Download the Visual3D Game Engine

Download Visual3D Game Engine here, for free trial to begin accelerated game or simulation with Visual3D and play the showcase of Visual3D demo games and simulations included with it.
You can try it out for free, to get your taste of accelerated game development with the Visual3D All-in-One Game Development Tool.

Sales Inquiries

If you have any questions about the Visual3D Game Engine, you contact us via the following methods:
Phone: +1 (206) 792-9969      Email:          

Getting Started

After downloading and installing Visual3D, startup the Visual3D All-in-One Development Tool, as described in the Getting Started Guide, and enter your user name and password (for your account on this website), when prompted, to Activate Your Free 30-Day Trial.
If you purchased an edition which includes Engine Source Code, such as Enterprise Source, Studio Source, contact to source code access.
Checkout the Visual3D Video Tutorials and Documentation, to accelerate your game and simulation development with Visual3D.

License Activation

After purchasing a license (with the same account used to activate your trial), Activate Your License features for unlimited use either by starting up the toolset and selecting Update License Status from the File (Visual3D icon) menu. Otherwise, license activation will occur automatically when you next startup the toolset after the trial period has ended.

Buy Today for Limited-Time Discounts or New Source Code Edition

Buy your Visual3D license today, using the links provided below, to benefit from limited-time Early Adopter Pricing discounts for all editions. Discounts are available for all editions, including new Source Code Editions. (Limited Time Offer)

Visual3D License Editions Comparison

Indie Professional Studio Source Company Enterprise Source
Price $150
( $250 )
per Seat

Buy Visual3D Game Engine Indie
(save 40%)
( $495 )
per Seat

Buy Visual3D Game Engine Professional
(save 50%)

( $5995 )
Company License

Buy Visual3D Game Engine Studio Source Company License
(save 50%)
( $19,950 )
Company License

Buy Visual3D Game Engine Enterprise Source
(save 50%)

or Contact us for purchase
Edition (License Type) Upgrade Options Upgrade Existing Licenses
Buy an Upgrade for Existing Visual3D Licenses
After buying an upgrade, Contact us to Activate the Upgrade.
Different license editions cannot be used on the same project or owned by the same customer.
Unless upgrading to a company or team license, all owned seat licenses must be upgraded.
Availability of Offer These Early Adopter Discounts End Soon!!
(With v1.0 undergoing testing now, as the next release!)
Unlimited, Royalty-free Commercial Titles
Unlimited Revenue
(Applies to companies with $200K+ Revenue)
Allows for Externally Funded Projects  
Transferable, Company-owned  
1 Year Free Updates5
Terrain Editor
(Real-time, Integrated World Building/Editing tools with procedural generation, painting brushes, sculpting tools, importing)
Object Editor    
Entity & Model Editor        
(Bone Attachments/Mount Points, Rag Dolls, Animation Splitting, LOD Generation, etc.)
Material Editor
Particle (FX) Editor        
Scene Editor
Character & Vehicle Physics        
Decal Editor        
Asset Management & Database Editor        
Script Editor & Python        
Behavior Tree Editor        
Visual Scripting Diagrams        
Smart Objects, Area States, & Triggers        
(Drag-drop Scripting of User-defined Areas, Triggers, Events, Entity (Object/Actor) States, for design state machines and Triggered Action or FX Sequenes of Actions, Scripts, Events, States, Behaviors, Animations, Sounds, etc.)
AI & Pathfinding
GUI System and Editor        
Path & Road Editors
Cinematics Editor & Recording
Conversation Editor        
(Character Dialog, Voice Acting, Mission Scripting, Facial Animation)
Model Importing (.DAE, .FBX, .OBJ, .3DS, .X, .MESH, .SCENE)
Collada .DAE, Autodesk .FBX, Wavefront .OBJ, DirectX .X, 3ds max .3DS, .MESH, and .SCENE
No Visual3D Splash Screen Required  
Terrain Heightmap Importing  
GIS Importing (DTED, GeoTiff, Aerial Imagery, DEM, and more) & GeoPositioning      
AutoCAD (.DXF) Importing      
Asset Library with Models, Textures, Music, Sound Effects, Particle Effects and More
Demo Games, Simulations, and Starter Kits Source
Model and Texture Source Files (Customizable, DRM-Free)  
Engine Source Code    
Toolset Source Code & Customization      
Modding Toolset for End-Users    

(Ability to distribute a subset of the Visual3D all-in-one toolset as an integrated Real-time Scenario/Mission Editor, After Action Review/Planning tool, for integrated live collaborative editing, or as a Modding Toolset)
Professional Support4  

(3 days)

Priority Email
(2 days)

VIP Email
(same day)
Live Tech Support & Training4       10 Hours
Visual3D Outsourcing Services
(Eligible for offshore (and US-based) outsourcing services by Visual3D developers for development and production of games, simulations, visualizations, virtual worlds, and engine/toolset customizations)

Prices and terms are subject to change without notice. Send inquiries to

License & Feature Notes    (referenced from table above)

[1] Contact for details.
[2] Expected to be available by v1.0 or sooner.
[3] Beta feature currently under development and testing.
[4] Product updates and Email and Live/Engineering Support are only available while an Update Subscription is active.  Estimated average response times are indicated, but not guaranteed.
[5] The Update Subscription provides access to the form of support specified as well as any updates released for Visual3D v1.x in that time frame, for a period of 1 year after the date of purchase.
Additional 1 Year Subscription extensions or renewals are currently based on the price of license at the time of purchase, 20% of that price if purchased within 30 days of the license purchase, 35% if purchased after subscription expires, or 30% in all other cases.
[6] Non-transferable licenses are owned by individuals for personal use.   They can be used on team projects where all developers also have Indie licenses, but they cannot be used on projects which use Professional or higher end licenses.