• Digital detritus, electronic plasticity and the human condition
  • An exploration of hyper immediacy and our position within electronic spaces
  • 16-27 SEPTEMBER 2015 @ 107 Projects Redfern, Sydney

SYNC3 charts the practices of emerging and established media artists exploring human and post-human digital teleologies, the post-internet aesthetic and the resurgence of faux vintage appeal.

Through their engagement with both obsolete and emergent technologies contributing artists present new works that consider the possibilities of our existence in a post-electronic age. The two week program includes, performances, a curated screening program and a public exhibition.

16-27 SEPTEMBER 2015 @ 107 Projects Redfern, Sydney
107 Redfern Street, Redfern NSW 2016. Gallery open Wednesday-Saturday 10–5 PM, and Sunday 11–4 PM.

OPENING NIGHT Wednesday 16 September 2015 from 6 PM.


  • Tully Arnot
  • Ollie Bown & Peter Hollo
  • Jon Drummond
  • FMGrande
  • Danielle Gotell
  • Jo Gray
  • Josh Harle
  • Justin Harvey
  • Deborah Kelly & Christian J Heinrich
  • Teigan Kollosche
  • Ed Leckie
  • Lian Loke
  • Jorge Mansilla
  • Brady Ciel Marks
  • Alex Munt
  • Sissy Reyes
  • Matte Rochford
  • Claudio Rivera-Seguel
  • Susannah Thorne
  • Lindsay Webb
  • Nick Wishart
  • Danielle Zorbas
Nick Wishart: working in music composition, sound, electronics, installation and multimedia, Nick has been composing and performing soundtracks since 1990. Working with numerous theatre companies in Sydney, Nick has also been commissioned to write soundtracks for projections on major buildings in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, including St Mary’s Cathedral, Customs House, QPAC and Hamer Hall.

In addition to Nick’s composition work he creates unique electronic instruments using circuit bending techniques and is a founding member of the all toy band Toydeath. Formed in 1995, Toydeath have played throughout Australia with notable performances at the Sydney Biennale 2010, Big Day Out, The Great Escape as well as international tours to Europe, USA and Asia.

Another major work Nick has helped create is CeLL, an automatic music machine encased in a 20ft shipping container. CeLL is an on going collaboration between artist/engineer Miles van Dorrsen. Using sequencing software, Nick brings to life this mechanical behemoth that has performed at Prague Biennale, Adelaide Festival, Canberra International Music Festival, What is Music Festival and is currently based in Berlin.
Teigan Kollosche is a Media Artist, Film Maker, and Educator. She has worked as a writer, director, editor and sound recordist on feature films, for broadcast television, and international documentaries. Her first project for SYNC! The Virtual Leash explored “our incorporation within real and cyber worlds as we transgress the globe.”

For SYNC!!, her work The debris of techno hardware and word rubbish riffs on parallels between lost technologies and discarded slang.
Sydney based artist Susannah Thorne explores responses to the human body, health and gender.

Working across painting, installation and sculpture, the mixed media works utilise diverse materials such as industrial plastics, medical paraphernalia, mannequins and human teeth. Employing a forensic approach to her practice, Thorne creates artworks as a form of evidence of trauma to the body and mind. Currently undertaking a research degree at UNSW Art & Design with a focus on the arts and health and creative responses to illness, this includes examination of expectations of the body, and analysis of the posthumous artist’s studio.
Josh Harle is a multidisciplinary researcher and new media artist, with a background in Computer Science, Philosophy, and Sculpture. His research investigates the virtual spaces generated by emerging technologies, our encounters with the world through them, and their political and philosophical consequences.

Harle’s practice explores the contemporary use of digital technologies to map and make sense of the world. He critiques the often ideological practices of digital capture that result in representations ranging from the schematic and reductive (e.g. GPS navigation and Google maps) to the immersive and evocative (e.g. narrative-based video games).

His works take various established and emerging mapping technologies – laser scanning, photogrammetry, geolocation tracking – and re-appropriates them as expressive mediums, altering their outcomes to introduce an affective element which is normally absent.

Through these radical cartographic practices, Harle reveals his own place in a field of competing drives to organise, stake-claims, and dictate boundaries: the map as a performance of exploration, of trying to make sense of the world.

