Sunday, 29 June 2008

Tisk, tisk, tisk...

Jo Stew Rattray, Director of Vectra Corp. has commited the greatest of academic crimes, plagiarism.

I was reading “Insecure” the other day when I noted the article “by” Jo Stewart-Rattray titled “Information Security Governance: the nuts and bolts”.

I quote “by” as this publication is significantly plagiarized. Over 25% of the document is directly copied and a large amount is paraphrased without accreditation. I have read the majority of it as the article in Information Systems Control Journal, Volume 5, 2001, “Harnessing IT for Secure, Profitable Use” by Erik Guldentops, CISA. Basically, the article is stolen. She has claimed the work of another as her own. So much for running a security company.

Whatever happened to ethics in IT Security?

Ms Stewart-Rattray is a member of the ACS and ISACA. She is also branch executive of each of these in SA, Au. She should take greater care to change the text or better yet, reference the actual author. You will note from the example image displaying matching sentences that the distinction is minimal between the 2 texts. This is but one of many examples. Erik Guldentops is not noted as the source.
A change of language from US to Australian is still plagiarism.
Similarly, changing “So” to “thus” and removing the word “effective” does little to hide the document source.

Other extracts from this document align to other internet sources.

Practicing due-dilligence and careful prudence, the editors at INSECURE have removed the offending publication.

For the publishers, this is likely one of their worst fears. If they do not act on cases such as this, they can be held vicariously liable for the fraud of another.

Congratulations to the editors at INSECURE for their prudent actions.

Let us hope that they do not have to do this in the future.


cmlh said...


I can't find the article referenced in INSECURE Mag Issue 14?

Did they remove it from Issue 14 once this was known or is it in other issue?

Craig S Wright said...

I contacted the editors a little while back. They have removed the article and all reference to it.

Plagiarism is more serious than most people think. It is a criminal breach of both the copyright act and is also a criminal fraud.

There are a few older versions of Insecure Issue 14 that are still floating about on the net of course.

The old article is still reflected in Scribd- they are a little slow.


Anonymous said...

This is a bigger problem than most realize: