My Statement on the release of the Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters

A lot of people have been asking me (the creator of the Lego Ideas Ghostbusters HQ project submitted on that reached 10k and was rejected – more pictures)  and Brent Waller (the creator of the Ecto-1 LEGO ideas project) what’s the deal with the official released „75827 Lego Ghostbuster Firehouse Headquarters“ and what’s our relationship to it.

The answer is unfortunately none.

I also get a lot of messages from people congratulating me for something that has unfortunately nothing to do with me. That’s why I want to make a statement here:

I am really happy about the release so please don’t get me wrong but i’am also very very disappointed that Lego didn’t contact me or Brent about that. For me this feels like a wrong and unfair move from such a professional company.

In June 2015 i met the Lego Ideas guys in Denmark, which was awesome, but they didn’t mention anything which feels wrong and hurts especially after those great conversations we had.

Meeting with the Lego Ideas Team & Designer Marcos Bessa and Adam Corbally

Meeting with the Lego Ideas Team & Designer Marcos Bessa and Adam Corbally (June 2015)

After I heard about the release from several people and posts I decided to contact Lego for an explanation. And guys I know very well the rules, policies and other stuff like that. Therefore I wrote them that I am very well aware of security issues (leaks etc.) in Product Developments and go-to-market.

Signing an additional NDA wouldn’t have been a problem for me. I have to use such contracts in my daily business.

This was part of the answer Lego give me:

We debated whether to share this news with you early during your visit to Billund in June, however we chose not to do so in accordance with our confidentiality policy. You’re correct in noting that we could have employed an NDA, and we sincerely regret not making the extra effort to share the confidential news of the upcoming set.

75827 Firehouse Headquarters was developed independently of any LEGO Ideas submission depicting the firehouse, and is a result of the ongoing relationship we have with SONY Pictures. Our LEGO designers planned and created the set by referencing the Ghostbusters film and through collaboration with the studio.

LEGO Ideas Guidelines state that projects based on current LEGO licenses are likely to be similar to concepts already in our product pipeline. By agreeing to our Guidelines and submitting a project, LEGO Ideas members acknowledge that any overlap or coincidence is unintentional; and that our pre-existing product pipeline supersedes fan-submitted LEGO Ideas projects. See specific guidelines here. We appreciate that your note is based less on this question and more around the fact that we didn’t share with you that it was already in development.

As a gesture of our sincere regret for not making the right effort to share this news with you in advance, we would like to send you a gift copy of 75827 Firehouse Headquarters when it releases in January.

I am okay with the understanding of Lego and of course the gift.

Nevertheless, it leaves a bitter taste when I look at both buildings next to each other and I see a lot of similarities.
In particular considering that we both built a hybrid between both Ghostbusters movies. This seems too much of a coincidence to me.
Taking inspirations from other constructions and making them better or a own version is nothing wrong and I support this. My sources of inspiration were: Brent Waller & Dr.Dave W. which I contacted in advance, before i built it.

left: Sergio's GB HQ right: Lego's GB HQ

left: Sergio’s GB HQ right: Lego’s GB HQ

Of course, I do not know the interior yet. I hope it’s better and different than mine. I know that Marcos Bessa is the Designer of the HQ and he is making a good job.

Nevertheless I would be more than happy with a little mention on the instruction booklet, nothing big (no images and big text) only a little „thanks to… swissgb, sergio etc…“ or something like that in a corner of the last site of the booklet… I think after that I can let it rest and Lego have made me more than happy.

But the reality is, that will never happen. Everything will get forgotten and Lego has the success. I already wrote Lego about this matter and i’m still waiting for an answer at the time of this writing.

And that leads me, a long time AFOL and GB-Fan, to the decision to never again post something on Lego Ideas. I’ve done a lot of free promotion for lego, spreading this out to a lot of communitys and fan-portals. The time I’ve spent to promote the project, I would have spend differently next time.

