fell 15 feet, doing a complete flip and landing on my face on a hard skidded metal deck and rolling over. The Captain, as well as the Exec. Officer were both eye witnesses and later informed me how I received those injuries. The fall I still do this day do not remember other then coming too.
        The injury resulted in back problems, as well as having to have surgery on my nose because I broke all the bones in my nose, Broke two ribs, messed up my wrist and nerve damage in my arms, legs, ankles , and feet.
        I was in sickbay for 7 weeks. Upon return from our Overseas deployment, I went to physical therapy and returned to active duty where in 1998 I retired having completed 20 years of active duty service.
        Since 1998 I have been fighting VA for my rating of disability for my ankles and feet but to this day, April 2014 I have yet to be rated for that as well as Nerve damage which was tested at VA Hospital in October 2013 and the report stated I have 30% nerve damage, as well as lower back pain, including attacks that have resulted me falling to the ground because of the pain. I have been to Physical Therapy in 2012 at the Sport and Spine clinic in Visalia CA through the Naval Hospital at NAS Lemoore, and also Back school in 2013 at VA Hospital Fresno, CA
        Further, I have a sleeping disorder and I have had that for ten years but it was not until 2014 that I was finely tested and received a machine with a mask to use at night. On the average I was getting 4 hours sleep nightly. The medication I currently take for back pain prevents me from driving and combined with the inability to have energy during the day because of the lack of sleep I am not able to work.
        Further I messed up my wrist and ended having Surgery for Carpal Tunnel to my right wrist which currently I have weakness and can not pick up anything over 5 or 10 pounds and even then I have wrist pain still but VA will not increase my disability
        My background is Retail as a navy Ship’s Serviceman, but I also served as a photographer. I had to stop working in 2011 because of my back and swollen feet for which VA and Social Security continues to deny me while I worked for 40 years and put into the social security system, when you need it, you can’t get it because it was a government scam from the very conception and only certain “People” get it
        Enough with my soapbox,
        NOW THEN, When I had a Pension exam for my back at the VA Hospital Fresno on December 15th, 2008 by the following Doctor Martin Lauber who gave me that exam for my back
        When I had that exam, Dr. Martin Lauber told me to crouch on the balls of my feet. I told him that I could not because of my back and he yelled at me demanding that I get down. When I attempted to do so, I told him I was in pain and he said stay like that for a few minutes and then I could get up.
        In the report he stated I was fine and he is a two faced lying sack of dog dung that does not serve the Veteran but rather the VA Administration in Oakland, CA so that Veterans can’t get the disability they deserve and Doctors like him is the reason that Veterans are dying across the country as a result of Totally Piss Poor Quality Health care by VA Hospitals, like the recent Media reports in Phoenix, AZ and Washington DC.
        FURTHER social Security used that report against me to deny me my social security disability. Dr. Martin Lauber is an idiot and a bad Doctor.
        IN ANOTHER PENSION EXAM, For my dermatitis, which I received as a direct result of faulty gloves when I was working as a Navy Photographer in the Darkroom while attached to the USS Prairie AD-15, I came into contact with the silvardene and other developing fluids that resulted in my dermatitis . Long story short, I got that in 1983
        At a pension exam at the VA Hospital Fresno CA, The Pension exam doctor told me to my face that I was a liar and that I did not have Dermatitis. I told him he was wrong and that If he took the time to look at my medical records he would see the long history I had of that.
        I therefore decided to stop taking my Dapsone for which I have been taking since 1983, and I stopped taking it for one week and I broke out 98% of my body with boils on my knees, buttlocks, elbows, as well as in my head. I ended up going to the emergency Room at VA Hospital Fresno, CA where I explained why I was in the condition I was in and how the Pension exam doctor said I was a liar. That report is fully documented in my Medical Records, and when I got my VA claim the VA Administration in Oakland refused to give me my increase in disability because the VA Pension Exam Doctor was a fraud and a liar and falsified also my medical records. My Derm Doctor at VA Hospital named Dr. Berry acknowledged what I had was indeed Dermatitis and admitted that the Doctor did not know what he was talking about. And this is the type of VA Pension Exam doctors that veterans have to deal with because you have a corrupt and crooked VA administration that (1) Does not give a rats ass about the Veterans,
        (2) They work extra hard to keep Veterans from getting increases so they don’t have to pay them. And while they rob Veterans for their faithful service to their Country, they are screwed by a system that hates veterans. Oh but they can waste millions of Tax dollars to create advertising, and send their unions to Las Vegas for conventions, while American Veterans are dying and if you look at the increases in Medical Mal Practice at VA Hospitals you would be alarmed.

