Licences and permissions

It is crucial that anyone thinking about bringing woodland into management also considers what licenses and permissions are needed before beginning work. Farmers will need to consider how woodland management may affect cross-compliance issues, particularly where woodland watercourses may be influenced by management work. Public rights of way are protected by law; you may need to seek a temporary closure order before you work near one. The timing and intensity of management work within woods should be planned to have as low an impact on wildlife and landscape as possible, and to ensure the safety of others working and enjoying the countryside.

Forwarder in action

Forwarder in action

The following links provide examples of important issues to consider, but do not form a comprehensive list. Owners should seek further advice.

Felling Licences
Woodlands are protected under the Forestry Act 1986 which requires a licence for felling trees. It does not apply to small quantities (5m3 felled every 3 months of which 2m3 can be sold). Licences are available from Natural Resources Wales, but for regular woodland management it may be much simpler and beneficial to apply for a comprehensive management plan which will include licences to thin and fell. How to apply for a Tree Felling Licence

European Protected Species of particular importance when managing woodlands are bats, otters and dormice. Click HERE to see if you need a European Protected Species Licence.

Tree Preservation Orders, issued by local council planning departments click here to view



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