BCM uses a strategic Dynamic Modelling approach to M&E solutions. We are fully BIM ready in terms of policy, processes and compliance. We deliver valuable modelled data and design outputs for our projects.

Our BIM champion has led our team to align our processes to be compliant to Level 2 PAS 1192 and PAS91 standards.

We promote a collaborative culture at BCM and our BIM execution plans have been developed with our customers and partners to ensure maximum interoperability.

Our BIM experience has been proved on completed projects;  We have been working on a number of schools using BIM - some of which are now complete.

CASE STUDY:  Bewsey Lodge Primary School, Warrington - Refurbishment of an existing hall and ancillary areas and the construction of two new wings with a combined total floor area of approx 2,300m2.

Along with the design team,  we utilised the BIM process for both the new build and refurbishment elements of the project. We undertook detailed design duties and led the design and construction team in respect of the sustainability credentials. The solutions were appraised, designed and market tested at an early enough stage to go beyond the client’s requirements for carbon reduction and remain within budget.   READ MORE

How we work:

Using your preliminary massing or sketch-up model, we will undertake a feasibility study using our dynamic thermal modelling experience to rapidly provide objective option appraisals.

Using our extensive strategy and modelling techniques, we are then able to fully explore and interrogate proposed designs to ensure they are as effective and sustainable as they can possibly be. 

By integrating strategic solutions and modelling at the very heart of our design process, we are able to ensure low carbon solutions from the outset.  This results in “more for less”, with lower capital costs and buildings with lower running costs.


BCM'S BIM Policy
BCM can deliver significant improvements in cost, value, time and energy efficiency to our clients through active collaboration and the use of open sharable asset information.

View BCM's BIM Policy (pdf)