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Monday 22/12/2014

KUALA LUMPUR, 22 Dis (Bernama) -- Global Shark Conversation NGO WildAid Shark Savers bekerjasama dengan Wedding.com.my untuk melancarkan V-Day Challenge 2015 (#VDAY2015) yang bertujuan untuk mengatakan “tidak” kepada sup sirip ikan yu. Ianya juga menggalakan pasangan di Malaysia untuk berjanji daripada mengambil atau memakan sup sirip ikan yu dalam program khas V-Day dan cabaran yang diwujudkan dapat meningkatkan kesedaran mengenai pentingnya pemuliharan ikan yu.
Wedding.com.my mempunyai lebih daripada 200,000 ahli pasangan dan juga bakal pengantin. Objektif utama program ini adalah untuk meningkatkan kesedaran dan menyatukan semua pembekal perkahwinan dan komuniti pengantin yang mengambil bahagian dibawah platform Wedding.com.my, malah program ini juga bertujuan untuk menggalakkan pasangan merancang perkahwinan mereka pada tahun 2015. Tidak menyediakan sup sirip ikan yu semasa majlis makan malam perkahwinan dapat diterima oleh orang ramai dia ianya juga adalah perkara yang baik. Shark Savers Malaysia menggunakan slogan “I’m FINished with FINs” dalam program tersebut melalui pengaruh media sosial dan selebriti sebagai duta dalam aktiviti yang dirancang pada 14 hingga 15 Februari 2015.
Program V-Day 2015 merangkumi tiga acara kemuncak yang berbeza dan menarik iaitu Cabaran Pasangan Shark Savers, makan malam yang romantik dan “Wedding Wonderland”.
Acara Cabaran Pasangan Shark Savers pada 15 Februari 2015 akan mensasarkan sebanyak 40 pasangan untuk mengambil bahagian untuk terlibat sama menyelamatkan kepupusan ikan yu. Peserta yang terlibat mengambil bahagian akan diringi oleh selebriti yang sukerelawan mengambil bahagian dalam sepanjang program berlangsung untuk mengajak orang ramai supaya berhenti makan sirip ikan yu semasa majlis makan malam perkahwinan serta makan malam korporat. 40 pasangan tersebut  akan dibawa oleh MyTeksi dan akan berhenti di beberapa tempat yang telah ditetapkan dalam program tersebut dan ada diantara mereka dihiasi dengan pakaian pengantin oleh Precious, Redbliss, Stareast dan Aspial Wedding dan ada diantara mereka dihiasi dengan kostum ikan yu! 10 pasangan pertama yang dapat menyelesaikan cabaran tersebut akan menerima hadiah hebat daripada  Poh Kong, One City, Photobook Malaysia dan banyak lagi.
Bagi mereka yang tidak tahu bagaimana ingin meraikan 14 Februari 2015, boleh mengambil bahagian menyertai makan malam romantik untuk meraikan #VDAY2015 di @ E-City Hotel, One City. Makan malam romantik ini akan mensasarkan sebanyak 200 orang peserta. Pasangan yang terlibat akan disajikan dengan makanan dimasak oleh chef yang terkemuka di E-City Hotel dan akan dihiburkan oleh Peony Romance, KL Mobile DJs dan juga selebriti. Pelbagai acara menarik yang menanti para peserta pada makan malam romantik tersebut seperti cabutan bertuah dan juga hadiah.
Acara “Wedding Wonderland” pada 14 Februari 2015 akan dipenuhi oleh 20 para pembekal yang telah dipilih oleh Wedding.com.my dengan pelbagai perkhidmatan perkahwinan yang akan mempromosikan “green concept” dan majlis perkahwinan yang mesra alam dengan impak yang minimal. Shark Savers juga menanti anda di “Wedding Wonderland” untuk membantu anda dengan sebarang pertanyaan tentang Shark Savers.
#VDAY2015 berjanji untuk mewujudkan keseronokan dan kesedaran dalam menyokong "I’m FINished with FINS”! Jadi tandakan kalendar anda untuk kedua-dua hari untuk menikmati keseronokan yang penuh cabaran, hiburan dan rangkaian sosial untuk tujuan yang baik.