— Sergio

At the Lego Museum, Billund (DK)

At the Lego Museum, Billund (DK – June 2015)

Edit (2015-11-10 – 09:15):

Thanks to all for your comments, mails and support.
I’d like to stress that my statement isn’t mainly about the similarities between these two buildings. For me, it boils down to a communication problem or bad interactions with the submitters in general. They just could have told me when I met them, but they didn’t. Also it is about the whole efforts, free PR & market research for Lego I did, spreading this project on a lot of communitys and blogs, a little mention on the instruction booklet is really not too much to ask for. – Sergio

Edit (2015-11-11 – 17:38):

This is the answer we got from Lego about our last mail:

Thanks for your message. We understand your feelings and fully acknowledge that you have put you brilliant building skills and a lot of effort into creating a very fine design. We hope you will understand that the LEGO Ideas team is acting in accordance with the terms and conditions stated on the LEGO Ideas site.

As we have already stated, 75827 Firehouse Headquarters was developed independently of any of the several LEGO Ideas submissions that include the Ghostbusters firehouse, as part of our ongoing relationship with SONY Pictures. Our LEGO designers planned and created the set solely by referencing the Ghostbusters film and through collaboration with the studio.

The Ghostbusters firehouse is a real building and an iconic object in the Ghostbusters films, so it is natural that our design will look similar to other models that also reference the films to re-create the same building at similar scales, using the same available LEGO bricks. As you know, in addition to your project, LEGO Ideas received several submissions of the Ghostbusters firehouse, including the original project that yielded 21108 Ghostbusters ECTO-1. Naturally these models look similar to each other for the same reason we stated above.

The LEGO Ideas guidelines state: “there is a possibility your projects and our own new product development will unintentionally overlap,” and “If the LEGO Group introduces a product similar to an idea submitted on LEGO Ideas you understand and acknowledge that any coincidence is unintentional and release the LEGO Group against any claims of infringement.”

Since your email, public posts and comments have cast doubt on this and you have both directly and publicly asked for credit, we must be clear: 75827 Firehouse Headquarters is not a LEGO Ideas product, it has been planned and developed independently by the LEGO Group and our studio partner. As a result, no LEGO Ideas submission featuring a Ghostbusters firehouse model will be credited.

We hope you can understand our position. Despite 75827 Firehouse Headquarters not being a part of the LEGO Ideas portfolio, we are happy to see the many LEGO and Ghostbusters fans around the world who have shared their enthusiasm for being able to build and play with this iconic building from the Ghostbusters films.

In closing, on behalf of the LEGO Ideas team we do regret this unfortunate situation and we will consider making adjustments to the LEGO Ideas experience to prevent similar misunderstandings based on what we have learned.

Edit (2015-11-14 – 08:26):

First of all, thank you all for sharing your personal opinion and added comments.

There´s something I would add regarding any comparison of the two buildings:

The main problem of the whole issue was and still is the standardized communication of the Lego company or in other words not satisfying conditions for competition. Such declarations of intent raise a serious need to review the rules of the Lego Ideas project in general, in order to prevent further problems with disappointed fans, supporters and the world wide Lego community.

In order to take a closer look in detail about a potential similarity once more, I’ll share my point of view:

To say „…It’s a real iconic building, and the inspirations are taken, in cooperation with Sony, from the movies, so of course ours is similar to yours…“ is definitely not the solution! Okay, maybe for the outer – but the major not negligible fact is, that we are talking about a similarity of a fictional placement of the interior, which has my very personal imagination right at the heart of concept. Hint: In the movies, you only see 2 Floors (and basement) in the firehouse and there is no 3th upper floor. But, you can see that from the outside, it has to be a third floor, this is because I add a 3th fictional upper floor interior in my Lego project, what it no longer makes very accurate to the movies but better for the model. This is the reason why I wonder about the room-layout of floor 2 and 3, because nevertheless, it is not possible to simply dismiss this striking huge similarity: The big kitchen, pool table on the 3th and not 2th floor as in the movie, Egon’s Lab also on the 3th floor, containment-unit places etc. – all that is not placed in this form in the movies and can therefore only be fictionally built. This seems too much of a coincidence to me.

Here you can find some more facts about the interior placement of the GB HQ: (scroll down to see pictures).

