EXCLUSIVE: Marco Grazzini Cast As Tar Pit In The Flash



Heroes Reborn actor Marco Grazzini will be appearing on an upcoming episode of The Flash as Joey Montelone (aka Tar Pit), has learned exclusively.

Created by Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins, the character was introduced in 2001. A small-time drug trafficker, Monteleone discovered in jail that he could project his astral self out into the world to get in trouble. At one point, his spirit became trapped in an animated vat of tar, leaving Joey to walk the earth with a body made of flaming, molten asphalt while his physical form remained in a coma at Iron Heights Prison. In the comics, he not only runs afoul of The Flash, but also Captain Cold, who is rumored to be appearing in the mid-season finale of The Flash before moving on to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow in 2016.

In the TV series, The CW revealed to us that Tar Pit is a vengeful meta-human with the ability to transform into molten asphalt.  When he crosses paths with The Flash, Tar Pit uses his powers to gain a tactical advantage over the Scarlet Speedster, who finds the ground literally shifting beneath his feet.

The Flash will air its midseason finale on Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, guest-starring Star Wars: The Force Awakens star Mark Hamill.

Additional Reporting by Jay Jayson.



  1. Holy shit. You guys actually called this one.

    • libra113
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    That's the best Flash villain, the ones who have powers that counteract Flash's own. :)

  2. Perhaps the character will be a little more relevant than how Carlos appears to be on Heroes: Reborn. Currently, he basically has served as the thing to get Farrah fighting and...well, he still has a chance to save Micah since its probably he will be one of the few that there aren't enough Harris' to chase and maybe he'll be left alone because he isn't an Evo.

    • _L0Bo_
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    Cool, and awesome Mark Hammil's back!!

  3. BlackEffron said ... (original post)

    Holy shit. You guys actually called this one.


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