TEMPAT:                     E-City Hotel, One City, USJ 25
MASA & TARIKH:       Cabaran Pasangan Shark Savers  – 15 Februari 2015
Mass Romantic Dinner – 14 Februari 2015
Wedding Wonderland – 14 Februari 2015
MAKLUMAT LANJUT: www.wedding.com.my/vday2015
Images:                                https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B59tRD6pR9MgajhOTjRZZ0FjQzg&usp=sharing
#VDAY2015 Video:
Wedding.com.my is Malaysia no.1 wedding online portal for brides, grooms & couples to search for inspirations and ideas about wedding. Our bridal vendor network features service providers such as hotels, bridal house, jeweler, wedding gown designers and photographers, from whole of Malaysia. Since launched in Sep-2013, we have over 200,000 member base and currently voted top 1000 websites in Malaysia.
WildAid Shark Savers
WildAid focuses on addressing the human threat to wildlife.  Our comprehensive approach includes public awareness campaigns and educational initiatives to reduce consumer demand for wildlife products, and working with communities to support and enforce key protected habitats around the world. WildAid has also defined a comprehensive marine enforcement model that focuses on the law enforcement chain, which encompasses the activities of detection, interception, prosecution, and the sentencing of lawbreakers. For more information, please visit www.FINishedwithFINs.org  www.wildaid.org  www.sharksavers.org.
The ‘I’m FINished with FINs’ campaign is the largest grassroots initiated mass-media shark conservation campaign in the world, with over 700 of the most powerful and influential personalities and celebrities in the world championing the cause. It was conceived by volunteers and launched in Singapore on April 2012. It is currently active in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and the Maldives with WildAid, National Geographic, Earth Hour and World Wildlife Fund as international campaign partners. WildAid launched the ‘I’m FINished with FINs’ campaign in Shanghai and Beijing in late 2013 building on its ongoing campaign to stem consumption of endangered wildlife.
One City is an integrated development surrounded by the high density areas namely Subang Jaya, Shah Alam, Putra Heights and up to Klang which has a population of 2.5million within 10km radius. Situated on 77acres of freehold land, the components of One City includes shop lots, hotel, fitness centre, cinema, offices, retail outlets, event venues such as grand ballroom, seminar halls and meeting rooms and etc. Crowned as “The Ever Happening City”, One City is the one-stop destination for any occasion, be it business, entertainment, dining, events, thus providing a healthy work-life balance. To make One City as an urban oasis in the middle of this bustling Valley, the City is further landscaped with lush array of greenery at every nook and cranny, as well as Green Building Index features. The development is accessible via the LDP, Elite Highway, Subang Jaya as well as Putra Heights.
Founded in 1976, Poh Kong is a leading jewellery brand, reaching its 100th outlet mark in 2012. Poh Kong continues to be an integral part of its customers’ many significant moments by offering wide selections of yellow, white and rose gold, and diamonds and gems jewellery. Poh Kong has houses several in-house brands such as Tranz, designed for the bold and daring, comes in 4 collections- Classic, Love, Nature and Duet. Happy Love, inspired by Confucian tradition boasts a selection of elegant oriental gold jewellery, while Anggun features Asian-inspired designs of floral motifs that reflect the beauty of nature’s flora. The Art of Auspicious jewellery is a showcase of well-crafted masterpieces designed with fengshui elements. Besides in-house brands, Poh Kong also houses the world-renowned luxury European jewellery brands such as Schoeffel luxury pearls from Germany, the exquisite Luca Carati diamond jewellery and Moraglione 1922, an Italian brand specializing in coloured gemstones. Poh Kong houses quality diamond brands such as Hemera diamond, the world’s most brilliant diamond with 101 facets and Angel diamond, the world’s most brilliant ideal square diamond. For quality assurance, Poh Kong ensures that stringent measures are constantly undertaken without compromising design excellence. That is why Poh Kong is a jewellery brand that is synonymous with superior quality and meticulous craftsmanship.
