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The Beacon Hall Archive
Theology 101

Mularos: The Power of Suffering

You say, "First, I would like to thank you all for coming. Tonight is another of the series of Arkati lectures sponsored by The Beacon Hall Archive."

You say, "Now, as the title of the class suggests, this lecture will be on Mularos."

You ask, "Before we begin, are we all familiar with the role he plays within the Lornon Pantheon?"
You give your eyebrow a little workout.

Naamit looks over at you and shakes her head.
Naamit says, "I do not believe they are."

You say, "That's fine, I expected more people to admit."
You clear your throat.

Naamit smirks.

Nofret says, "The god of suffering, I believe."
You nod to Nofret.

Laul says, "I am certain we will all learn more than we knew by the time we finish tonite."
Nofret says, "I am certain we will."

You say, "He is different than the other Arkati, in that his power is gleaned from suffering."
You say, "And in that, he suffers along with his victims."
You say, "He feels pain, but revels in it--for that is where he draws his power."

You say, "There is much misunderstanding of this role, however."
You say, "For the past does not equate the present, and in a sense his role in the Pantheon has evolved."

You say, "And with that, and no further ado--Lady Naamit DMonica."

You curtsy to Naamit.
Naamit nods to you.

Naamit says, "My, what an introduction."
You smirk.

You say, "I do my best."

Naamit says, "It bodes well for me, indeed."
Naamit touches one finger to her lips.

Naamit asks, "Tarkisis, have you any preliminary questions?"

You say, "hm"
You say, "I suppose I do have one."
Naamit nods to you.

You say, "Regarding previous cult beliefs, versus modern ones. Worshippers of Mularos often found enjoyment in such pain delivered."

Naamit nods to you.

You say, "It isn't an easy question to put into words, more of a rumor of what it was to what it is now."

Naamit says, "From my experience... Yes, cults that have risen in the past based their worship on the pleasure found in pain."
Naamit touches one finger to her lips.

Naamit says, "I do sense such fetishes still exist, though their alignment with Mularos anymore may well be obscured or lost completely."

Naamit smiles quietly to herself.

Naamit says, "The understanding of how pain and suffering can aid M'Lord has changed over time."
You nod to Naamit.

You say, "I think that change is what confuses people to this day."

Naamit says, "Previous cults that rode on the premise of pleasurable pain... They truly served only themselves."
Naamit snorts.
Naamit says, "It seemed not a blind sacrifice done in faith and belief of Him."
Naamit shakes her head.

Naamit strides a few steps forward.

Naamit says, "It was based out of their own greed and desire."
Naamit nods.

Naamit says, "Since then, we have learned how pain... And pleasure... Work to serve and benefit Him."
Naamit nods to you.
Naamit says, "It is not a selfish working."

Naamit closes her eyes for a moment.

Naamit says, "Perhaps a moment of history is necessary."
You say, "So rather, such things should be only to serve Mularos.. and not for one's self pleasure."
Naamit says, "It seems as though the justification for the selfless is unfounded, without it."
Naamit touches one finger to her lips.
You nod.

Naamit says, "For clarification: Not only to serve Him - As if one can gain nothing from the exchange..."
Naamit says, "But indeed, the necessity for His benefit is absolute."
Naamit touches one finger to her lips.

Naamit asks, "Is that convoluted?"
Naamit says, "I care not to confuse this evening."
Sayori says, "It makes complete sense to me."
Nevrek shakes his head.
Nevrek says, "I concur."
You ask, "Thus, such actions should only serve a purpose to Mularos--and not a selfish means?"
Naamit nods.

Naamit says, "Action is taken to serve and benefit Lord Mularos. Although some personal gain may be had, the self is not to be considered solely."

Naamit grins.
Naamit says, "It's not about You... Or I. It is about Him."
Naamit nods to you.
You nod to Naamit.

You ask, "Now, the history part?"
You grin at Naamit.

Naamit says, "Only through serving Him, can true benefit or reward come back toward one's self."
Naamit says, "It is oddly cyclical, though the beginning is always with Him."

Naamit says, "History...."
Naamit closes her eyes for a moment.

Naamit removes a black Mularos symbol from in her leather tool harness.

Naamit says, "Years ago, I sought answers and information on M'Lord. I knew him in a way, but that way was far different than that of those I encountere."

Naamit says, "I came across a seeker - A man named Stumo."
Naamit smiles quietly to herself.

Naamit says, "Lord Stumo spent many years seeking the answers and clarity regarding Mularos that...Even today, are still somewhat obscure and unknown."
Naamit says, "His seeking brought him upon the Sea of Fire, a place which no normal man truly wishes to adventure."

Naamit shakes her head.

Naamit says, "Years prior, a hooded man came to this town, speaking of Lord Mularos."
Naamit just touched a bloody Moralis clamp.
Naamit says, "An appartition it seemed, for he could barely be seen."
Naamit says, "The man spoke with a number of people. Including them, were Lord Nighthawk, and Lord Stumo."

Naamit says, "Although Nighthawk received the artifact I now wear around my neck... The bloody clamp of Moralis, Stumo is the one who strove to complete the quest."
Naamit closes her eyes for a moment.

Naamit says, "Stumo learned of the fate of Mularos - The explanation for His silence and seeming absense from Elanthia, as it were."
Naamit says, "The lore he came across... While somewhat suspect in origin, does indeed give light to these things."

Naamit says, "I will omit the overtly suspect portions, as to most, they serve only to confuse."
Naamit strides a few steps forward.
Naamit sits down.
Naamit removes a cup of honeyed mint tea from in her leather tool harness.
Naamit takes a drink from her honeyed mint tea.

