3D Simulations, Training, Mining, GIS/CAD Visualizations, & Serious Games powered by Visual3D

Rapid Development of Simulations, Multi-User Training Scenarios, and Interactive 3D Visualizations with Visual3D Engine and All-in-One Development Tool

Visual3D brings together all of the tools needed create simulations into a single software product. Tools for rapid scenario development, real world terrain creation, artificial intelligence (AI) behaviors, C# and VB.NET scripting, visual scripting, conversations, physics, audio/video, animation, vehicles, avatars, multi-user/multiplayer server networking, and more, are all integrated out-of-box into Visual3D's All-in-One Development Tool and Engine.

Real-world Locations based on GIS/Geo Data, CAD Models, and Satellite Imagery for Virtual Earth Simulations / Geovisualizations

Realistic People in Training Simulations and Presentations for Sales, Industrial, Workplace, Education, Medical, and Classroom Environments

Visual3D is the first engine and content creation tool to provide full support for importing characters from DAZ Studio / Poser, complete with facial animation. This allows use of the vast marketplace of highest quality royalty-free, fully rigged and animated characters - yet inexpensive - characters, complete with clothes and equipment (for doctor, soldier, businessman, etc.) available on the DAZ Developer Marketplace.

3D Commercial Retail and Customer Service Training and Online Social Virtual Worlds with Real-world Shopping - with Real-Time, Integrated, Customizable Scenario Editor

Conversation-based Training Scenarios with Facial Expressions, Lip Syncing, Gesture Animation, and Speech Recognition (Spoken Responses & Voice Commands)

Visual3D supports advanced human simulation, with facial expressions, lip syncing, and gestures, complete with support for morph target animation - which few engines support, but which most stock models available require, and which is much easier to setup, avoids need for expensive facial rigging tools, and provides higher fidelity animation.
The conversation in this video was built using the integrated Visual3D Conversation (Dialogue) Editor.

Mining, Excavation, Industrial, Engineering and other GIS & CAD-based Visualizations with Real-time GPS-based Animation and Physical Simulation on a Virtual Earth

Military Command & Control Simulations / RTS Games across Land, Air and Sea / Realtime Map/Mission Editing with Aerial View Map Overlays

Many simulations and training applications require specialized 2D interfaces to allow participants to monitor, manage, and control their operational environment. Visual3D supports the development of integrated 2D interfaces which can be used to supplement or control the user's application.

Massive Urban Simulation, Architecture and Procedurally Generated City Visualizations

Web Publishing

Visual3D-powered applications can be published with the revamped one-click web publishing feature upcoming for Visual3D release.

Visual3D has been used with browser-based deployment, and Realmware's Development Services can tailor the Visual3D Web Player plugin for Browser-based deployment.

Visual3D-based applications have been developed for use with Learning Management System (LMS) deployment, which is enabled through browser-based deployment, and Visual3D has been integrated with Video and Voice (VOIP) Conferencing, User Authentication, After Action Review (recording and replay), and other learning and collaboration tools and services.

Multi-User Networking and Simulation Servers

Visual3D, as well as our development services, have been used to develop multi-user simulations (which have included voice conferencing, collaborative mission editing, after action review, and enterprise authentication, 3D with split-screen and overlay 2D maps, and RTS-style Military Command & Control Simulation), as well as multiplayer 3D games, prototypes for next-gen 3D online virtual worlds / 3D social games, and the design of social games portals.

Visual3D enables multi-user simulations through its Massive Multiplayer (MMO) client-server networking based an easy to use .NET Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services/remoting (optimized and integrated with the Visual3D Entity Event and State system), with use of SQL Server database, via .NET Entity Framework, for the server.

The source code for the initial preview of this MMO server and multiplayer framework will available with the upcoming release, alongside an MMORPG/MMO FPS community technology preview.

Visual3D also includes an alternative multiplayer/multiuser solution, through the Visual3D.Networking plugin, which provides reliable UDP client-server networking based on NetCommand-derived classes. This has been used in various multi-user simulations / multiplayer training games, and was provided in earlier releases with the Robot Wars Online multiplayer game (which is now being incorporated into the upcoming MMORPG/MMO FPS demo).

Redistributable Integrated Toolset for Live Scenario/Mission Editing for 3D Engine with Next-Gen 3D Graphics, Advanced Physical Simulation, and Massive Terrain/World Building

Rapidly develop 3D Scenarios with the Visual3D drag & drop scenario building interface that allows you to rapidly assemble and change your environment as needed.

The Scene Design Manual provides an overview and tutorial for Visual3D's real-time world and mission editing capabilities.

