Massive Editable Terrain & Real-World GIS/DTED-based Environments

Visual3D Game Engine provides a robust terrain system which enables you to build multiple infinitely large custom and real world terrain environments anywhere on the globe with easy to use visual tools.

Terrain System Features

  • Support for Real Earth Locations:
    Import real world terrain data and render it in 3D. Support for DTED, ESRI, Topographic data, and LCC imagery.
  • No Size Limits:
    Build terrain without size limits.
  • Move from Outerspace to Ground Level:
    Visual3D Game Engine supports the ability to build and view terrain anywhere on earth through a Google Earth style interface that allows you to zoom from outerspace to ground level seamlessly.
  • Stream Terrain Data Remotely:
    Store terrain data on a remote server and stream it to clients anywhere in the world just in time.
  • Real-time Terrain Deformation:
    Support for realistic realtime terrain deformations such as craters, excavations, erosions, and more.
  • Support for Procedural Content:
    Support for procedural rendering of land-cover features such as trees, river and road networks, buildings, terrain textures, and more based upon landcover maps or user-defined scripts and algorithms.
  • Multiple Levels of Detail:
    Move through resolutions from 100km to 1m that seamlessly blend together.
  • Urban Area and Building Generation:
    Automatically create buildings from satellite imagery of urban areas.
  • GIS Data:
    Load GIS Data and apply it onto your world
  • Support For Import/Export of Multiple Terrain Data Formats:
    • 3D Terrain — DTED, DBDB5
    • Raster maps — GeoTiff, CADRG, .bmp, .png, .jpeg, etc.
    • Vector data — DFAD, ESRI shapefiles, .dfd

Build Real World Terrains using Visual3D Game Engine Terrain Editor™

Using the Visual3D Game Engine Terrain Editor™ terrain creation system, you are provided with tools that make it easy to create real world terrain environments.


  • Build Terrain on a Global Scale:
    Terrain Editor allows you to build custom terrain environments anywhere on the globe with Terrain Editor's google-map style interface. Build multiple environments across the globe and then manage and command them with a tool that lets you zoom from space level all the way down to 1m resolution.
  • Terrain Editor:
    Modify terrain heights and textures and place landcover features visually. Quickly build your desired landscapes with a visual object placement tool that allows you to quickly place trees, brush, buildings and other similar features.
  • Procedural Feature Generation:
    Procedurally generate roads, rivers, water systems, forests, urban areas and more with custom procedural scripts that can be directly edited via Terrain Editor.
  • Build your Simulation in Tandem:
    Since Terrain Editor is part of the Visual3D Game Engine toolset, you can switch back and forth between Earthbuilder and other Visual3D Game Engine design tools in a single session.