Again I would like to clarify and point out that I’m talking about finding inspiration and not about stealing ideas etc… (there is nothing wrong about adhering to any source of inspiration).
And that’s why a little mention on the instruction booklet would have been nice and really not too much to ask for. That’s why in my business (Movie Productions) you show long credit lists at the end and simply include everyone. Even if it’s just a thank you, because the person has contributed something – no matter if it was a little bit or a little bit more…

I might be wrong too about this whole comparison thing.
I don’t know what else to say and believe myself after all this hassle I had during the past days.

As I have already stated out: Everything will get forgotten out there and Lego has the success. For me, it will remain just a bitter taste which won’t be forgotten for a quiet long time.

Anyway, I am truly looking forward for all those who really wanted a Ghostbusters HQ and I wish everyone great fun while building it. As a big Ghostbusters Fan I am of course also very happy about the release (Our dreams and wishes came true.), this revives the Ghostbusters franchise a bit more. – Sergio

Our Lego Ghostsbusters Firehouse Headquarters

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  1. andrew says:

    Hi Sergio,

    After reading your story and statement regarding the upcoming Firehouse, I also feel very sad about what happened to your project.
    Although they give you a free one, it does not mean, your hard work is paid just for $350…and still you have to build it from scratch with their own idea..not yours.
    Like you said, even hurt your feelings to see twin firehouse..(which one is the evil twin? hehe).

    About coincidence you mentioned, this also makes me think how dirty business we do face nowadays. Hope they give you credits for what you deserved rather than $350 evil twin firehouse set. They sacrificed your project, because of conflict, they also built and in the end they also have to pay the salaries for the worker. Can’t dump it, right after so many funds in it.

    By the way, I have to tell you why I encourage myself to comment here. How it started I mean. Firstly, I’m not a lego nuts, I own only 2 sets, simpson’s. And then, few days ago, I came across with the news of the firehouse. I didn’t feel bothered that time, until my friend tempting me to collect it also, in the future. Okay, but have to check the inside first, interesting or not. Alas, no inside photos yet, still in secret under their wrap. Googling, i found yours as references.and then googling more yesterday, I just knew that there is a place name lego ideas (I’m very newbie about lego and etc). And your project in it also, noticed that u passed the 10k supporters. But then failed in the last review check. I confused…how come…why?
    then finally found your blog, this one, n read it everything (with my limited english).
    I realize now, oh no, and don’t feel right abot purchasing it. Shame to be honest, if I buy that new firehouse. Especially still no inside view yet. Why not openly showing to public, since it’s already in the catalog..right?
    Man, I don’t want to be milked this time. Still have to feed my family though. $350 is very big amount, here.

    Well that’s all first,
    keep the good work, hope you are not sick with these Lego. Live a good life as you wanted.

    Great job, what a piece of art you made, a true master builder you are!


      • Christian says:

        Hi Sergio,
        Been a big Lego fan myself, and also having the Echo-1 I was waiting for your idea of the headquarters to become reality. But without any mention of you.
        So, I still want the set, and wish to instead purchase it from you Sergio! So if you could if possible send me your email so we can come up with a deal?

  2. Michael says:

    This makes a bad taste to the whole LEGO IDEAS project.

    I do understand that there is a problem if LEGO is working on a project similar to one at LEGO IDEAS but they have to handle this in any way but NOT like this!

    I do not believe that your project did not affect the LEGO project.

    It is just not OK, like they treated you!
    Even if your project did not affect them, you did a Market research for them. They have to mention you!!!

    I can never look again at the LEGO IDEAS site without a bad taste.

    You did a great job!!!

    • SwissGB says:

      Thank you very much for your comment and reading my statement.
      I think Ideas would work more in future if Lego would make some changes in communication and specify more the rules so projects can be blocked from Lego in advance if they will have no future. In my case, apparently they knew it even more than one and a half years ago, I published my project in March 2014.

  3. Vince2000 says:

    Hi Sergio,

    Sorry for my bad english.

    I appreciate your creation which is one of my favorite Lego set and having built mine (with a lot of difficulties) is one of my greatest prides.

    After the annoucement of the official GHQ Lego set, my first idea was to check your website, to see your statement about this set. In my mind, I was thinking Lego contacted you to finally produce your set (with some variations). I mentionned on french Hothbrick lego blog my worries about this situation, and reality is worse than I thought.

