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  2. Great! You Democrats go ahead and campaign on gun confiscation.

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  3. Sad liberals all snitty 'cause we're not gonna let bureaucrats take away Americans' gun rights.

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  4. Entrance to VWL pool being monitored: Due to the recent closure of the quiet pool at Disney's Wilderness ...

  5. New Saratoga Springs Listings available to Priority Members at 10 am! Sign up now

  6. We're a society that respects the individual right to keep & bear arms. That's a feature, not a bug.

  7. 2015 Merry Member Mixer: The 2015 edition of the "Merry Member Mixer" is in full swing at Epcot at Walt D...

  8. On a shoot after soooo long!!

  9. January 2016 Member cruise deal: Disney Vacation Club members are eligible for savings of at least 30% of...

  10. Move by Council to suspend Prof Bernard Njoroge skewed, unjust and most foul. The VC should follow suit!

  11. Writing about Grand Californian Hotel.... it's taking a lot of strength. I am really going to miss that place so much

  12. Check out my bro

  13. It always feels good to book your next flights to "home"!

  14. Guns. We think we'll keep 'em.

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