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Keep Track Of Your Competitor’s Rankings Along With Your Own


The nature of Google’s algorithm is one of constant change. We know that on a daily basis there are new tweaks and changes happening, as well as the long term trends. Rankings are never the end all metric when it comes to success in digital marketing. However, since you can’t actually access your competitors Google… Read more »

The Four Fixes To Avoid The Google Mobile-Apocalypse


The Scarlet Mobile Letter If your client has recieved this email then you are among the thousands of SEOs who have been shaken into action by Google’s pending mobile update. Could I include graphs and infographics that show the increase in mobile use by online customers, of course but that’s not really important right now…. Read more »

2 Vital Steps To Improve Your Digital Marketing: An SEO Podcast


SEO Podcast & Companion Blog Post I sat down with Clark Buckner of Technology Advice and recorded this podcast where we ended up talking about three things that I’ve been able to do over the years that have helped me improve my digital marketing. These can be applied equally by in-house online marketing positions as freelance and… Read more »

How To Improve Your Digital Marketing With Events


There’s something happening everyday and people want to be a part of it. People are looking for something “to do”, and hosting a public event is a huge online marketing opportunity. Before, during and after the actual event you can build links, create valuable partnerships that will benefit your business and connect with your target… Read more »

Be True To Thyself, O Small Business Website

My wife recently fell in love with a store here in Nashville. It’s called The Fabric Studio and it’s located in an awkward gentrified building in a semi-industrial area of south Nashville near The Sounds Stadium & Gabby’s “legendary” Burgers. I was impressed by how much care, attention and loving detail went into making it a… Read more »

Don’t Get Hacked: Steps To Secure WordPress


A couple weeks ago, I was in California and met someone whose site was hacked, and he was completely unaware. I took on the clean-up of his site and set out to make sure that in the future his site was safe from falling prey again. That process has really sobered me up, and made… Read more »