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[GUIDE] Batman: Akham Origins

This table was created for the most recent Steam version from merged tables for a shoulder camera by Cielos and re-enabled cheats by SunBeam. Adding to this we have a pause camera, FOV, DOF, tonemap and bloom.

Cheat Engine Table
Download Table

[Camera Control] (Page Down)

The free camera will only work when the game is paused!

Numpad 2/8 = Y coordinate
Numpad 4/6 = X coordinate
Numpad 3/9 = Z coordinate

Hold CTRL for larger movements
Hold ALT for smaller movements

Arrow keys = Rotate camera

Numpad +/- to adjust FOV (requires you to force it with the UE3 FOV keybind command while in game first, do this before going into the Pause Menu for it to work. See keybind section below.)

[ - , = ] keys to tilt the camera

[DOF Control] (Delete)

Press "Delete" to enable the script. Press "P" to enable control of the UE3 DOF, tonemap and bloom settings. Use the "Shift" key to with the below keys to perform the opposite action. (ex. [Shift P] to disable user DOF and return to game settings. Bloom and tonemap values do not have keys bound at the moment, you will need to make manual changes to these by double-clicking the value in the table, multiple values can be selected at once.

Note that on some levels that changing tonemap and bloom settings carries over if DOF is enabled or disabled, I've noted the default values next to each setting..

DOF Effect Enable [P] , DOF Effect Disable [Shift]+[P]
DOF Focus Distance [ [ ] (default=800)
DOF Focus Inner Radius [ ] ] (default=400)
DOF MaxNearBlurAmount [;] (default=1)
DOF MaxFarBlurAmount ['] (default=1)
DOF FallOffExponent [/] (default=2)

BlurBloomKernelSize (default=0.75) - affects bloom. Lower values increase effect.
BloomScale (default=1) - scale of bloom. Higher values increase effect.

SceneDesaturation (default=0) - value of 1 removes all color and leaves a b/w image.
MidTones 1 (default=1)
MidTones 2 (default=1)
MidTones 3 (default=1)
HighLights 1 (default=1)
HighLights2 (default=1)
HighLights 3 (default=1)
SceneShadows BLU (default=1)
SceneShadows RED (default=1)
SceneShadows GRN (default=1)

[Pause Menu]

Timestop is done using the Pause Menu (Main Menu), removal of the menu HUD and Pause Menu filter overlay. Press "ESC" to pause the game, F12 to clear the HUD and filter, and Keypad to move the camera around.

Menu HUD Disable [F12] , Menu HUD Enable [Ctrl]+[F12]
Frost Overlay Disable [F11] , Frost Overlay Re-enable [Ctrl]+[F11] - this also changes the HUD filter power value to 0.1, use the HUD toggle again to force this to 0.
Filter Power [9, 0, F12] - used to re-enable the menu filter effect incrementally. Use the "Alt" key as a modifier to force the effect on or off completely.

[SunBeam's Re-enabled Cheats]

In the table, expand Cheats -> Scripts -> Cheat Handler. Use the following keys;
SloMo [U,I,O] - (slomo 0.01, 0.3, 1.0)
PlayersOnly [M]
Fly [,]
Ghost [.]
Unlimited Ammo [J]
God [K]
No Combo Reset [/]
Shock Gloves [L] - make sure that you already have received the shock gloves in-game otherwise enabling this may cause a crash.
Toggle HUD [*] - this is the normal UE3 "ShowHUD" command, it does not disable the Pause Menu HUD.

* Some interesting scenarios can be accomplished with constructive use of PlayersOnly, Ghost, and Fly. They can help to remove some visual overlays such as detective mode as well as being used to "push" around frozen NPC character models in 3D space while PlayersOnly is active.

UE3 Keybinds
Everything is done through SunBeams cheats enabler in the table except for the FOV toggle to enable user control of the FOV with CE. Locate the Batman AO config files in ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Origins\SinglePlayer\BMGame\Config\.

1. Open BmInput.ini.
2. Copy all "bindings" (everyline that starts with "Bindings=" under the [Engine.PlayerInput] section and paste them under the [BmGame.RPlayerInput] section.
3. Next add the FOV bindings at the tail end of that same [BmGame.RPlayerInput] section.

Bindings=(Name="F5",Command="FOV 0")
Bindings=(Name="F5",Command="FOV 5",Alt=true)
Bindings=(Name="F6",Command="FOV 10")
Bindings=(Name="F6",Command="FOV 15",Alt=true)
Bindings=(Name="F7",Command="FOV 30")
Bindings=(Name="F7",Command="FOV 40",Alt=true)
Bindings=(Name="F8",Command="FOV 50")
Bindings=(Name="F8",Command="FOV 60",Alt=true)
Bindings=(Name="F8",Command="FOV 60",Alt=true)

F5 - F8 - Force FOV

Rendering Resolution

Resolution in-game can be changed on the fly to whatever your desktop resolution is currently set to, this includes different aspect ratios.
1. Setup your shot with the tools above.
2. ALT-TAB out of the game.
3. Change your desktop resolution to what is desired in-game.
4. ALT-TAB back in and change resolution in the menu settings.


  • nice

    too much batman this week , Arkham Knight sounds like a nightmare on Nvidia cards with all the bells and whistles enabled , i mean it's a stuttering mess with physx\gameworks stuff enabled
  • I hear you! I'd planned to pick up the new Arkham Knight during this last sale but after spending so much time in the lore this past couple of weeks I realized I've almost had my Batman fix and could probably wait until any release issues were ironed out.
  • edited June 23
    How did you find the menu effect power?