    Lego company makes me totally sick. Shame on it, andI’m not sure Lego’s behavior is legal. Maybe you should seek advice from a good lawyer (but not Saul, please!)…a petition against Lego could be a good alternative…

    I wish you the best and thank you a lot for your work.

    • SwissGB says:

      Thank you very much for reading and support this project. As you say already, In this case it is not better to call Saul 😉 but to tell the story. So we give even big companys a change to still improve the way they communicate and deal with the longtime fans.

  4. Jeff says:

    First, let me say how impressed I am by your version of the Firehouse. I’ve had your page bookmarked for months thinking about how I was going to build this project. And when I saw LEGO’s announcement, I thought for sure it was based on your design. So I will admit to being shocked to hear that it was „independently“ designed and that it wasn’t at all based on yours.

    But. As a lawyer and someone who deals with intellectual property on a daily basis, it’s also not completely foreign. The LEGO Ideas concept is fairly unique industry-wide. I’m not aware of any other company that actively solicits ideas from its customers in such a blatant manner. In fact, most specifically say that they do not want anyone to send them anything – in an attempt to prevent claims of intellectual property ownership. (Weird Al is a great example… the rumor is that he has someone screen his fan mail so he doesn’t EVER even see someone’s song or lyric suggestions.)

    As a business guy yourself, I would hope that this wouldn’t put you off developing new projects. Perhaps instead of doing it for LEGO, though, you simply go the route of Chris McVeigh and sell your plans as kits? This way, your great work can still be shared with the rest of us mere mortal builders – and you can benefit, too.

    Good luck in the future!

  5. Mr. Bob says:

    Something meant to look like it was out of the movie looks similar to another design meant to look like the same object from the same movie. Shocking. Sometimes there is no conspiracy. It’s not that I do not have issues with Lego lately. The drop in quality, the upwards march in pricing, and the constant shrinking of coupons/sales/etc are irritating to put it lightly, but come on. This is whining at its finest. All it will accomplish is the death of the Ideas program, which after witnessing all the crybabies is probably a mercy killing.

  6. John says:

    Hi Sergio,

    When your design of the firehouse came up on Lego ideas, as my son & I did not hesitate on voting for it, as a Lego set.
    When I first heard and read the news that Lego was going to make 75827 Firehouse Headquarters, I thought for sure this was your creation.
    Then I read your rant on this matter…..I was stunned, Lego knew before hand, „during your visit“ that they wanted to make the firehouse and „not to do so in accordance with our confidentiality policy“.
    Really….“confidentiality policy“, talk about way out of just „robbing you of your idea“ and keeping the money to themselves!!
    I like the way you put it, „a professional company“. Too bad they are not. Lego seems to be „too big for thier britches“ & are only thinking about themselves.
    Then Lego,….wants to rub it into your face,… giving you a free „75827 Firehouse Headquarters“!!!!
    This is really ignorant on thier part… already have one….the firehouse creation that you made!! It looks better then thier Lego set.
    At $399.99 canadian, I can savely say that I will not be buying this Lego set.

    You did an awesome job and 10,000 votes also said you did to!!
    Thank you

    PS. Thanks for your design on the „Ecto-1“, my son enjoys playing with it!!

    • SwissGB says:

      Thank you very much for the vote, support of the project and the kind words. The Ecto-1 was submitted by Brent Waller as an idea and later designed by Lego Designer „Marcos Bessa“ both have done a very great job. I will gladly pass the compliments to him.

  7. Ivan Angeli says:

    Hi Sergio,

    I am very sorry to hear that such a great thing like Lego bricks made you sad. I always see our help to TLG as effort to make product we love better. So, it seems wrong to me to help, then ask something in return.
    I, for once, think that you should give Lego Ideas another chance, and help even more making this product better for all us fans.
    There is a proverb in my language, saying that one should not hope that his bad deed will go unnoticed, and good deed noticed, also, that a good deed loses 99% of it’s power, if a reward or appreciation is asked.

