Oliver Wyman’s New Chief Medical Officer Says He’s Ready to Leave Traditional Healthcare Behind

Oliver Wyman Chief Medical Officer Bruce Hamory Source: Health Affairs

Source: Health Affairs

Americans who worry that the new models of healthcare delivery will lead to worse care for all are missing a key point, says Dr. Bruce Hamory, the new chief medical officer of the Health & Life Sciences practice of the consulting firm Oliver Wyman and a longtime pioneer of patient-centric care. “I’ve worked under the traditional model, and I’ve worked under new care models, and I’d never go back,” says Dr. Hamory, who joined Oliver Wyman this summer. “In traditional medicine, you’re mostly in the dark about the patient’s total health situation, you’re forced to manage complex chronic diseases with short office visits, and you’re expected to practice body-part medicine and patch people up when they’re ill. In consumer-centric, value-based care, you have access to more information about the patient, you’re working with protocols that guide you to the most effective care, and you are a member of a multi-disciplinary team that brings different skills and perspectives to do what really counts—keep people from getting sick in the first place by focusing on the whole range of their medical and psychosocial needs.”

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