His current work explores the interplay between our first-hand embodied experience of the world and the set of mechanisms and practices that are used to organise it. His research focuses on the diverse ways of inhabiting space, how emerging technologies are changing these, and why emergent, poetic accounts of the city are important.
Justin Harvey is a Sydney-based artist and PhD candidate at UNSW Art & Design, working across various strands of media arts. He is currently interested in 'the glitch' and how consumer hardware and software can be exploited to create unique visions of our incessantly remediated existence.
Lindsay Webb is a director of Lull Studios focusing on environmental and graphic design, and sound based works including soundtracks for live performance and screen. With a special interest in aural phenomena in the built environment, Lindsay is involved in developing new links with the burgeoning European community of auditive architecture and urban sound planning. Lindsay's curriculum vitae is available here.
Edward Leckie is an electronics engineer educated at the University of Sydney. He is also a video artist, electronic music producer, and co-developer of the LZX Visionary Analogue Video Synthesizer system. His video artwork has been exhibited at the Hyperlink Festival at the Tate Modern, London.
Dr. Jon Drummond is a sound artist and composer whose work explores interactive electroacoustics, robotics, sonification of natural phenomena, acoustic ecology, and real-time interactive performance systems for acoustic instruments. His works have been presented at many festivals and conferences, including The Adelaide Festival, the International Computer Music Conferences, New Interfaces for Musical Expression, and the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology.

Jon currently holds the position of Senior Lecturer, Media Arts & Production / Sound & Music Design Program in Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences at the University of Technology, Sydney. He co-director of the Creativity and Cognition Studios. His research interests include human-computer interaction design, new interfaces for musical expression, gesture analysis, improvisation, sound spatialisation and data sonification.
Deborah Kelly is concerned with lineages of representation, politics and history in public exchange. Her work has been shown in the Singapore, Sydney, Venice, TarraWarra and Thessaloniki Biennales.

VIMEO: No Human Being is Illegal (In All Our Glory) (2014), 19th Biennale of Sydney.

Christian J Heinrich is an internationally exhibited filmmaker, video and projection artist. His work utilises new media to explore open text narrative discourse with a non didactic fervour.
FMGrande's sculptural experi]ments question our perception of everyday objects. He has re-configured televisions, vacuum cleaners and kitchen utensils to create architectural models of [im]possible structures and spaces. He then photographs these experiments in order to make large scale prints as explorations of the multiplicity of configurations and possibilities within.

FM Grande’s work explores our relation to space, scale, proportion, the obsolete and the way this relation feeds our thoughts and imaginations. He is currently a PhD candidate in Media Arts at UNSW Art & Design.

RHIZOME PRISM, Vivid Lights Installation 2015 on Vimeo
Danielle Zorbas is a video artist creative practice PhD candidate at Macquarie University, researching fluid identity through contemporary screen natures. Informed by the story of cinema and gallery black box/white cube tropes, her art looks to an absurdist freedom control within data currency, algorithmic mimesis, interface intimacy.

Her work has been selected to screen at safARI, IS THIS ART?, dLux MediaArts & Artereal Gallery, Sydney, Revelation Perth International Film Festival, Demons Mouth, Oslo and The Picture Show, NYC. She is co-curator of cinema installation Island Salon for Underbelly Arts 2015 and In The Loop, MQ University 2015 and has been published by Dissect Journal.
Sissy Reyes is a Mexican visual artist who migrated to Australia in 2007.

She is influenced by cinema, mythology and cultural gender studies. Her work aims to produce alternative narratives of gender, class and ethnicity that challenge current stereotypes in different communities. She often explore these narratives through the surreal and the absurd by highlighting the social conventions we perceive as “normal/abnormal”.

Her work includes still photography, video installation, mixed media, experimental film and performance.
Jorge Mansilla — born in 1979 in Mexico, Jorge Mansilla has lived in the U.S.A., Spain and now in Australia. Being exposed to technology in an exponential manner allowed him to witness the drastic alteration of our lifestyles and the sudden rise of our new cyber worlds and identities. Mansilla has been producing art since 1999: exploring various themes such as sexuality, spirituality, our relationship with nature and death. All this time the aim has been to display sensorial matters, a gut feeling, or the way the human race feels at the dawn of a new century.

For that reason he believes collages function as a true carrier of these matters, the medium itself represents a clash, a juxtaposition. He has been producing collages on paper for various reasons: paper represents ancient cultures and for centuries now the triumph of our civilization, it is also a practical and simple material that enables the creation of images whilst more importantly consolidating time and space as a unique physical document. He has collected and recycled materials because these practices speak about the saturation and overconsumption representative of our times, all this paper and plastic will then shape figures and images that attempt to materialise this overload, the homogenisation and convergence of world trends and the complexity of our emerging status as internet mutants.

Among his most recent works are sculptures made from recycled plastic, inspired by everyday people; the next step is to giving the sculptures mechanised, robotic skeletons. He is also an experienced Art Director and is currently collaborating on a video art project.
"Tully Arnot's practice uses the debris and detritus of our contemporary existence, the manufactured bits and bobs that constantly surround us, as the material from which to create absurdist sculptures and installations that offer a wry critique of the way in which we interact with each other and with technology on a daily basis."

