Comcast Views Customer as Asshole

Interesting story on CNN about Comcast. Comcast sent out a bill to a customer, and since he cancelled his cable service because he could no longer afford it, Comcast called him “Asshole”. Comcast has apologized, but what this gives us is a quick look into the culture at Comcast and the attitude from above that creates an environment where this could happen. Comcast has notoriously bad customer service. We have Comcast and can testify that Comcast support is about as bad as it gets. We used to have a Comcast support center here in Healdsburg. It was always crowded with customers and had truly helpful people behind the counter. So Comcast closed this support center and now Healdsburg customers have to drive to Santa Rosa. What a despicable company. One might say that Comcast is an Asshole Company.

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