Lancasterian SEN School

Value: £2.7m
Client: Manchester City Council
Procurement: Manchester Framework 109
Architect: AFL Architects


Lancasterian SEN School is a highly regarded SEN which was in dire need of upgrading to meet modern learning requirements.  The school was fully refurbished (under fabric first principles) and remained in full operation during the building works.  As a result the internal environment was significantly enhanced and the running costs were reduced as the energy efficiency of the building was improved.

 The school specialises in the development of Communication & Interaction. To aid in the teaching/development of these skills both Soundfield System and Interactive Whiteboard installations have been undertaken within each Learning Base. BCM and the team set very high targets which have been exceeded whilst delivering within traditional cost parameters.


The completed buildings include the following:-

·       Improved control of internal environment given the vulnerable nature of the children

·       Improved teaching flexibility with introduction of Wireless Internet access

·       Improved energy efficiency with introduction of efficient plant, lighting and controls

·       Reduced CO2 emissions via change from oil to natural gas

·       Improved Access Control for flexible use of facilities within community