Artereal 2015.
Joylon Gray is a designer, teacher and musician who occasionally freelances in the digital domain.
Brady Ciel Marks is an artist working in sound, light and interactive sculpture. She works with technology and against technological thinking.

             creates cultural hypotheses
                         makes things which do things   
                       holds an M.Sc in Interactive Art from 
    Simon Fraser University, where she teaches Sonic and Visual Arts
               swims with machines
                       is a body
                  maybe more
                       works with light and sound
                 likes to sit around and chew the fat
Danielle Gotell works in traditional mediums by non-traditional means. Using material as an intersection between body and presence, her work subliminally gestures from tactile towards the ephemeral.

Artist Danielle Gotell's 'Impulse' Turns Passerby's Heart-Rates Into Light Show: Huffington Post, 13 July 2012.

View Impulse on Vimeo
Lian Loke is an artist, designer and researcher, with the body as the central focus of her interdisciplinary practice. Her work explores the creation of body-centred artistic works and human-centred design approaches to interactive technologies and spaces. She has a background in design, human-computer interaction and software engineering, with extensive experience as a lecturer and researcher.

She is a Senior Lecturer in the Design Lab, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, University of Sydney and Director of the Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts program. She is co-founder of the Pork Collective, a group of artists working in performance installation in festival environments. She is currently training in the Bodyweather system of dance with De Quincey Co and has performed in Platform 1 (2010), Platform 3 (2011), 6 Women Dance (2013), Box of Birds (2013) and Inner Garden (2014).
Ollie Bown is a researcher and maker working with creative technologies who comes from a highly diverse academic background spanning social anthropology, evolutionary and adaptive systems, music informatics and interaction design, with a parallel career in electronic music and digital art spanning over 15 years. He is interested in how artists, designers and musicians can use advanced computing technologies to produce complex creative works.

His current active research areas include media multiplicites, musical metacreation, the theories and methodologies of computational creativity, new interfaces for musical expression, and multi-agent models of social creativity.

Peter Hollo is a cellist and one quarter of Sydney-based electric string quartet FourPlay.

Peter Hollo: treated cello performance for ABC RN
Alex Munt is a screenwriter, director and visual artist who works across 'indie' cinema, experimental film and video installation and media arts projects. His research interests are in the realm of microbudget, DIY and digital filmmaking practices; screenwriting for the digital age and gallery-based moving image forms and practices.
Matte Rochford is a performance artist from Sydney who likes to work with the medium of VHS videotape. He studied performance at PACT Centre for Emerging Artists, and Communications at UTS. His performance work has included long durational public interaction (living in the gallery) and experimental movement based live shows. He has shown both static work and performances in galleries all over Sydney including at Performance Space, Firstdraft Depot, Archive Space, Don’t Look Gallery, Mori Gallery, Peloton, Serial Space, Verge Gallery, 55 Sydenham Rd, Rookwood Cemetery, Electrofringe and the Red Rattler. Some past works include The Clock Radio Symphony Orchestra, a live performance for 100 clock radios and Videotape and Me, one of a series of video works on VHS tape.

In 2013 he participated in the Art Month debate and was controlled via electrical muscle stimulation in a real life video game (Michaela Davies’ Game On at Underbelly). In 2014 he helped interpret Tino Sehgal’s work This Is So Contemporary at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, had a solo show at 55 Sydenham Rd celebrating Electricity Substations, and presented new work entitled Let Us Proclaim the Mystery of Tapes at Artspace for Performance Month. In 2015 he worked on the project Marina Ambramovic: In Residence and will exhibit video work at Monash University Museum of Art for their survey show Technologisms. Matte is a founding member of the band Ex-Trendy. He is a socialist.
Claudio Rivera-Seguel — a multi-disciplinary artist, curator and consultant specializing in cultural and social initiatives that focus on the intersection of art, science and technology. His artistic mediums are; drawing, digital graphics, video, installation, and performance art. Presently he explores in the field of immersive telepresence and physical computing.

In 1999, was the recipient of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Canada’s "Millennium Grant", which produced a simultaneous international public art project spanning three countries: Canada, Chile, and France.

In 2001, he co-founded the Chilean cultural NGO “ArTeK Cultural Corporation” (, an umbrella organization that fosters the development of cultural initiatives in the fields of art and technology. As Executive Director of ArTeK, he has coordinated and produced many local and international projects and exhibitions, ( and has helped to establish several independent and academic networks in Chile ( and Latin America ( that promote collaboration between practitioners, researchers, and creative initiatives related to the intersection of art, science and technology.

He was Born in Prince Rupert, BC in 1965 and graduated from the School of Architecture of The University of British Columbia in 1992, specializing in public art. He has participated in more than 50 installations and exhibitions, has offered workshops and given artist talks in numerous educational and cultural institutions around the world.