MyTeksi is a Malaysian startup that aims to revitalize the taxi industry. We want to improve the safety and efficiency of our town taxis by leveraging on advancements in GPS and mobile technology. As a social enterprise and we believe that business and social value can be achieved in parallel. On the demand side, most passengers can’t get taxis when needed, and are constantly concerned about their personal safety. From the supply side, taxi drivers struggle to earn a living and spend ~60-75% of their working day idle. Even though both supply and demand for taxis are high, the poor matching process of the existing CB Radio dispatch system leads to significant inefficiencies.
AIA Bhd. is a leading insurer in Malaysia, where we have been privileged to do business since 1948. We offer a suite of high quality products including Protection, Health, Personal Accident, General Insurance, Employee Benefits, Retirement and Family Takaful options to meet our customers’ protection and financial security needs at every life stage. Through our wide and diverse distribution footprint which comprises a tied agency force of close to 17,000 members, our exclusive bank partner’s branches nationwide as well as corporate sales teams and brokers, we give our customers the choice of deciding how, when and where they connect with us. Part of the AIA Group, the largest independent publicly listed pan-Asian life insurance group, AIA Bhd. in Malaysia has the financial strength, experience, service centre network as well as a well-trained team of more than 2,000 staff to serve its 3 million customers nationwide.  As at end 2013, AIA Bhd.’s total asset worth was RM42 billion, with a paid-up capital of RM767 million.
Peony Romance Wedding Planner was established on May 31, 2004. The team was headed by Jolyn Angeline Lee whom has over 10 years of experience as professional wedding planner since 2004. The company had gained its recognition and support through online social networking site such as their official website, Facebook, wedding portals, relevant forums as well as by words-of-mouth among friends and loyal clients. Jolyn believe that her team will continue to outgrow in order to provide a better service to all of her clients.
KL MOBILE DJS is an elite team of seasoned entertainers with years of experience in event production. Our team of energetic and motivated entertainers will create a truly memorable event. We offer the finest DJs, Celebrity Event Hosts, Live Musicians, Motivational Dancers, and Theatrical Performers for the special event industry. We strive to provide the highest quality of entertainment to those who demand something beyond the expected. KL MOBILE DJS attention to detail and passion for our work will show at your event. Our handpicked entertainers are built for the event industry. We are continuously introducing top talent and entertainment concepts to clients all around the world. From intimate private affairs to large corporate events, KL MOBILE DJS is the trusted name to make any event spectacular.
Photobook Worldwide is an ecommerce business that is dedicated in providing customers a unique experience by preserving meaningful memories through fully personalizable, premium printed photo albums. Established in 2005, we have since expanded across our borders and currently hold offices in Australia, Canada, Malaysia, and the Philippines. This allows us to extend our reach to the global market, effectively serving over 100 countries. We're all about letting customers create beautiful photo books. Create wedding books, engagement albums, travel chronicles, work portfolio and anything else the customer would ever want. We have also expanded our product range and have introduced canvas prints, greeting cards, calendars and photo prints among many others. We are dedicated to ensure superior craftsmanship and deliver lifelong quality. This has made our products very popular as gifts and enduring keepsakes.
Since its establishment in 2003, S2 has been leading the local beauty industry with its unique hand skills and star products such as the Manual Fat Drainage, Navel Care Therapy and Drainage Massage. From its first branch in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, S2 has grown over the last decade to include branches in Puchong, Subang Parade, and Kota Damansara. In 2014, S2 changed its name from ‘S2 Slimming’ to ‘S2 Signature’. This step forward as S2 Signature marks S2′s strong commitment in promoting a healthy balance between the mind, body and soul. S2 Signature is more than a beauty and slimming centre. S2 Signature stands for a healthy lifestyle and well-being; a place for everyone to relax, revitalise and find their inner peace. S2 Signature is driven by its 5 core values of ‘Safe’, ‘Sharing’, ‘Inspiration’, ‘Result’, and ‘Value’. S2 Signature believes that the mind and body would benefit from safe, reliable treatments and a positive, friendly environment. The sharing of knowledge and experiences in a positive environment would enhance self-development and foster meaningful relationships, while the power of inspiration would stimulate anyone to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others. S2 believes in effective, long-lasting results that boost confidence, good health, and overall wellbeing. Fundamentally, S2 believes in the value of enriching the lives of customers while actively contributing to the communities they live in. In line with this commitment, S2 Signature is proud to launch its cafe and its ‘Inner Beauty, Outer Shine’ campaign in 2014. S2 Signature’s cafe will not only serve nutritious meals and drinks for the health conscious, but offer a place for the socially inclined to engage in conversation. On the other hand, S2 Signature’s ‘Inner Beauty, Outer Shine’ campaign will feature a selection of workshops that seek to encourage learning and the sharing of knowledge and values within a positive network of peers. By inspiring confidence, awareness and appreciation, S2 Signature believes that timeless, everlasting beauty will radiate from within. S2 Signature looks forward to partner with the fashion, fitness, food and nutrition industries to provide the best of a healthy lifestyle and well-being to its customers.
