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Visual3D Solutions

Defense & Government
Mining & GIS Visualization
Simulations & Real-time Strategy (RTS)
Education & Virtual Worlds
Landscape & Architecture Visualization

Visual3D Features

All-in-One Development Tool
Live World Building
Terrain Editor, Sculpting, Painting, Vegetation, Land Cover, Roads, Realistic Water, Decals, Day-Night Cycle, Procedural Generation
Visual Scripting, Editors, & C#
Behavior Trees, Cinematics, GUI Editor, Area/Entity State & Event Triggers, C#, IronPython, Visual Studio Debugging & Edit-and-Continue
Live Model Importing
For Collada, FBX, DAZ/Poser, CAD, GIS, and more, Integrated Model/Prefab/Material Editors, Automatic Importing
Character & Vehicle Avatars
Visual Editing for Conversations, Animation, Voice Acting, Facial Expressions, Speech Recognition, Navigation & Pathfinding AI
Realistic Lighting & Shadows
HDR Lighting, C# Shaders, Dynamic PSSM Shadows and Ultra Precalculated Lighting & Ambient Occlusion
Particle FX
Realistic Explosions and Visual Effects with Visual Editing and Particle Simulation
Audio & Video
Multiplayer Networking & Web Publishing
ClickOnce Publishing, High Performance Reliable UDP, Enterprise VOIP/Chat/Conferencing and Authentication