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Linda O.

Health Improvements: Hormonal Imbalances, Adrenal Fatigue (abnormal cortisol rhythms), Hypothyroidism, Metabolic Syndrome, Peri-menopausal symptoms, Fluid Retention, Emotional Fluctuations

This Challenge was so much more to me than a competition or a way to create a better body for myself. It turned out to be a perfectly-timed rescue from what could have turned out to be a serious time of grieving, with some feelings of hopelessness, regarding my health and fitness.

My “health story” starts as a young teen who turned to anorexia as a means of coping with situations that were too difficult for a young person to bear. Progressing through those years were also many forms of unhealthy dieting. As a late teen and into my married life, I adopted a very strenuous, daily fitness routine to cope with the new, additional stresses that life now held. It consisted of several hours a day of very serious exercise, including cardio, weight-lifting, and swimming, along with other fitness activities. I always called fitness my “mental health plan.” The actual exercise sessions did “pick me up” due to the increased endorphins and cortisol levels produced during that limited period of time. The downside was that I was dealing with pretty serious adrenal fatigue and all of the hormonal turmoil that went along with that. I was always pushing myself to do one more thing and barely having enough energy to function. This was very difficult with a husband and five children to care for, along with the daily responsibilities of home schooling, and being everything else that a mom is required to be.

I am very thankful that over the years I have overcome many of the unhealthy life patterns that I had adopted, including the anorexia and the detrimental thinking and health habits that are associated with that. However, in my mid-forties, my body had fallen into hypothyroidism. Now my weight was not so controllable, and moving into peri-menopause caused many other system upsets. My hormones were fairly unpredictable, and the times of fatigue resulting from my exercise routines were getting to be more than my body could handle.

That leads me to my introduction to T-Tapp. The last several days that I participated in an exercise class that included my usual cardio and weight-training regime, I had to come home and sleep for 3-4 hours before I could get up and function again. I realized that it was time for me to turn to a new phase in my fitness and wellness quest. But I had no idea what that would be. I felt lost after over 27 years of knowing what my exercise routine would look like. I wondered if my body could even handle much exercise anymore, and that made me quite concerned, very sad and a truthfully a bit fearful. I did not want my feeling of well-being or my body image to decline in these mid-life years, but it felt as if it quickly could.

I am a person who is always researching and implementing natural and alternative ways of improving my health. In my search for optimal thyroid health, I was introduced to Teresa Tapp’s wellness program. Realizing that it would revitalize, rather than deplete my energy, I was thrilled to realize that there were other options out there for me in this stage of my life. I loved the fact that it would incorporate the whole lymph system into the routine and that it even addressed menopause management. It was everything that I needed, but didn’t know existed! This Challenge literally brought new hope to me. I immediately started the Basic Workout Plus and moved quickly into the Total Workout. I stuck with that routine for several weeks. From there, I worked into the Ladybug workout, which I absolutely love. Over this past 60 days, I have focused mostly on stabilizing emotional and hormonal fluctuations, as well as increasing energy levels, by doing the Ladybug Workout. I have been very impressed and pleased with the results! I have also done Step It to the Max and Hit the Floor occasionally during this time. It seems that my body is going through a period of detoxification, and I have incorporated the skin brushing program into my daily routine. I am so glad that I have learned about these various new ways of keeping my body looking and feeling good inside and out.

I think that my main accomplishment during this Challenge, one that is visible to me and others, is in my mid-section. I was actually quite shocked that each time I did one of Teresa’s routines, I watched my stomach flatten within a very short period of time! I would never have believed it, if someone would have told me that was possible, but I watched it happen every time. I am so thankful that there is a successful method of controlling what seems like the uncontrollable factors during this stage of life. This fitness program and this Challenge have been lifesavers to me. I believe it is what my body probably needed many years ago, but I am so grateful that now, at age 47, I am now able to experience the wonderful benefits of such a comprehensive, wellness program as T-Tapp is. Thank you, Teresa, for your love for people, for health and education, and for incentives, such as this 60 Day Challenge. In my book, you make us all real Winners!

Comments: This was a wonderful opportunity to see and experience for myself the benefits of a totally new way of fitness and wellness, after 27 plus years of what I knew of the health and fitness world. Thank you so much for this beneficial and rewarding opportunity!



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