        Not to mention the Shedder Magic and “Pop” a claim disappears in VA’s effort to reduce the massive backlog.
        I am fighting back and I am damn tired of the abuse because I should not have to wait over five years to have my 2009 claim taken care of to get my 100% disability.

        Go to the Goggle search engine and type in the following and click on images:

        (1) Veterans administration Oakland, CA
        (2) Veterans Administration Washington DC
        (3) Veterans Administration Pensacola Fl
        (4) Veterans Administration Fresno, CA
        (5) VA Hospital Fresno
        (6) Veterans administration Dallas TX
        (7) Veterans Administration Phoenix AZ …….ETC……
        Yes I did those
        I have posted Graphics you see, in all 50 states at least 9 times over already and they will stay there until you, VA Oakland stop screwing me and the other Veterans
        Where ever there is a VA Hospital, I will post graphics in a protest against the corruption of the Veterans administration
        I have requested many times to testify before the United States senate or House and tell my story under oath. I still offer to do that anytime you want me to do so
        FURTHER This Letter as well as the cover letter will be posted all over the internet for as many people to read as I can post and will be sent to the VFW, AMVETS, and any other organizations I find that I feel should know what I have written to all of you.
        If the Veterans Administration wants to be corrupt and crooked and give out bonuses to VA Hospitals that deny the veteran from seeing his primary care Doctor, or VA Pension Exam Doctors continue to screw Veterans and deny them the disability they deserve, or through their “SECRET LIST” TO PREVENT VETERANS FROM RECEIVING THE HEALTHCARE THEY DESERVE, I will continue to post on the internet, Contact all of the National Media as well as Senators and congressmen until someone listen and fixes the Damn problem.

        If Veterans administration wants to continue to make my life difficult, and rob me of the disability I deserve, and deny me the right to see my primary Care doctor which I had requested over a month ago in Tulare, CA but they denied me. Then I will continue to do what I am doing now to fight back “ MY WAY”


        Jerry Ballard USNRet

  3. I retired in 1998 and I have been fighting VA in Oakland, CA for 15 years for my disability. Example of one of the many many complaint’s.

    While in the Navy I got Dermatitis herpetiformis while working in the darkroom on the USS Prairie in 1984

    I was given Dapsone to treat it. I have been taking it since. It is so bad at times it covers 85% of my body. MY POINT?

    At a VA Pension exam at VA Hospital in Fresno, CA I was told to my face by the examiner that I was a Liar and that I did not have it although my Medical Records showed I did.

    I stopped taking my Medication for one week and ended up in the Emergency Room and when they asked what happened, I told them my story about how the Examiner called me a liar so I proved my case. I had boils all over my body and yet to date Nov 2013, I am still fighting for my disability rating from VA
    They are all Idiots at VA Oakland and I fell 15 feet from the Signal Bridge on the USS Anchorage, suffering back pain, Nerve damage, reconstruction on my nose, Carpal Tunnel on my wrist, messed up my ankles and feet, can no longer work and VA Oakland refuses to consider the witnesses I have supplied and the over 900 pages of Medical records that they have at their access because they simply do not want to pay out Veterans.

