Visual3D Game Engine

All-in-One 3D Development Tool for Visual Authoring with XNA, C# and .NET

All-in-One Development Tool with Live Editing and World Building

Visual3D Game Engine's All-in-One Development Tool enables live world building for C#/XNA-powered 3D games, multi-user training simulations, GIS/CAD visualizations, and online virtual worlds.
Visual3D accelerates development with built-in Terrain, Entity, Mission, Visual Scripting, Particle FX, IronPython, Conversation, Road, Decal, and Cinematic editing and ClickOnce Web Publishing, while providing next-gen realism with Vehicle Physics, Multiplayer Networking, and Avatars with Voice Acting, Facial Expressions, Speech Recognition, and an industry-leading DAZ/Poser Character pipeline.

Game, Simulation, Visualization, & Virtual World Development with Visual3D

Visual3D Game Engine is a complete simulation and game development platform that integrates all of the necessary tools and technologies needed to build 3D applications into a single software product.
With a powerful development API and comprehensive set of visual design tools that automate core design tasks, teams can complete their applications rapidly and cost effectively. With this power in hand, a growing list of leading professional game and simulation developers are using Visual3D Game Engine.
Checkout our Videos and Screenshots of Visual3D Toolset and Visual3D-powered Games and Virtual Worlds, or checkout the new Simulations & Training Showcase for videos and key benefits of Visual3D for serious game and enterprise application development.

Massive Virtual Worlds with Realistic Terrain and Vegetation and Real-time, Live World Building with Built-in Terrain Editor

Visual3D accelerates development with built-in Terrain Editor, including integrated support for building roads, placing decals, placing and generation trees, grass, plants and other Land Cover layers, as well as painting and sculpting brushes and procedural generation of terrains, vegetation and worlds. Real-time editable terrain with blast mark support and support for custom scripted real-time deformation and destruction.

Vehicles, Characters with Voice Acting, Audio/Video Playback, and State/Event Triggers

Visual3D provides next-gen realism with Vehicle Physics, Multiplayer Networking, and Avatars with Voice Acting, Facial Expressions, Speech Recognition, and an industry-leading DAZ/Poser Character pipeline, as well as built-in Cinematics, Path and Conversation Editors and video playback. Support for advanced physics simulation with rigid body physics, vehicle and character rag doll physics, physical constraints, complex mesh-based collision detection, particle system simulation, mesh splitting (such as for custom environment destruction), and more.
Easy key mapping-based triggering of scripts, avatar and camera control, physical manipulation of objects, audio, animation and more through mouse, keyboard, joystick, and gamepad, and extensibility for support of 3D mouse, Microsoft Kinect, live motion capture, and custom input devices.

Avatars with Event, Animation, and State Triggers and Multiplayer Networking

Key Mappings, Behavior Tree Editor, and Entity Event/State/Trigger Wireup provide powerful visual tools for defining user controls, avatar behavior, and interactive scenes with your gameplay/mission/simulation rules, and can be used together with built-in IronPython/Python Script editor, as well as with tight integration with Visual Studio for best-breed Edit-and-Continue and Debugging tools.

Powerful, Simple Art Pipeline with COLLADA, FBX, CAD and Video Formats with Live Automatic Importing

Use Visual3D side-by-side with leading 3D modeling packages and DCC tools including 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage|XSI, DAZ Studio, Poser, AutoCAD and many others, through live automatic importing of models and scenes in the COLLADA .DAE, Autodesk .FBX, AutoCAD .DXF, 3ds Max .3DS, Wavefront .OBJ, DAZ/Poser .DAE, DirectX .X, .MESH, .SCENE formats.
Live importing simplifies your pipeline automatically making all your model files available for use in Visual3D without the tedious process of importing, simplifying your art workflow and allowing side-by-side use with modeling tools when combined with automatic detection of new and modified files while using the Visual3D toolset or running your game or simulation.
Export terrain and models from Visual3D to .FBX or .DAE for a round trip pipeline with other DCC tools. Support for many texture, audio and video formats provides a complete multimedia platform with Visual3D.

Realistic HDR Dynamic Lighting and Shadows, Built-in Editors for Model, Material, Animation, and Particle FX, Extensible with the HLSL and C# Shader Languages

Visual3D also includes built-in support - integrated into the all-in-one development tool - for entity/prefab/avatar editing and creation, with model, material (shader), physics, attachment (mount point), and animation editing, preview and hookup.

ClickOnce Web and Windows Publishing

Publish your own Visual3D-powered games and simulations, royalty-free. Our new ClickOnce Web Publishing feature will allow you to easily publish your own games via Microsoft's ClickOnce technology, by using the Visual3D All-in-One toolset.
You can also publish for Windows via any other method you prefer, such as installer (MSI), zip archive, or CD/DVD. However, our publishing feature should simplify this process as well, while also allowing you to install or launch your application via a web page or web link.
An upcoming option will allow you to play your game or simulation embedded in a browser, similar to a Web Player, but without needing to install a Web Player plugin first.

Professional Support, Training, Customization, and Game Development Outsourcing with Senior Visual3D Software Engineers and Production Staff

Realmware also provides a full range of services to complement its platform, including Offshore Outsourcing and U.S. Engineering , staffed by Visual3D specialists and backed by the Visual3D development team and leading experts in real-time 3D application development with C# / .NET. Whether you just need development support and training, or to outsource development from design to product, we can help you get to market faster and more cost effectively, with our highly competitive rates, and further discounts for Visual3D customers.