Amos: Training and Care Make a Lifesaving Difference

Amos: Training and Care Make a Lifesaving Difference

A boil on a young son’s chest wouldn’t normally receive much notice, but it set off alarm bells for Amos’ dad. “I saw a poster about Buruli ulcer,” he explains. “When I saw the swelling on Amos’ chest, I suspected Buruli ulcer because the poster said that’s how it begins.”

In the battle against this cruel flesh-eating disease, awareness and early detection are key. Thousands of people are affected by it every year — more than 50 percent of whom are kids under the age of 15.

Training doctors and parents to recognize the early signs of the disease is vital to curing Buruli ulcer. Your gifts help provide training — including educational materials like the poster Amos’ father saw — and also cover the costs of treatment.

Amos received surgery and care at a local hospital in Ghana. He has a scar, and village children tease him about it. But his wound has healed completely and now he’s in perfect health.

“If I had not seen that poster, I would have thought it was just a boil,” his father says. “It likely would have spread across his abdomen. My son could have ended up bent over like the pictures on the posters.”

Amos could have faced a life of pain, disfigurement and social rejection. Instead, he is a healthy and happy young boy with a bright future ahead of him, just as God intended! Donate now to provide life-changing treatment for a child like Amos.