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Tesla's Powerwall will be on sale in Australia before Christmas

Kevork Djansezian Getty Images

Australians will be able to order a Tesla Powerwall home battery system before Christmas.

The Powerwall system, which is designed to power the entire home, is expected to dramatically reduce users energy costs by charging from solar power or when off-peak energy generation tariffs are in effect.

It’s been seen as a major competitor by Australia’s energy suppliers and retailers, whose current businesses are built around power generation and consumption, not storage.

According to The Australian, Tesla Energy spokesman Health Walker said Australians would be able to “put their money down” before December 25, and that the roll out of the product would happen next year.

He also said the local solar panel companies and installers that Tesla would be partnering with would be announced within days.

Walker did not say how much the systems would go for in Australia, however in the US the units wholesale for $US3000 and $US3500.

Lindsay Handmer, writer for Lifehacker, has speculated that the product, plus installation, will cost Australian buyers around $10,000.

“Buying a Powerwall and inverter, as well as having it installed is estimated at around $7200 US by SolarCity, or about $9500 AU at current exchange rates. That’s the 10 kWh version, but the 7 kWh won’t be too much different It’s likely that it will be slightly more expensive here, due to shipping costs as well as increases install costs for our smaller user base. A cost of $10,000 AU installed is a good starting point.”

Read more on that here.

Along with Australia, US, Canada and Germany will be the first countries to get the Powerwalls.

Australia’s climate and early adoption of solar technology influenced the company’s decision to launch here, says Walker. Read other reasons why Australia is an ideal country for the Powerwall launch here.

On sale will be the Powerwall 7 kWh unit, designed for home use, and the Powerwall 10 kWh which can store power for a week.

Tesla launched Tesla Energy in Australia in September, and at the time hinted that the battery system could be on its way this year.

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