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[GUIDE] Batman: Arkham City

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This table was created for the most recent Steam version of Batman: Arkham City GOTY from merged tables for a shoulder camera by Cielos and re-enabled cheats by SunBeam. Adding to this we have a pause camera, FOV, DOF, tonemap and bloom controls.

Cheat Engine Table
Download Table

[Camera Control] (Page Down)

Enable the camera when in-game so the script can grab the correct addresses and you should see the script expand with addresses populating when in-game. This is needed before going into the pause menu to actually control the camera. The free camera will only work when the game is paused!

Numpad 2/8 = Y coordinate
Numpad 4/6 = X coordinate
Numpad 3/9 = Z coordinate

Hold CTRL for larger movements
Hold ALT for smaller movements

Arrow keys = Rotate camera

Numpad +/- to adjust FOV (requires you to force it with the UE3 FOV keybind command while in game first, do this before going into the Pause Menu for it to work. See keybind section below.)

[ - , = ] keys to tilt the camera

[DOF Control] (Delete)

Press "Delete" to enable the script. Press "P" to enable control of the UE3 DOF, tonemap and bloom settings. Use the "Shift" key to with the below keys to perform the opposite action. (ex. [Shift P] to disable user DOF and return to game settings. Bloom and tonemap values do not have keys bound at the moment, you will need to make manual changes to these by double-clicking the value in the table, multiple values can be selected at once.

Note that on some levels that changing tonemap and bloom settings carries over if DOF is enabled or disabled, I've noted the default values next to each setting..

DOF Effect Enable [P] , DOF Effect Disable [Shift]+[P]
DOF Focus Distance [ [ ] (default=800)
DOF Focus Inner Radius [ ] ] (default=400)
DOF MaxNearBlurAmount [;] (default=1)
DOF MaxFarBlurAmount ['] (default=1)
DOF FallOffExponent [/] (default=2)

BlurBloomKernelSize (default=0.75) - affects bloom. Lower values increase effect.
BloomScale (default=1) - scale of bloom. Higher values increase effect.

SceneDesaturation (default=0) - value of 1 removes all color and leaves a b/w image.
MidTones 1 (default=1)
MidTones 2 (default=1)
MidTones 3 (default=1)
HighLights 1 (default=1)
HighLights2 (default=1)
HighLights 3 (default=1)
SceneShadows BLU (default=1)
SceneShadows RED (default=1)
SceneShadows GRN (default=1)

[Pause Menu]

Timestop is done using the Pause Menu (Main Menu), removal of the menu HUD and Pause Menu filter overlay. Press "ESC" to pause the game, F12 to clear the HUD and filter, and Keypad to move the camera around.

Menu HUD Disable [F12] , Menu HUD Enable [Ctrl]+[F12]
Frost Overlay Disable [F11] , Frost Overlay Re-enable [Ctrl]+[F11] - this also changes the HUD filter power value to 0.1, use the HUD toggle again to force this to 0.
Filter Power [9, 0, F12] - used to re-enable the menu filter effect incrementally. Use the "Alt" key as a modifier to force the effect on or off completely.

[SunBeam's Re-enabled Cheats]

In the table, expand Cheats -> Scripts -> Cheat Handler. Use the following keys;
SloMo [U,I,O] - (slomo 0.01, 0.3, 1.0)
PlayersOnly [M]
Fly [,]
Ghost [.]
Unlimited Ammo [J]
God [K]
No Combo Reset [L]

UE3 Keybinds
Everything is done through SunBeams cheats enabler in the table except for the FOV toggle to enable user control of the FOV with CE. Locate the Batman AC config files in ..\Documents\WB Games\Batman Arkham City GOTY\BmGame\Config\.

1. Open UserInput.ini.
2. Under the [Engine.PlayerInput] section add the FOV bindings at the tail end of that same section.

.Bindings=(Name="F7",Command="FOV 40", Shift=false, Control=false, Alt=false, bIgnoreShift=false, bIgnoreCtrl=false, bIgnoreAlt=true)
.Bindings=(Name="F7",Command="FOV 50", Shift=false, Control=false, Alt=true, bIgnoreShift=false, bIgnoreCtrl=false, bIgnoreAlt=false)
.Bindings=(Name="F8",Command="FOV 90", Shift=false, Control=false, Alt=false, bIgnoreShift=false, bIgnoreCtrl=false, bIgnoreAlt=true)
.Bindings=(Name="F8",Command="FOV 0", Shift=false, Control=false, Alt=true, bIgnoreShift=false, bIgnoreCtrl=false, bIgnoreAlt=false)

F7 - F8 - Force FOV

Rendering Resolution

The game only seems to recognize your current desktop resolution. Change your desktop then set the ini file to the same resolution and start the game. Change the resolution in ..\Documents\WB Games\Batman Arkham City GOTY\BmGame\Config\UserEngine.ini by setting the below lines to whatever your desktop resolution is currently set to. Different aspect ratios do work.


  • edited July 12
    Wondering if anyone might know the answers for below?

    1. I am having troubles getting this game to render in any size larger than my native resolution though. Can't change the resolution in-game and it looks like setres commands don't work. What options for a higher resolution work with this?

    2. Are there any tweaks that can help improve the visuals other than AA and AF?

    Edit: Looks like desktop resolution and changing resx/resy in the ini file is the go. Would really like to be able to change resolutions on the fly though.
  • Update: Table is more or less complete. I only tested it out in the first 10 minutes of the game, let me know if anything doesn't work.
  • Hello! Could you help me? Free camera doesn't seem to work for me. I'm pausing the game first and then pushing the "page down" button, but it won't work. Am I doing something wrong? And does your table work in challenges ( I mean Free Camera, HUD and stuff)? Thanks in advance!
  • It should work in all situations where you can get to the pause menu. Including in-game cutscenes.

    As for why it isn't working for you currently, I believe it is because the script isn't able to find the AOB signature when paused. Make sure to enable the camera while in-game controlling your character. You should see the table expand and the addresses populate when in-game.

    I can see how my description could be a bit misleading, I'll change this in the OP as well.

    I've also updated the table with the addition of an alternate DOF script that should work in more situations. I was finding the previous one would fail to find the right address a couple of times but am still testing the new one out. Both are in the table to be used if needed, just make sure to disable one before enabling the other.
  • I'm playing with my controller, so I think I need to play with keyboard and mouse. Maybe that's the problem?
    And thank you!
  • Um, yes...the table camera control is mapped to the keyboard as per the instructions above. The keys should still work if you are using a controller to control Bats though.

    There may be a way to map these keys through to a controller using external apps such as XPadder , although I haven't tried this myself though.
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