Naamit says, "It is said that Moralis was not the same as the Mularos we know today."
Naamit says, "In this lore, Phoen, Kai and Mularos are considered brothers."
Naamit says, "They represent three portions - All sons of Koar and Lumnis."
Naamit says, "The three portions at this point, are irrelevant."
Naamit says, "Further, whether or not they are truly brothers or sons of Koar is also irrelevant."

Naamit says, "What stands important however, is that at one point in time, there was a communal relationship between the three."
Naamit says, "Moralis... Or Mularos, if you prefer, did not necessarily hold an equal portion of the relationship as did Phoen and Kai."
Naamit says, "Their natures were vastly more competetive and brutish than that of Mularos.
Naamit says, "Yet within this, Mularos possessed the charm and physical beauty the other two lacked - Perhaps as a result of his less barbaric nature."

Naamit shrugs.
Naamit smirks.

Naamit says, "For a reason... One which I care not to speculate on too heavily lest it be grossly incorrect, Kai specifically took a disliking for Mularos."
Naamit begins to twitch.

Naamit says, "You'll have to excuse me, my mind is a touch jumbled."
Naamit takes a drink from her honeyed mint tea.

Naamit says, "In any event, Kai sought to eliminate Mularos."
Naamit says, "Mularos was set to the rack and given lashings by Kai's favored minions. It was enough to destroy most anyone..."

Naamit shakes her head.
Naamit says, "Yet oddly, Mularos did not die."
Naamit says, "He was wounded, doubt you not"

Naamit chuckles.

Naamit says, "Yet after a time... With each lashing, he grew from it."
Naamit says, "When it was announced to Kai that his methods were appearing unsuccessful, he sought the assistance of his brother Phoen."

Naamit says, "In turn, Phoen suggested a visit to Eonak, who serves as the metalsmith of the Arkati."
Naamit touches one finger to her lips.

Naamit says, "Yet all the while, Mularos continued growing from the repeated torture."
Naamit exclaims, "So much so, that before Kai consulted Eonak, Mularos set back to strike out at Kai!"
Naamit says, "M'Lord struck him such a blow...Such an infliction, that Kai was fairly undone for a time."

Naamit says, "And in the interim, Phoen saw the happenings and sought out Eonak himself."
Naamit shifts her weight.

Naamit takes a drink from her honeyed mint tea.

Naamit says, "Phoen brought Kai to Eonak to show of the damage done (though failed to tell of how it all came about) and within this, begged Eonak for some enclosure to keep Mularos from destroying them all."

Naamit mutters something about deception...

Naamit says, "Eonak, disgusted with what had transpired, set to create a cell for Mularos - One that would keep him at bay for all time."
Naamit says, "And through this, he forged a tomb of so secure that not even Kai or Phoen could penetrate it."
Naamit says, "And located this tomb within a place that would most assuredly cause Mularos more infliction than he had ever imagined..."

Naamit chortles softly at some secret joke.

Naamit says, "Little did Eonak know of Mularos's way."
Naamit shakes her head.

Naamit says, "A trap was set, Mularos was captured and then forced into the tomb forged by Eonak."
Naamit says, "Shortly thereafter, He nearly escaped - His power so great by that point from the torturing heat and the minions of Kai..."

Naamit shakes her head.

Naamit says, "Eonak couldn't let his creation be undermined that easily, no..."
Naamit says, "He reinforced the tomb with glaes - The metal of Teras Isle..."
Naamit says, "And placed upon this tomb, a lock of the strongest magical metal he could possibly create."

Naamit shakes her head.
Naamit touches one finger to her lips.
Naamit mutters something about glaes.

Naamit says, "I've been told glaes is glass and not metal."
Naamit waves her hand in a dismissive gesture.
Naamit says, "Either way, it is very strong. One of the strongest, to be sure."
Naamit grumbles.

Naamit says, "The tomb was so strong that indeed, Mularos could not escape."
Naamit shakes her head.
Naamit says, "And according to lore, still has not."

Naamit says, "That does not mean however, that His power hasn't and doesn't continue to grow..."
Naamit says, "Just because His physical flesh has not yet permeated the surface of the tomb, the eons of suffering have allowed Him to work in other ways."

Naamit coughs.
Naamit says, "That was not clear.."

Naamit says, "Regardless of the fact his physical self has not yet come out, it is believed He has found other ways to work His will from there."
Naamit closes her eyes for a moment.

Naamit says, "He continues to grow and strengthen... Not only from his own suffering... From the pains of the sea, the nature of his cell"
You ask, "The sea?"
Naamit says, "The Sea of Fire... It is not conducive to a pleasant experience."
Naamit says, "By its nature, it harms."
You nod.

You ask, "Perhaps that is whence the tale of the priest kings came from, hm?"
You ponder.

Nanna asks, "That's where he is?"
Nanna peers quizzically at Naamit.
Nanna asks, "He's in the sea of fire?"

Naamit shifts her weight.
Naamit says, "Coming full circle..."

Naamit says, "Lord Stumo gathered from the story the hooded figure told and from other experiences, that the Sea of Fire was the location of Lord Mularos's imprisonment."

Naamit says, "So Lord Stumo told me of the tale I just told... Albeit in a more intricate form with even further suspect details. Shortly thereafter, he handed me the black symbol I hold in my hand - It was received by him in a way unknown to me, apparently during his first trek to the Sea of Fire."

Naamit says, "He told me that I should hang on to it always."
Naamit nods.

Naamit says, "And thus, I have."

Naamit says, "He left shortly thereafter to again explore the shore of the Sea of Fire, in the hopes of learning how to untomb our Lord."
Naamit shakes her head.

Naamit says, "He has not since returned."