    If I could remove that in Arkham Knight, I could probably just do a camera table right now that works when paused.

    (and I don't give a shit of the game's PC port is crap - not really relevant here so let's not go on a tirade about it)
  • The ToggleGfx command was what led me to it. I noticed that this was disabling the HUD in the cinematic portion of the menu (with camera spinning around Bats) and chased that down in CE. It looks to be a static address (which is new to me) that toggles the HUD everywhere.

    Using the keybind in the Pause Menu doesn't work but forcing the value in CE does. I don't think I found the value for that command but what that command was calling to toggle the HUD. Look for a 4byte value, 0 - off, 1 - on while toggling the HUD with ToggleGfx keybind.

    The Pause Menu overlay is a different story. I used the "Brightness setting in the Pause Menu -> Game Options to search for the value. Selecting brightness removes the overlay filter so you can see what the brightness settings will do. Toggle this back and forth until the addresses were down to 20 or so and then just start setting them all to 0 one at a time to see which one it is. Since the game is paused there wasn't anything writing to those addresses. If it's the same as AO, look for a float value, 0 - disabled, 1 - enabled; or 2 bytes, 0000 disabled, 803F enabled. I needed to be in the Pause Menu though as the values is tied to tonemap/desaturation settings and changes constantly during gameplay.
  • The HUD is no problem. You can just toggle that with the ToggleHUD command.

    The issue I have is that pausing the game forces on he menu + extreme depth of field. And.... I'm not exactly following that 2nd part of your post.
    Selecting brightness removes the overlay filter
    Toggle this back and forth
    Toggle what back and forth?
  • I don't have the game but if it's the same as AO there is a menu setting for the brightness. Selecting this hides the overlay filter and I would select and deselect this graphic setting while searching in CE for increase / decrease / same as first scan.

    Is there a brightness setting in the game that hides the overlay while it is selected?

    The DOF may be able to be found searching CE with the following command.
    Bindings=(Name="F9",Command="set DOFEffect bUseWorldSettings false",Alt=False)
    Bindings=(Name="F9",Command="set DOFEffect bUseWorldSettings true",Alt=True)
  • Brightness doesn't change anything other than brightness. The menu is still there, DoF is still there.

    Also, the DoF command you posted doesn't work when the game is paused. During actual gameplay though, it seems to remove all post processing.
  • edited June 23

    Brightness doesn't change anything other than brightness. The menu is still there, DoF is still there.

    Oh, is there no tonemap overlay covering the view. In that case all we need to do is find DOF and remove the menu HUD. Does the ToggleGfx bind work to remove the HUD in *any* location? In AO this command was different to the normal showHUD command in that it worked in the first menu you see when starting the game. It did not work in the Pause Menu but the address I found with it toggling the HUD with ToggleGfx cleared the Pause menu HUD when set to 0.

    Also, the DoF command you posted doesn't work when the game is paused. During actual gameplay though, it seems to remove all post processing.

    Maybe try this one.
    Bindings=(Name="F3",Command="set DOFEffect bShowInGame true",Alt=False)
    Bindings=(Name="F3",Command="set DOFEffect bShowInGame false",Alt=True)
    Edit: Also, even if the keybinds do not work in the Pause Menu, more than likely the addresses you find for those values will work while the game is paused.
  • So I hear you don't like Old Man Winter? Well your in luck! I have a solution for making it appear a little warmer when taking the "Cold, Cold, Heart" DLC for spin. Just download the updated CE table that now also has a toggle for the frost effect overlay on the screen. Use [F11] and [Ctrl]+[F11] to disable/enable.

  • nice

    here's how to play with the other characters

    Download this

    After downloading use [Winrar] to extract files
    After extract files open folder named [DLC] and folder [257070] and you will see 2 files named [BmInput.ini] & [CMD-BMGAME.ini]
    Copy 2 files and go to: E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Origins\SinglePlayer\DLC If you have folder in this place just paste inside this folder
    If you don't have any folders there just create one and name it 257070 and paste 2 files

    Characters Selection
    Start the game and from the main menu after you select your save game press the button to play as your favorite character:

    F1 - Red Hood
    F2 - XE Suite
    F3 - Batman Unarmored
    F4 - Deathstroke
    F5 - Joker
    F6 - Vigilante Bruce Wayne (Initiation DLC required)
    F7 - Bruce Wayne
    F8 - Judas Contract Deathstroke
    F9 - Injustice Deathstroke

    After choosing your character it will load the game directly.

  • Thanks, I saw that on the Steam forums but hadn't had a chance to try it out yet. Did you have any problems with it at all?

    I think that CMD-BMGAME.ini adds the console back in as well...which could be useful.
  • One3rd said:

    Thanks, I saw that on the Steam forums but hadn't had a chance to try it out yet. Did you have any problems with it at all?

    I think that CMD-BMGAME.ini adds the console back in as well...which could be useful.

    i did try it last year i think

    it works but only FOV\togglegfx works in that console
  • Can someone try out the table in the OP and this one here to see of DOF control works for them as well? I've heard it's not working and wondering if the methods I used to find the address only work on my setup.
  • Update: New table added to OP.
    1. Changed how I was getting the base DOF address, should be a bit more stable. Let me know if it doesn't work for anyone.
    2. Also added tonemap and bloom settings. No keybinds for these at the moment but they can be manually changed in the table.
  • edited July 6
    the table is great , the pause menu toggle works once , i can't get the menu back

    edit: nvm
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