Day of Prayer for the Unborn Child

Prayer Card for Life

Each council, assembly and Squires circle is encouraged to participate by holding a special prayer service in its council home, meeting place or local parish church. When celebrating the Knights of Columbus Day of the Unborn Child:

  • Councils are encouraged to conduct a Mass or Rosary service celebrating the culture of life. Remember to invite all members of the community, including public officials and health care workers, to show everyone that there is a strong support for building a culture of life in the area. Strength in numbers gives others the courage to speak up and also lets the community know there is a group willing to help women in crisis pregnancies.
  • To plan a  service, local councils should:
    • Consult with your chaplain, faithful friar, father prior or the pastor of the local parish to establish a time and the kind of service (i.e. Rosary, Mass, etc);
    • Invite all council, assembly and circle members and their families to the event as well as parishioners and members of local culture of life groups;
    • Ask the pastor to make a pulpit or bulletin announcement regarding the program at all Masses the weekend prior to the event;
    • Send a notice to the local diocesan newspaper and local secular media.
  • Councils, assemblies and circles should distribute Prayer for Life cards (#4665). Additional copies of the brochure and prayer cards are available in reasonable quantities from the Supply Department. Also, utilize this sample prayer service in planning your council’s, assembly's or circle's event.
    The Knights of Columbus Day of the Unborn Child was instituted as an addition to the Order's commitment to build a culture that respects and protects every human life from conception to natural death.