    Some things we do for money, some for power, others from the goodness of our hearth. It is important to know which is a dominate force while we do something, as, sometimes, they can’t coexist together. In simple word, you can’t be fat and thin in the same time :)

    I support you whole heartedly, and I see reaching of The Lego Company with that reply you noted as a sign of great respect from them to you :) gift also, it’s not about the money, but about appreciations and respect of your time and creativity

    So, make something new, and submit :) I will support you, as you are a great builder, and maybe next project will bring you more. The only difference between successful and unsuccessful person is that the first one don’t give up when obstacles arrive. I do hope of seeing more of your mocs on Lego ideas :)

  8. Will says:

    Hi Sergio,

    I personally don’t think anyone should post concepts on the LEGO IDEAS that are based on other people’s IP.

    For me LEGO is all about creativity and using ones own imagination.

    Unless you own Disney or some such corporation you probably shouldn’t expect to roll with LEGO and SONY and not get squashed.

    You are a great builder and I’m sorry you feel bitter. Please don’t let this spoil your enjoyment of LEGO.

    All the best


  9. Klaas says:

    Hi Sergio,

    It’s a strange story indeed, and I hope it doesn’t spoil your relationship with LEGO as a toy. The company however, mistreated you and your efforts, which is strange to see knowing the company and reading about your relationship with them.

    Hope they still change their mind, the boxes are not printed yet. 😉

    Best regards, Klaas.

  10. TH says:

    I can understand how frustrating this must be. However many comments I’ve seen (elsewhere included) say that they shouldn’t accept sets to Ideas that they (LEGO) already have in the pipeline. That’s an intrinsic problem with a system like this though. If they were to deny those projects from being voted on at all, you could surmise they have something like that being done, info which in turn could be used by competitors. Heck, said competitors could even technically post stuff there to see if it’s being worked. Far-fetched perhaps, but crazier things have happened in the corporate world, I’m sure.

    In your case, as you got to visit the place and all, I’m sure an NDA would’ve taken care of the issue, but I’m not sure adding a binding NDA to the Ideas submission process itself would really help much, at least as far as actual „spies“ are concerned. They could’ve told you about it, it would’ve been fair at that point, I agree on that. Adding a thank you-note though would seem a bit odd, if we consider that Bessa did in fact design the whole official set himself, even if it’s similar (which, at least as far as the exterior of the set is concerned, isn’t that surprising). Offering the set to you for free might not seem like much, but most people who get their ideas rejected in the review process don’t even get that – does everyone even get a visit there like you did? – so that’s still not bad.

    It’s a problematic system for sure, but that it exists in the first place is quite an unique thing.

    • SwissGB says:

      thanks for your opinion much of what you say I’ve also thought and it seems legit. The visit had other reasons and was not only because of the GB HQ.

  11. Joe says:

    Hello Sergio,

    This may turn out to be PR mess for LEGO and has the potential to tarnish the Lego ideas platform and deter future designers from submitting their MOCs to Lego Ideas. Lego should have credited you for the design regardless, if only to ensure the viability and credibility of the program.

    I hope LEGO does the right thing and makes it right (beyond the free gift).

    Good luck.

  12. Nathan says:

    The Lego version does seem very derivative. It could have been independently designed but that does seem unlikely given some of the similarities. If it makes you feel any better, Sergio, I like your version more than Lego’s

  13. Chris says:

    Hi Sergio,

    Severely annoyed with Lego for this and I feel for you. If you remember me contacting you last year, I’ve built your version which to me looks far more sympathetic to the original. Lego should give both you an Brent a hat tip because there are definite similarities. The fact that, as you mention, Lego have created a hybrid of GB and GB2 which also an opening side leaves a true bitter taste in my mouth. I won’t be getting ‚their‘ version as I feel I’ve build an original piece following your instructions down to the last detail.

    I’m sorry to hear that you won’t be posting any more to Lego Ideas but I don’t blame you. However, keep your head held high as you’re an AFOL that choses to challenge and builds fantastic models.

    All the best,


  14. Anio says:

    Hello Sergio,

    TLG’s behaviour is so lame…
    A coincidence. My ass.

    Just look a the 2 models. Who could believe it is a coincidence ?
    There is nothing wrong in using someone else ideas. But giving credit is absolutely essential.

