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Christ Holy Church International (Nation Builders)

Christ Holy Church International

The Mission of Christ Holy Church International is to worship the Triune God in holiness and to teach and spread the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ across borders, race and cultures urgently, powerfully, faithfully, wisely, and fearlessly till Jesus Christ comes again.

Christ Holy Church International is an African Instituted Church that has grown from one congregation in 1947 to over 850 congregations in 2006. It was founded by Prophetess Agnes Okoh, an illiterate Igbo woman from Eastern Nigeria, who was called to be an itinerant evangelist in 1947. The church has congregations in 27 states out of the 36 states in Nigeria. Since mid-2000 the church has established five congregations in Ghana and one in Togo. In all there are nearly 2 million members of the church.

Ten factors account for the growth of the church (1) open air evangelistic crusades, (2) indoor revivals, (3) healing, (4) prophetic utterances, (5) empathetic communal responsibility, (6) emphasis on the Word of God, (7) unity and stability, (8) visionary leadership, (9) testimonies of changed lives, and (10) a deep sense of societal responsibility.

Apart from seeking the spiritual needs of her members, the church has built schools, and skills training centers in many towns and villages. At Avedo, a village in the Volta region of Ghana, the church has a six-classroom elementary school where students enjoy fee-free education. The church is also actively involved in HIV & AIDS awareness campaign. Most Rev. Dr. Daniel Okoh, the General Superintendent of the Church, is also the International Chairman of the Organization of African Instituted Churches (OAIC), a continental body of all African Instituted Churches.

Christ Holy Church International has been supporting the Good News Theological College and Seminary since 1999. Most Rev. Dr. Daniel Okoh is a member of the seminary's Board. Seeking the welfare of the staff has been the major commitment of the church. Besides, the church has been making donations to the seminary. At the 35th Anniversary celebration of the seminary, the church donated almost $4,000.00.

"To the best of my knowledge, Christ Holy Church International believes totally in the New Testament and the Old Testament as confirmed by Christ…We do not divert to the left or right because of difficulties or problems. Rather we always stand to see that the words of God are observed fully to its letter." Gabriel Chiemeka.

Enjoying Worship

The congregation assembles for Sunday Services. The auditorium occupies the first floor and fills up quickly so, many remain outside under the canopies. This was a special day with many important visitors.

Dr. Okoh

Most Rev. Dr. Daniel Okoh, The General Superintendent of the Christ Holy Church International preached on this important Sunday.

A highly proficient band, chorus and choir led in exuberant worship.



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