Thursday, 1 January 2015

Out With the Old and in With the New

For the past few months there has been very little activity on Docking Station Galaxy. Unfortunately, my own dwindling interest in creatures is the main cause of this, and consequently I have been unable to produce anything creatures-related in 2014.

However, it is now new year, which means new beginnings! Hopefully we should see the eventual release of Creatures Online, and I also plan on releasing my Creatures Village Reorchestrated album sometime this year also. I've also put in a bit of effort into tidying up the website - the contact page is now gone, as there is little point in having one when I can be easily reached on Creatures Caves, and I have also cancelled the Norn Hub livestream mostly due to having insufficient time (and a spare computer) to stream from.

Last year also saw some superb releases for the CCSF, which although not as extensive as the previous years, still managed to get the majority of the community involved. A big thanks to KittyTikara for making such an excellent effort!

In the meantime, I have no major plans for this blog, but will continue to maintain it, and may return once Creatures Online is released. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.

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