    They would rather see us die so they don’t have to pay out. IF A VA EMPLOYEE IS READING THIS



    This is how I am fighting back America:

    Go to Goggle and type in the following:

    ” Veterans Administration Oakland, CA ”

    and click on images. Those are my posters and I am using the Power of the Internet to fight VA on behalf of other Veterans. I have contacted all of the Major Media outlets to tell my story

    You can reach me at (559) 331-7780

    I am Jerry Ballard USN Ret Tulare, CA

  4. It’s all V.A.s. They are skilled at giving quality attention to a few hand picked Veterans to be their speakers and grapevine to the public. In reality, the only time waste and abuse is dealt with is when a leak brings attention to a problem. The fix is to find away around the problem and not deal with it. They had oodles of nurses and admin making data to say how wonderful care is. They rated Saginaw VA number 2 in the nation for quality and satisfaction! That’s a joke. They treat the veterans like low life. A doctor complained that he has to pay for dental so why shouldn’t they? A provider said they feel they really have only had 2 real actual TBI patients since they have had the TBI program! They work hard to deny care at any angle and tricky wording they can. They say not enough money. They give bonuses for pay for performance and allow the data to come to them unchecked. One provider makes up Veteran blood pressures that allow him to obtain a bonus for for following standards with positive outcomes. Counter staff are so rude to vets, they raise their voice, laugh at them, disrespect and intimidate them. No courtesy calls are made for changes in their provider, they find out when they show up. They say vets deny care offered because it would require them to drive from north of saginaw to Ann Arbor or take a bus for reconditioning cardiac rehab. They elderly man and wife told them they are to old and weak to go so far. That what they called refusing an offered service. Bonuses are given to admin and doctors but outsourcing cardiac rehab to the town this Vet lived in is not allowed. So the data shows sag VA has high marks in providing wanted and needed services because when a pt refuses it’s not the V A fault because they offered it. The providers and nurses and staff (barring a handful). Make bitter comments like, they say the Vets just come as often as possible to get travel pay, that the patients a drug seekers, that they are crazy and so on…..
    They create a data project and make the staff document to give them the info they need. It may not be a lie but it is a waste of time and money because it is usually not why the patIent came to their visit. If providers get add on patients they make them wait as long as possible. The staff is not allowed to refuse a veteran an appointment, so when they show up at a same day appointment they are seen last or not at all. The staff wears blindfolds and collects the benefits and pay one day closer to retirement. The staff is apathetic from seeing that they can not make a difference and speaking out causes retaliation that staff can see to prove the point. Pay for performance is one part of the problem but the culture is unethical. They speak about quality care and love for the vets and show just the opposite. It’s a well organized beauracracy. Important test results are not shared sometimes for months and promised tests are sometimes never ordered. Truly there is not enough time or room on this internet to give the many examples I know about. It’s a crime and the fact that it is not stopped has turned be against our government. I love the Veterans. The V.A. Needs to be abolished and their care integrated into private sector with real over site!

  5. My name is Natalie Carnegie. I am the daughter of Mr. Joseph Carnegie (Korean War Veteran). Mr. Carnegie was a formal patient at the James A Haley VA in Tampa, Florida. Covert cameras, VA police harassment, and torture by administration was orchestrated by Kathleen Fogarty, Haley’s Director and Norman Streeter, Nurse Manager. Yet, Fogarty is the same director (henchman) who was handpicked and sent to Phoenix as a Phoenix VISN DIRECTOR to clear up the scandals.

    Fogarty maliciously utilized a covert camera to spy and retaliate against our family after we reported legitimate healthcare concerns relevant to the safety of our father. Covert cameras were maliciously placed in our Fisher House room and our father’s hospital room. Nurses constantly complained to families about the hospital’s critical understaffing.

    Fogarty has not been punished or held accountable for her incompetent leadership. Fogarty was exonerated after she assisted in the cooking of the OIG investigation. Fogarty was allowed to handpick the VA coerced employees to testify to the OIG. She coerced the staff and bribed them with lunch, drinks, and broken promises to save their own career. Fogarty is disrespectfully sent to the Phoenix VA to cover up yet another scandal. This is insulting and a slap in the face to mankind. Most importantly, it’s blatant disrespect to the lives that were lost prematurely.

  6. How creative – “WASTE” Yoo hooo, they’re making illegal purchases. Why such a perilous jump to see and find THEFT, stealing of public funds? Yo ho, it’s not sand leaked and blown. Someone’s profiting.



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