New York Times Op-Ed by David Brooks

Some things really get me riled up. One of them is people writing about something they don’t know anything about. It’s even worse when they are writing for a major publication like the New York Times. David Brooks at times makes a lot of sense, but not his most recent article. I made this comment to his “Support Our Students” article.

I just simply do not understand how someone who seems honest and sincere could write an article that is so completely wrong. Unlike you, David Brooks, my parents were not well-educated, and I did not initially attend a well-known university. I graduated in the lowest quarter of my high school class and went off to a community college, which at the time was free in California. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to attend. I struggled through, graduated with an AA degree, and a few years later, I went on to a BS in engineering and then to Stanford where I received an MS, also in engineering. So I know how important it was that my community college was tuition free, and also how important it was to my classmates. You don’t.

After I retired from my aerospace career, I joined the staff at a community college, worked in the library, and I also taught astronomy, novel writing and Greek mythology for a time. I worked a lot with students and saw them struggle with the bills, mostly problems paying tuition because times had changed, and tuition was no longer free. President Obama is really on to something with his free-tuition proposal.

You don’t know what you’re talking about, David Brooks, you and your cherry-picked statistics. You haven’t been there, and you don’t have a clue.

Of course, he proposes a lot of things instead of the free tuition, which is the President’s proposal. But it is all obfuscation and a dilution of effort that requires many laws that would never get through Congress. The President’s proposal is simple and right to the point.

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