Jon Drummond  (2015) mechanical sculpture.
Jon Drummond Mossbot SYNC3 2015 Jon Drummond Mossbot SYNC3 2015 Jon Drummond Mossbot SYNC3 2015 Jon Drummond Mossbot SYNC3 2015

Mossbot juxtaposes the organic with the inorganic, the living with the mechanical. Mossbot requires constant misting, mossbot grows and mossbot decays. Water, dirt and moss slowly effecting and changing the mechanical over the duration of the exhibition. Mossbot has senses — sound, light, temperature, water — however its responses are slow, so mossbot’s behaviour that you might observe is most likely in response to events that took place 30 minutes ago or even an hour ago, mossbot interacts but in its own slow moss time frame. If mossbot is looking dry, please give mossbot a mist.​

Earthlings' Greetings
Deborah Kelly & Christian J Heinrich  (2015) Video artwork. 1 min.
Earthlings' Greetings by Deborah Kelly and Christian J Heinrich SYNC3 2015 Earthlings' Greetings by Deborah Kelly and Christian J Heinrich SYNC3 2015

Earthlings' Greetings proposes an etiquette to frame our encounters with those who come to us from as far as stars.

A collaboration between Deborah Kelly and Christian J Heinrich, this one-minute long video artwork was made to be sent into deep space as a message to our future friends. Originally commissioned for Forever Now, the work premiered in Hobart Tasmania as part of the MONA FOMA festival in January 2015. Many thanks to Jeff Khan and Willoh S Weiland, curators.

On The Trail
Brady Ciel Marks  Danielle Gotell  (2014) Two channel video installation & web site.
On The Trail by Brady Marks and Danielle Gotell 2014 SYNC3 2015 On The Trail by Brady Marks and Danielle Gotell 2014 SYNC3 2015 On The Trail by Brady Marks and Danielle Gotell 2014 SYNC3 2015

That Summer, We Didn’t Watch Television. We left it, on Slow.

The Confederation Trail is a former railway link across the Province of Prince Edward Island, Canada. After the railway was abandoned in 1989 it was converted into a trans-provincial public walking trail. The summer of 2014 marked the 150th anniversary of the European Confederation of Canada in Prince Edward Island.

That summer travelling west to east we broadcast our nine day journey in real time. This video installation documents the two different streams we broadcast to the internet for the duration of the journey.

"Stream It but don’t watch It", was our tagline, like ambient music Slow TV is for your inattention. Just put it on because there’s nothing to watch here or anywhere else.

Video Black Box 002
Matte Rochford  (2015) VHS videotape. 240 min.
Video Black Box 002 by Matte Rochford SYNC3 2015

Video Black Box 002 is the second installation in a series of videotapes that record the flight numbers of crashed airplanes. Each flight is represented by video noise and flashing text before it disappears from the screen.

The medium of VHS allows for hands-on video editing and the use of simple techniques such as dubbing, adjusting the tracking and pausing the tape. The results are both unpredictable and beautiful in their imperfection.

Susannah Thorne
Susannah Thorne  (2015) mixed media sculptures.
Susannah Thorne SYNC3 2015 Susannah Thorne SYNC3 2015 Susannah Thorne SYNC3 2015

  • On The Production Line (work in progress), mixed media sculpture. 35 x 40 x 25cm (approx).
  • The Dangerous Bride (work in progress), mixed media sculpture, 35 x 25 x 20cm (approx).
  • Nulliparous (work in progress), mixed media sculpture, 30 x 35 x 25cm (approx).

Danielle Zorbas  (2015) HD video. 5:15min.
freediving by Danielle Zorbas SYNC3 2015 freediving by Danielle Zorbas SYNC3 2015 freediving by Danielle Zorbas SYNC3 2015

freediving is a study of vessels of natural technology engaged in play. Fluid, elemental plastic and plant fleshes in wired, animalistic entanglement phase transition, transparent and screened.

Desirous nodes of glowing filaments shapeshift through detritus of synthetic and organic excess, regenerating in ecstatic connection and consumption, navigating integrated circuit wilderness, negotiating surface tension.

Featuring Megan Holloway. Cinematography, Jack McAvoy & Danielle, editing, Danielle, soundtrack, Nisa Venerosa.


Opening night on Wednesday 16 September will feature a screening of Video Artworks at the upstairs garden from 7:30 PM by: Brady Ciel Marks, Danielle Gotell, FMGrande, Justin Harvey, Claudio Rivera-Seguel, and Danielle Zorbas.


SATURDAY 26 SEPTEMBER 2015: 7.30—11 PM

Performances by: Jon Drummond, Ollie Bown & Peter Hollo, Lian Loke, Ed Leckie, Spatio-Temporal Anomalies, and Lindsay Webb.

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Hear the artists share the insights driving the construction of their work.
Saturday 26 September 2015 at 2 PM, in the Gallery space.


Read about SYNC!! Media Arts Festival last year: FBI RADIO -- Preview: SYNC!! Festival July 2014.


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