Wired: Apple’s Support of Ad Blocking May Upend How the Web Works

Articles like this one on Wired don’t address the real problem. Ads are ruining the culture. They are everywhere, screaming at you to look at them. Good for Apple blocking them. Marketers won’t let you alone while you focus on the content that you are there for. They may pay the bills for publishing houses, but they destroy more than the experience. They don’t allow you to function on the website. When I go to CNN website, they always start an ad video that precedes a video about the story. But I don’t want to see either video. I want to read the story. The video that duplicates the story isn’t there to add content. It’s there to get you to watch the video ad first. I always shut it off and read the story. Articles like this in Wired don’t get to the heart of the issue. Marketing is everywhere and destroying everything.

Yesterday a woman from AT&T came to our door to tell us that they were going to be in the neighborhood working on their lines. She said that she was just there to let us know what they were doing, upgrading and fixing lines and to not be concerned. But she wasn’t there to inform us. She had come to our door as a form of covert marketing. She wanted to know what AT&T products we use.

Marketing is everywhere and in everything. They do not know when to stop. Marketers are destroying culture. They are screaming at us on the television, ringing our landline phones off the hook, flashing at us on our cellphones, packing garbage into our mailboxes, and destroying our online experience.

I don’t know where all this is headed, but if marketers had some sense about what they do, customers wouldn’t mind advertising. but marketers want to consume everything within our culture. We’re just fighting back.

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