About push

Why push notifications?

Push notifications allow you to send messages directly to the people who have installed your application. You can deliver relevant information to your subscribers, such as event broadcasting, sport results or breaking news. With push notifications, real-time notifications become a reality.

Most mobile applications are loaded only a few times after the initial download, but push notifications provide you with a very effective way of keeping subscribers engaged with your apps. You can push messages to your customer’s phone, even if the application is closed.

System architecture

If you already have the application and subscribers who are already using it, you can use Infobip Push system to enable sending push notifications through your app. You can access Infobip Push platform using the client panel, or using the API. Infobip Push web interface is our user friendly interface that allows you to send notifications to your subscribers. This solution is currently developed for Android and iOS platforms.

You have to register your application on our web platform and follow the instructions provided by cloud vendors (GCM for Android and APNS for iOS), so we can connect the push notifications you are sending to the subscribers and the application over which they are subscribed. Subscribers who are using your application have to register in order to receive notifications.

Application programming interface (API) adds various important features to the standard push notification capabilities for Android devices. You can improve your service with delivery reports, message queuing for offline devices and many more API enabled goodies. By providing REST API the developers have the ability to integrate our service with their server side application and send notifications using HTTP request.

Infobip Push platform
Infobip Push platform