    You are totally right not to post any project on Lego Ideas in the future. It’s been a while I do the same regarding my design.

    I will spread your article on TechLUG. People must know how lame TLG is on this move.

  15. Mike says:

    Of course there would be similarities. They are models of a real building. There are also some differences. You are whining, as if having your name in small print on the back of an instruction manual would be such a big deal.
    If they had asked you sign an NDA it would have ruined your day and you could easily leak the information and LEGO couldn`t really do anything about it since that would bring bad PR.

  16. OttoAuto says:

    It is unfortunate that LEGO was designing a model of the same building/movie set you designed and promoted on their behalf. Like others, when I heard they were going to do the GB HQ, I thought it was the one submitted to IDEAS.

    It seems a bit of a coincidence, but coincidences are more common than people realize. Perhaps it isn’t, but I don’t see any legitimate reason to doubt LEGO.

    I was surprised to learn the fact that LEGO’s own product will have so many more pieces than yours! I’m not sure what benefit the additional parts/size provide, because I thought your model was already larger than something LEGO would produce. I find the size/parts count fact alone, along with the corresponding much higher price point, makes it clear that LEGO did theirs on their own. If anything, the size makes me think that yours made them think twice about reducing the size lest people think they copied yours.

    We’ll never know, but I suspect LEGO would sell more of your version (and generate more profit) because it would be priced probably US $100 less, while still being big enough for ECTO-1.

    I don’t know your motivation for putting your creation on IDEAS, but I think it is a nice work of art, to say the least. If anything, you should use this opportunity for positive purposes. Share your instructions so people can build your version or show us something else fantastic.

  17. Stefan says:

    Hey Serj,

    is there any chance in supporting your project instead of the Lego Ideas set?
    I mean why don´t you sell the packages on your own?
    I tried to gather the parts myself with your list but the import system for the single parts is just buggy and the struggle to go through it all gives me a headache.

    Greetings from Germany

  18. Mark says:

    Hi Sergio,
    First of all let me tell you you did an excellent job with you set, I wish I had the inspirations and skills to develop such a project :-)
    As one of the former coments said you should really consider to release an own mini series of you set (may be a 100 or 200 copies).
    As TLC gave you the written confirmation that both sets were developped individually they should not even be able to sue you.
    And if they then do so they would prove themselves beeing hypocrats. And I hope if this happens there will arise a shitstorm
    on the web that possibly could smash TLC’s sales of their own set to the ground. Even a company loke TLC sometimes has
    to be forced to the awareness that they are not omnipotent and there is no better way to do so in showing them the power we have as consumers.
    May be some one like ME Models or others who have had experience with own commercial projects could help you or assist you in releasing you set, I would be the first to buy one :-) or may be two :-) :-)
    I wish you all the best for the Future and hope you will continue showing the Lego community your great sets but you should do this just on the known Lego fan sites and not on Leo Ideas. If Lego continues this way they may have profited from some good ideas in the meantime but they are driving their own Project (Lego Ideas) to final death.
    Regards from Mark
    (Lego fan for more than 30 years)

  19. Nille says:

    This project was one of the greatest ideas ever on the lego Ideas site. So I was very happy when I heard it would become a set.

    After reading this, I feel very bad for you. This is not fair, and damages the great image, Lego wants to create for itself.

    I probably still buy the set, but it will always be your set for me.

  20. Giuseppe(JEP4BRICK) says:

    Good morning Sergio , personally makes me sad to see that Lego, a large company that grows every day thanks to people like us AFOL , walk over to a project like yours and then after a short time to bring out the official version . seeing the site lego ’s idea seems to me that the project helicarrer , has had a similar fate . and this is not good because if we think about it , if there were no fools like us who spend both money and time to create huge buildings ( sometimes just to see them published on a site or why not like your ecto – 1 made ​​from life ) I tie all this would not have happened only with customers 10 years of age . then with this comment I mean to tell you that I fully agree with your thinking . and I congratulate you for the success of the ecto – 1 and also for the HQ that I’m building . thank you for the work you have done . Giuseppe ( JEP4BRICK ) on instagram .(This of course is just my thoughts and absolutely do not want negative publicity from Lego . AFOL respect)

