Zack Carver ('13) and Other Students and Alumni at the 2015 Austin Film Festival

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Not one but two of alumnus Zack Carver’s (’13) short films have been selected to be screened at the Austin Film Festival.

One of the films, a documentary entitled Amateur Dictator, follows the actual superintendent of Carver’s apartment building as he dreams of becoming the next great dictator. To see an interview with Carver about the process of making the film, check out this video.

The second of Carver’s work that will be highlighted at the festival is Sin Matador, a story about a romance that is interrupted by an illegal basement bull fight. To read more about the film, check out the official website.

Carver’s films will be included in Festival’s Shorts Program 7: Fantasies, Figments, and Farces, which will be screened on November 1 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

Carver isn’t the only Columbia School of the Arts student to gain recognition from the Austin Film Festival. Two other students have advanced to the semifinals of the 2015 Screenplay and Teleplay Competition: Shawn Wines (’12), for his feature comedy I Hope You’re Happy, and current student Callum Smith, for his one-hour TV pilot Minor.

A number of other SOA students reached the second round of the competition: Mimi Jeffries (’13), for her feature drama Going Om, her sitcom pilot On Cloud Nine, and her short screenplay Cupcake; fourth-year Robert Caudy for his feature drama Long Way Home; Josh Carlebach (’13) for his feature drama The Lost City; Johnny McAllister (‘05) for his feature drama Under the Bridge; George Strayton (’06) for his feature drama The World Must End; Grace Edwards (’10) for her feature comedy The Boogie Down; Jed Cowley (’12) and Jonathan John (‘12) for their feature comedy Vampire State Building; Scott Burkhardt (’08) for his one-hour TV pilot Kingdom Come; Crickett Rumley (‘97) for her one-hour TV pilot Lucinda Latrigue, Private Investigatrix; Jamal Joseph, Jr. (‘13) for his one-hour TV pilot Winter; Odin Ozdil (’07) for his one-hour spec script for The Blacklist, “Motley Crew”; second-year Nic Yulo for her short script Changelings; and third-year Alexandre Paul Ilic for his short script The Fridge.

The Austin Film Festival will be held from October 28 to November 5, 2015.

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