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Personal Digital Archiving Conference 2011 March 1, 2011

Posted by Christina Engelbart in Archives, Collective IQ, Historic, Human Interest.

Last week the Internet Archive hosted the second annual conference on Personal Digital Archiving February 24-25, 2011:

From family photographs and personal papers to health and financial information, vital personal records are becoming digital. Creation and capture of new digital information has become a part of the daily routine for hundreds of millions of people. But what are the long-term prospects for this data? The combination of new capture devices (more than 1 billion camera phones will be sold in 2010) with the move from older forms of media is reshaping both our personal and collective memories. The size and complexity of personal collections growing, these collections are spread across different media (including film and paper!), and the lines between personal and professional, published and unpublished are being redrawn.

For individuals, institutions, investors, entrepreneurs, and funding agencies thinking about how best to address these issues, Personal Digital Archiving 2011 will include a variety of examples that may be replicated, and will clarify the technical, social, economic questions around personal archiving.

In my presentation, Learnings from a Life’s Work: The Doug Engelbart Archives,” I touched on my father’s life’s work, experiences archiving that work, and how it  informs the future of tools and practices for capturing, integrating, developing, evolving and re-using our individual and collective repositories, in both our work lives and our family lives.

For more on Doug Engelbart’s work and archives, as well as current initiatives of the Doug Engelbart Institute, see:

For more information on Personal Digital Archiving 2011 see:

Conference archives are up:
Main Portal | Videos of Speaker Sessions | Conference Photos |

My talk:
Presentation Video | Slidedeck


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[…] what’s equally important once the preservation and indexing is secured, is establishing the context, and telling the story. Without the context, the archives will likely be meaningless to most people, an esoteric treasure trove to a few. Telling the story is about establishing very rich, relational context and meaning. It’s what brings the stuff to life. […]

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