  21. ilev says:

    To be honest. I must have been clear to everyone, posting his or her ideas on that IDEAS Page, that the only goal for LEGO was to collect ideas for trends and collecting creativity and constructions ideas. Soon after changing from cuuso to ideas, it was clear, that IDEAS Sets are limited by the amount of stones. As we all can see, LEGO has a problem in inventing ideas for own sets. If you compare the set 7897 and 60051. Or 7939 and 60098. Or …. or… or. LEGO getting a more snobby Company with increasing earnings. You also can see, that they cut off a whole group of LEGO Train fans by ignore them. And exactly this attitude of the LEGO Company will bring them in trouble again. They underestimate the crowd of Adults (having the money) collecting and building LEGO. Not only for 10 years (6-16). AFOLS are customers for 50 years. With giving some crumb to you – hoping all is done they showing the real face of the company. Maximize the result by the end of the year.

  22. Aaron says:

    „LEGO Ideas received several submissions of the Ghostbusters firehouse, including the original project that yielded 21108 Ghostbusters ECTO-1.“

    Lol, get a lawyer dude. They are totally trying to screw all the Ideas submitters. Lego got the Ghostbusters license after Brent put in the design for Ecto-1 and the Firehouse, sold the car and are now trying to worm their way out that they totally had the Firehouse idea separately to the submission that caused them to get the license in the first place. If your Firehouse design was submitter even earlier you have a chance in court.

    „World’s largest toy manufacturer steals ideas for fans“

  23. Robert "Paul Feig told me to go f*** myself" Cassidy says:

    Sergio, I think we should all be very clear what has happened here.

    If Lego really had made the decision to do a Firehouse after the Ecto-1, they must have known that when you submitted yours and it got the required votes. Would it really have been a problem then to say that it was yours that got approved if it was being made one way or the other? On the face of it, no. But it should be obvious that what happened was Lego had already worked out the retail cost of such a set, and decided that your compensation % as a result of such a high retail price was an amount too big to give to a Lego Ideas contributor. So they rejected yours. That they’ve then *clearly* copied yours makes it even worse. I see they are playing the ‚It’s a real building so of course ours is similar to yours‘ card – trouble is we’re talking about the similarity of the fictitious/hypothetical interior. Of course we only have Lego’s word a set was in development – the similarities in design suggests that they hadn’t done any design work until your submission…. That they then made sure you didn’t hear about the set during your visit is about as underhanded as you can get and suggests they knew they were doing wrong. The offer of a free set is part PR move and part guilty conscience. however it also suggests that they aren’t that sure of their legal position – if they weren’t obliged to give you anything and knew they could back that up legally, they wouldn’t give you anything then would they?

    As I said, the free set is part PR move…shame it won’t work on anyone elae except yourself. Lego have now undermined the whole Lego Ideas project and there’s no way they can undo that. What they’ve done is set a precedent for ‚Submit your idea, if it gets enough support, we’ll reject it and then several months later announce our own *independently developed* version so we don’t have to give you shit…there’s the T&C’s we’re covered“. Thinking about it logically, they’d obviously planned for this when they wrote that ltttle clause…this was always going to happen, it was just a matter of when (and if this had been a $40-50 retail set, I doubt this would have happened on this occasion…I honestly think the cost and how much they’d have to give you has been the motivation) but now that it HAS happened, people are going to think twice before submitting to Lego Ideas. I’ve been working on a set I was going to submit, one I know full well would be lucky to get 500 votes and has ZERO chance at getting to retail, just for the sake of doing it and having it on the site…now I don’t think I’ll bother, I’ll use other sites to show it off.

    Sergio, what they’ve done is not right…and giving you a credit in the book iat least would have been the right thing to do, but sadly the reason that’s not happening is because they’ve already printing and packaging for January. It’d cost them to change it now. But if it’s any consolation, your story is out there and people will share it. I remember showing people your model when you submitted it and they were all impressed; now whenever I hear the official set mentioned, I’ll be sure to tell that person your tale.

    Thank-you, Sergio, because no matter what Lego are saying, YOU are responsible for this set coming to stores, and we all know it. You’ve done a man’s job, sir!