Rapid World Building with Procedural Terrain & Vegetation Generation, Sculpting/Painting/Placement Brushes, and Land Cover Layers

The Visual3D All-in-One Toolset includes built-in tools for procedural terrain and vegetation generation, terrain painting/sculpting brushes, land cover layers, GIS vector/raster and CAD (.dxf) data importing, and object placement brushes. More information can be found in our World Building Manual and more videos covering these features are upcoming).

The Visual3D World Building Tools, including built-in Terrain Editor and Scene Editor, allow you to visually build real world terrains and urban environments anywhere on the globe through a unique 3D global world interface with easy to use Google Earth like navigation.

Use it to build terrain and then command your units from a system that gives you the ultimate view and situational awareness, take command of the battlefield that can be GIS accurate down to the meter, quickly change your battlefield by painting on new mountains and forest, easily add rivers and roads that can hinder or help forces' movements, and more.

Collaborative World Building and Real-time Editing

Visual3D allows designers to participate in the development of 3D simulations and scenarios remotely from anywhere. Through this capability developers, trainers, planners, war fighters, and more can collaborate together in real-time, whether through controlling an avatar, 3D virtual monitoring of people and equipment, unit control, or mission/world building.

Visual3D is optimized for use with Version Control Systems like Subversion (SVN) for supporting collaborative development of code and content for large teams, as well as modular reuse of content, assets, and prefabs.

Live Collaborative (Realtime Multi-User) World and Mission Editing is also upcoming, based on an improved version of previously available functionality for this.

Vehicle and Flight Simulations with Physics, Day-Night Cycle, Combat, Racing, Cities, and a Massive Virtual Earth/Planet

Offshore Outsourcing for Simulation Development, Customization, and Integration

Enterprise customers also gain access to offshore and U.S.-based development and production outsourcing services, staffed by the senior software engineers who had developed the Visual3D Engine and Toolset, as well as many applications built upon it, including training simulations, games, and geovisualizations developed for Fortune 500 companies, U.S. Military, and other organizations.

Realmware Outsourcing Services provides senior software engineers with experience in rapid development of applications ranging from RTS-style command and control simulations for the U.S. Military, flight simulators, and mining and drilling geovisualizations / monitoring tools to next-gen video games, customized toolsets and (voice, simulation server, etc.) integration, landscape and architectural visualizations, and conversation-based negotiations and sales training simulations.

Tools for AI, Characters, Conversations, and Visual Scripting, as well as C# and VB.NET Scripting with Visual Studio

The conversation editor, as well as other tools (such as for Visual Programming, Cinematic/Command Sequence Timelines, Behavior Tree, and Triggered States (Actions and Objectives), and Path/Road/Waypoint design) are described in the Visual3D Scripting and Mission Editing Overview.

Built On Microsoft .NET/XNA/C# for Rapid Development and Integration with Applications, Web Services, and Multi-User Simulation Servers

One of the key advantages of the Visual3D Game Engine, as the first and leading purely managed engine is in the ease of integration with 3rd party simulation servers, applications, web services and user interfaces, whether written in C#, Visual Basic, C++, or other .NET languages, as covered in the Programming Manual.

Due to its being the first and leading 3D simulation engine and toolset built entirely on Microsoft .NET, C# and XNA, the Visual3D Game Engine brings the rapid development benefits of C#, Visual Studio and other Microsoft development tools and technologies to realtime 3D game and simulation development, including the best-of-breed debugging, testing, and edit-and-continue development benefits of Visual Studio.

Many training applications, 3D simulations, and visualizations require the integration of mission critical tools and middleware such as simulation engines, VOIP clients, or specialized networking software. Visual3D supports simplified integration of these tools through a flexible plug-in based architecture.

And Realmware Outsourcing Services can handle integration, customization and even application development, start-to-fish, to reduce time, risk and cost in bringing your product to market. accelerate bringing your product to market.

Streamlined Pipeline with Leading Content Creation, CAD, and GIS Tools

Live (automatic) importing and updating/synchronizing with 3D model/CAD formats such Collada .dae, Wavefront .obj, Autodesk .fbx, and AutoCAD .dxf provides a streamlined pipeline from 3ds max, Maya, Softimage XSI and AutoCAD. The Asset Creation and Entity Creation manuals provide more details on these capabilities.

Enterprise Edition with GIS/CAD Integration and Daily Updates

Enterprise Edition includes access to CAD and GIS importing as well as terrain, model and scene exporting capabilities, as well as daily updates to the latest engine/toolset features, and priority engineering support and consulting from Visual3D software engineers.

Realmware Corporation provides professional support and development services to help give customers an extra edge. When teams need issues supported or assistance with development tasks such as middleware integration, content development, or custom feature development they can count on Realmware to provide affordable dedicated resources to help them achieve their objectives while keeping them on time and on budget.