HealthBuzz: UK Personalized Healthcare, Diabetes Telehealth, OhioHealth & Time Warner Team Up +

healthbuzz1The UK has launched “personalized healthcare” into the general lexicon with the announcement of a major commitment to provide all patients with online access to their GP records, viewed through approved apps and digital platforms, by 2015. National leaders expressed the goal of wanting to offer access to all health records – held not only by GPs but also by hospitals, community, mental health, and social care services – by 2018. In just four years, the initiative aims to grant patients access to their health records at the click of a button, detailing every visit to the GP and hospital, every prescription, test results, and adverse reactions and allergies to drugs. Patients will also be able to record their preferences and thoughts alongside official medical notes and special programs will address the needs of new mothers, paramedics, and others. Said Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt in a statement: “I want the NHS to be a world class showcase of what innovation can achieve. Today’s plan sets out how we can give patients 21st century, personalised healthcare.” Learn more here. In other health innovation news:


  • “A regulatory environment that encourages provider organizations to pilot new approaches to patient engagement, including innovative financial and other incentives, could be a starting point for innovation in patient engagement,” suggest Brookings Institution researchers in a recent post.

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ICYMI: This RWJF Pioneering Ideas podcast covers nurses innovating at the bedside, alternative marketplaces and up-cycling impacts on community health, and the data initiative Visualizing Health plus highlights from the TED 2014 master class led by Iodine founder Thomas Goetz.


The SocioNeeds Index from Healthy Communities Institute is designed to simplify the task of identifying those who could benefit most from supportive health and social programs. The index uses an interactive map where visitors can identify which zip codes in their community have the highest level of socioeconomic need compared to their region and the United States. See it in action on New York’s North Country Health Compass site here.

Source: North Country Health Compass

10.24.14 HealthBuzz: Castlight Offers Doctor on Demand, Healthspek Platform, UberHEALTH +

healthbuzz1Castlight Health announced Doctor On Demand’s Video Visits with board-certified physicians are now available through Castlight’s Enterprise Healthcare Cloud to employers that work with both companies. Castlight helps large businesses control healthcare spending and employees understand costs and likely outcomes. Doctor On Demand, available in 46 states, allows patients to connect to board-certified doctors who use the Video Visits to diagnose, treat, and write prescriptions. Many employers are now subsidizing Video Visits as part of their health plans. In other health innovation news:

8.11.14 HealthBuzz: TelePharm Expands, PicnicHealth Delivers, UW Health Partnership +

healthbuzz7The Des Moines Register reports that Iowa entrepreneurship leader John Pappajohn and state Board of Regents President Bruce Rastetter have invested a total of $2.5 million in Iowa City-based TelePharm. CEO Roby Miller told the paper he started the company two years ago when his family had to close two pharmacies serving rural Iowans. According to the company website, TelePharm uses cloud-based architecture to “establish pharmacy services in underserved communities where a traditional pharmacy is not economically viable.” With TelePharm, pharmacists can remotely verify prescriptions and counsel patients from any store. Rastetter told the Des Moines Register: “It’s an entrepreneur who said, ‘I saw a problem and I want to clean it up.’ You can see he’s the right guy. He’s already beyond the early stage so it’s a nice deal.” In other health innovation news:

8.1.14 HealthBuzz: Aussie Telehealth Deal, Johns Hopkins Eye Disease Spinout, Yo Patient Messaging +

healthbuzz1Australia’s largest not-for-profit private health insurer, HCF, has announced the “largest ever rollout of a telemonitoring program in Australia,” in partnership with global well-being improvement company, Healthways, and Telstra. The strategic partnership is designed to advance population health management by enhancing HCF’s My Health Guardian program, which provides tailored support and advice to more than 25,000 members suffering from chronic health conditions. The telemonitoring service will in time provide bio-metric monitoring combined with telephone-based health support from registered nurses to approximately 3,300 HCF members in their homes, using a range of easy-to-use WiFi-enabled devices, including weight scales, tools for measuring blood pressure, glucometers for monitoring blood glucose levels for people with diabetes or hypoglycaemia, and oximeters for measuring the oxygen saturation levels in blood. HCF Managing Director Shaun Larkin noted in the press release: “Our focus is on driving innovation to help our members be proactive in staying healthier for longer. This new telemonitoring program will help a significant portion of these people gain better control of their chronic condition and live healthier lives.” In other health innovation news:

7.21.14 HealthBuzz: Castlight & Teladoc, MedXT Imaging, Novartis & Google +

healthbuzz7Castlight Health announced a further expansion of its technology platform through an agreement with Teladoc, one of the largest telehealth providers with more than 8 million members. This relationship enables Teladoc to offer its telehealth services through Castlight’s technology suite to all enterprises that work with both Castlight and Teladoc. Castlight helps large businesses manage healthcare spending and employees and families make informed choices with a clear understanding of costs and likely outcomes. Teladoc provides access to U.S. board-certified, state-licensed physicians who can treat many non-emergency medical issues, such as allergies, bronchitis, skin rashes, flu symptoms, and pink eye, via phone, secure online video, and mobile app. “Teladoc’s relationship with Castlight is designed to deliver significant value for large employers nationwide by helping their employees seek lower cost, higher quality options instead of the ER or Urgent Care Center when their doctor is unavailable,” said Teladoc CEO Jason Gorevic in a press release. In other health innovation news:

5.13.14 HealthBuzz: Teladoc Grows With AmeriDoc Buy, Cue lab tests +

healthbuzz9Telehealth provider Teladoc, with more than 7.5 million members, announced the acquisition of AmeriDoc, a telehealth company founded in 2007. Through Teladoc, patients consult with a physician via phone or secure online video to receive treatment for non-emergency medical issues, such as allergies, bronchitis, pink eye, and sinus problems. Teladoc physicians complete more than 250,000 consults annually. Teladoc is certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. “The positive impact of telehealth on our healthcare system has fueled rapid adoption across all market segments,” said Teladoc CEO Jason Gorevic. “With this acquisition, Teladoc will accelerate the reach of its services to a larger base of clients, partners, and patients and extend its leadership position in the exploding telehealth arena.” In other health innovation news:

Rhode Island Hospital Launches Study of Google Glass in ER

The Providence Journal reports that Rhode Island Hospital’s emergency department is beginning a six-month feasibility study testing the use of Google Glass technology to stream live images of a patient’s medical condition to a remote consulting specialist. The project coordinator, Dr. Paul Porter, told the Journal he envisions an ambulance crew someday responding to a stroke victim by using the eyeglass technology to provide real-time video and audio to a neurologist back at the hospital who could then order a brain-saving drug immediately. Read the full article here.