    All the best,

    Robert M. Cassidy, AKA the most hated man in GB fandom right now 😉 (or at least the ones so desperate for a new GB movie they’ll accept any old crap Sony throw at their feet)

  24. Naturgewalt says:

    Fairplay at LEGO?
    Hallo liebes Lego Team,
    Ich habe eine Frage zum neuen GB Firehouse HQ:
    Persönlich habe ich meinem Sohn erst letzten Monat LEGO im Wert von Rund 200CHF geschenkt (zu seinem Geburtstag) und daher habe ich ein persönliches Interesse daran zu erfahren ob LEGO ein Unternehmen ist, das Fairplay im Business zeigt.
    Das neue Set sieht ganz nett aus, vor allem finde ich gut, dass es sich nach vorne öffnen lässt wie ein klassisches Puppenhaus…!
    Abegsehen davon habe ich es auch mit dem Haus von Sergio Herencias ( verglichen, welcher seine Interpretation ja auch bei euch im Lego Ideas Projekt eingereicht hatte. Soweit ich das persönlich beurteilen kann ist die Anordnung der Räume ja nicht identisch mit derer im Film (…) und deckt sich sehr mit dem im Lego Ideas eingereichten Projekt von Sergio Herencias. Schliesslich ist das ganze ja fiktional!
    Ich kann auch aus den ganzen Einträgen in diversen Foren von GB Fans herauslesen, dass ich nicht die Einzige bin, die sich ein wenig wundert über die frappante Ähnlichkeit.
    Ich darf einen Herrn Robert Cassidy zitieren, welcher das ganze gut auf den Punkt bringt:
    “ I see they are playing the ‚It’s a real building so of course ours is similar to yours‘ card – trouble is we’re talking about the similarity of the fictitious/hypothetical interior. Of course we only have Lego’s word a set was in development – the similarities in design suggests that they hadn’t done any design work until your submission…. That they then made sure you didn’t hear about the set during your visit is about as underhanded as you can get and suggests they knew they were doing wrong. The offer of a free set is part PR move and part guilty conscience. however it also suggests that they aren’t that sure of their legal position“
    Selbstverständlich habe ich auch euer Statement gelesen und dennoch bleiben einige Fragen offen.
    Ist LEGO ein Unternehmen, das fähig ist falsches Handeln offen zuzugeben?
    Ist LEGO ein Unternehmen, das FAIRPLAY gegenüber Fans GROSS SCHREIBT?
    Ist LEGO hier ein PR „Missgeschick“ passiert?
    Ist LEGO ein Unternehmen, das eine gewisse Profitgier an den Tag legt und somit eventuell auch mal die ursprünglichen Ideengeber und deren Kreationen übergeht?
    Ist LEGO heute nach Evaluierung des gesamten Projektes und der ganzen Geschehnisse breit Sergio Herencias angemessen zu akkreditieren? Wenn ja, in welcher Form wird dies geschehen? Profitbeteiligung? Namentliche Nennung in allen Online Katalogen und allen Webseiten? In den Anleitungsheftchen zum jeweiligen Bausatz?
    Ich freue mich auf eure Antwort!
    Liebe Grüsse

  25. Damiano Baldini says:

    Dear Sergio,
    As LEGO Fan, I also forget, sometimes, that „they“ are a Business Company and their primary goal is to make money.
    All right, but „they“ have always had „a style“ and this filth I don’t expect, from them.

    Also I have started to suggest to my members to NOT publish more new projects on LEGO IDEAS until TLG does not change its attitude.

    The wonderful thing to do would be MASS BOYCOTT the purchase of the set, but I highly doubt that we can overcome the compulsion of many AFOLs …

    I feel so close to you right now.
    I din’t buy it
    Damiano Baldini

  26. Tyler says:

    I would have normally bought this set, but after witnessing this debacle I will definitely take my money elsewhere. I encourage others to do the same.

    I strongly encourage you to discuss this with a lawyer to explore your options.

    Shame on TLG.

  27. Dave says:


    That last email just reeks of their legal team. If they could just provide internal documents proving it was being developed in house at the same time that would be enough, I would think. It’s so nice that they throw customer service to the curb to protect their collective asses


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