Established in 2007, Gregs Video Sdn. Bhd. began with a humble beginning with its office located in Subang Jaya. At the start of the business, we offered wedding video production and photography services in Malaysia and also abroad. Having successfully filmed and photographed over 500 beautiful weddings both locally and internationally, we have since grown to be one the best video production studios in Malaysia. With the skills and expertise, we have ventured into the corporate world by offering corporate and corporate concept videos and photography services. In the past years, we have worked with various high profiled corporate clients some of which are Fortune 500 companies and Global Conglomerates. Creating many professional, yet emotionally engaging corporate videos for the purposes of sales or marketing, launch of events, and annual dinners. At GREGS we take pride in the services we offer; hence the quality of production is second to nothing. Our Creative team at GREGS regards every project as a work of art. Without quality, there is no satisfaction and without satisfaction, there is only disappointment. The expertise and creativity that the team possess at GREGS depicts perfection; catering to every clients need from pre-production to post production. Anyone can direct but only GREGS can inspire!
We are a member of WPPI (Wedding Portrait Photographer international) and at the same time we are also International web award winner. As wedding photographers is to create for you a visual feast that is sometimes powerful, always artistic, and mostly delightful. We are an easy going and fun-loving group of photographers that love wedding atmosphere , that like to feel the joy of the couples , that obsess with the love intimacy between the couples , that rave for all the romantic moments, that desire what you desire. Finally we work together to create fascinating masterpieces for YOU.
La Kaza is led by a team of dynamic and creative individuals who believe in the art of simple transformation to make your event or function memorably unique. Combining their strengths and skills in the field of events, parties and weddings, the team at La Kaza is set to add new style. We believe in keeping it simple, classy, different and elegant. Besides the unique decoration our team has to offer, La Kaza also puts forward its products for either purchase or rental to its customers at affordable prices. Some of these mesmerizing products are wedding tables and chairs, crystal and acrylic centerpieces, and astonishing LED lightings. La Kaza’s long lasting influence on event decoration has spread around the globe, inspiring modern and traditional wedding planners to create unique and memorable weddings for everyone no matter the cost. La Kaza utilizes its labor, products, equipment, accessories and innovation to make your dream wedding a reality.
Precious is dedicated to capture and help you plan your special day. Be it a wedding, graduation, family photo shoot or a celebration. We also provide gowns and suits for rent and sale for any occasion. Having been brides and grooms, family and friends of wedding couples ourselves, we understand the excitement that goes into planning for that special day. We will be there to hold your hand, capture every moment, wipe your tears and ensure the entire day goes on smoothly or simply just to cheer you on. We are made up of a team with over 20 years of experience in seeing through the thick and thin of countless couples' journey to a wonderful life together. Our expertise lies in conceptualizing your union from the moment he pops the question to the moment your first child celebrates his first birthday to your father`s 50th birthday celebration and to the day your child graduates!
Located in Seri Kembangan which is around 20 minutes’ drive from Kuala Lumpur, Farm In The City is a unique concept that combines the elements of wildlife and nature set in a designed environment of a conservation park. Designed to resemble a typical Malaysian Kampung setting, it provides an opportunity for the young and old to get close to animals and plants which you mostly read about or see on TV. Being a park that is completely free of cages, all the animals are allowed to roam freely in special enclosures which mimic as closely as possible to their natural surroundings. One can feed, touch and play with the more than 100 species of exotic animals within close proximity. Spread across the seven acres, the park is divided into several sections which will provide various type of experience for the visitors. Get Up Close and Personal at Turtle & Tortoise Farm, Reptiles Cavern, Bird Aviary, Savannah, Vegetable & Fruits Farm, Pet Village, Mood's Lake, Jungle Walk, Butterfly Garden, Exhibition Hall, Pelican Quay and many others. Apart from fun filled experience, Farm In The City also executes various educational programs targeted at visitors of all ages which centres around themes of conservation and preservation. It is part of the vision to inform and educate the public on the habitat, behavior and geographical distribution of the animals in the global landscape.
Stareast Wedding specialises in transforming your biggest and happiest moments on your wedding day and transformed it into beautiful memories. Established in Jan 2000, Stareast Wedding is one of the most prestigious wedding photography studios in Malaysia. We at Stareast Wedding takes pride in what we do best, wedding photography! Our team of wedding photographer is very professional, down-to-earth, experienced and skilled in photographic. You’ll be surprised with the intricate details that they are able to capture; your laughs as husband and wife, how you hug your parent’s, the look upon your face when you see your bridesmaids, the sparks in your eyes when you’ve dressed in your wedding gown. These are the memories that will stay with you for life! So, rest assured that your biggest and happiest moments on your wedding day are in good hands! We have a library of wedding portfolios that you may refer to. As your wedding day approaches, our wedding photographers make sure that all of your intimate and candid emotions are captured into everlasting memories, which you’ll be able to cherish!
Redbliss Wedding Studio is located in SS2 Petaling Jaya, on a street famous for the blossoming of wedding houses. It is the largest wedding studio in the area, covering three levels that equals to 5,200 square feet of bridal bliss. The first level is furnished for sales and functions as a pick-up area. The second level is where approximately 700 wedding dresses are showcased for you to choose from. The top floor is where the studio is situated. It is also dedicated to the post-production of photos taken. Awards - It is rare for a wedding house to also acquire high-end photography. Redbliss does and it has its very own unique style of wedding photography along with a renowned reputation. In fact, it has been reported in several major newspapers. Malaysia’s biggest cable television network, ASTRO, has invited Redbliss for an interview for its television program. Furthermore, Redbliss is also recognized by its peers and is selected to be the Chairman of the Wedding Expertise Association in Selangor. Brand Story - Redbliss’ charming brand is also received by other star brands such as: WAH CHAN, BONUS LINK, HSBC, DIAMOND PLATINIUM favor solicitation brand cross-border cooperation (CROSSOVER).
Passing by Macalister Road, one would not help but notice a building, exquistely erected amongst the many colonial houses, which boasts the name "Aspial Wedding Collection". Nothing was overlooked while constructing the building. Details were put into each and every corner and the end result transformed Aspial into the perfect backdrop for bridal shoots. Newlyweds would also be spoiled for the choice over Aspial's vast collection of elegantly designed bridal wears. Aspial is persistent on making your wedding day the time of your life and this has resulted in us striving to improve ourselves on serving you better.
Founded in the year 2003, Floralsense Creation is the brainchild of our founder Mr. B.H. Lim. His pursuit of the floristry industry is due to his passion for flowers, his creative mind and his interested in design. Over the years, we have diversified our services. We not only deal with floristry but also manage events and set up wedding decorations. We have three divisions now under the brand of Floralsense creation, which are Floralsense Gallery, Floralsense Wedding& Events and Floralsense Academy. Our very experienced instructor will guide you through every step and we will also enlist the help of various experts in wedding industry to enhance your experience. To conceptualize and actualize a dream wedding is every Wedding Planner goal and Floralsense Academy can help you to realize this goal. Floralsense Creation strives to be the leading brand in the floristry & wedding industries. As connoisseurs as the aesthetic we believe in delivering what your heart invariably desires. Your dream and your vision will be our guiding light. We will blend beauty and originality with stylish elegant for a poetic appeal.
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